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Sunday, December 16, 2018

2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Celtics

Oops, Thought it was an 8 o’clock game. My apologies.

The Knicks try to continue to push for the 9th seed tonight against the dreaded Celtics of Boston.

Let’s go, Knicks!

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22 comments on “2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Celtics

  1. thenoblefacehumper

    Why is it that, when the Knicks acquire two second round picks, they’ve gotten “basically nothing” but when they give up a second round pick “that could be purchased for a the price of WHG’s salary” to take a flier on Mudiay, they’ve wasted some precious asset?

    I…I guess this makes sense in a world where every NBA player is equally as productive?

    On Earth, different players are worth different assets due to varying levels of skill. That’s why we’d all be excited had we gotten two second rounders for, say, Lance Thomas but are very upset about that return for Willy Hernangomez.

  2. kevin5318

    We probably weren’t going to move up more than one spot in the draft. I’m fine if Treyverson turns out to be the real deal.

  3. ClashFan

    I’d rather see Troy Williams than Beasley all night long, but that’s probably not good for the tank.

  4. Max

    The new and improved A.I. clone reminds me of Lou Williams for his impact coming off the bench…

    Williams could be another good find… If they’re going to fine him every time he shoots a three… :-)

  5. thenoblefacehumper

    Burke and Williams make things at least close to worth watching by our standards, but Hornacek’s devotion to Lance Thomas and Beasley is really odd.

    Give me more Williams, more Dotson and I’ll be content to let things fall where they may.

  6. ClashFan

    See, that’s tough for me. I can’t stand Beasley on the court, but he is good for the tanks. So…

    Hopefully Dotson and even Kornett and even Hicks start getting more time.

    LT I can kind of see, up to a point, as he always plays hard (unlike Beas), so it is good to play him some with young guys. Up to a point…

  7. Brian Cronin Post author

    This sure does make the Mudiay trade a lot more mystifying, doesn’t it? Maybe had they actually played Trey Burke instead of Jarrett Jack for weeks, we would know more about Trey Burke before dealing for another point guard.

  8. Max

    Some really odd/fun lineups tonight from Horny,
    Burke/Mudiay/Frank and especially Burke/Frank/Dotson nearly made me cry…

    He deserve some credit for playing Beas 28 min, it was a loss saving move.

  9. wetbandit

    His D is legit. His shot will be good. His passing is thoughtful and clean. And I think Burke and Mudiay are pushing him in a good way. I just hope he doesn’t get buried by those who don’t see his value.

  10. geo

    frank is still growing…he may end up playing the 3…he may also be the best defensive rookie this year…

    troy williams sure can fly…

    man, burke/kanter/timmy would make a heck of a bench – an expensive one at that…

    nba league pass is having a free preview this weekend…it was nice to watch a game with no buffering and still get to hear clyde call the game…

    wow, despite his very obvious athletic abilities mudiay looks really bad out there at times – a lot of times…

  11. Owen

    Someone tell me what adjusted whatever says about Frank. I feel like we have two major outliers between him and Kanter. Every time I look at a box score I feel like Frank put up a good line without putting up a good line. Maybe I just want to believe.

    Good loss tonight

  12. Brian Cronin Post author

    What Frank excels at the most is what the box office has the most trouble capturing, which is defense. Frank’s defense was especially good today, but in general, he’s been a fine defender.

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