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Sunday, December 16, 2018

2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Cavaliers

The Nets beat the Cavs recently and the Knicks beat the Nets on Friday. Ergo, the Knicks are 100% guaranteed to win tonight. It might be only 98%, though. I could be mistaken.

In all seriousness, tonight will be interesting to see how Ntilikina does against the sketchy Cleveland point guards. Hopefully he continues his strong defensive play (and maybe fixes his shot a bit).

Hopefully Porzongis has a good game against Lebron!

Let’s go, Knicks!

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165 comments on “2017-18 Game Thread: Knicks @ Cavaliers

  1. ClashFan

    Cavs 108
    Knicks 98

    Cavs are at home and, I think, coming off a loss. That probably spells bad news for the Knicks. Jarrett Jack can’t be solid two games in a row, can he?

    Go Frank!

  2. ess-dog

    KP just shoots right over even their biggest guy in Thompson.

    And with Frank in there, the defense actually looks… great?

  3. cgreene

    I wouldn’t play KP whole quarters at a time. Get him intermittent rest. I hate the Horny does that.

  4. Bruno Almeida

    Timmy is back!

    Yeah, once Ntilikina gets on the court the defense instantly looks better, second night in a row. Might be that the whole “effort is contagious” thing might have some truth to it after all.

  5. Bruno Almeida

    Well, James is a bit too much for everyone, but Kanter with those little lazy reaches is irritating.

  6. Eternal OptiKnist

    Maybe I have to spend more time with the #s, but having a hard time seeing how kanter is a negative

  7. Early Bird

    One of Kanter or Porzingis should definitely be on the floor at all times. So when do we play WHG???

  8. ClashFan

    I agree, and that’s one of many reasons why I think that Kanter should come off the bench to get his 23 mpg. Start Willy with KP.

  9. Cock Jowles, #1 League-Average Superstar

    Is Horny just oblivious to Kanter’s D?

    you call it “matador D,” I call it “veteran savvy, saving his energy for the 4th quarter”

  10. DRed

    Pretty sure everyone on the Knicks understands that Kanter can’t play defense.

    Dwayne Wade is pretty washed but he’s still an incredible shot blocker for a little guy

  11. thenoblefacehumper

    LeBron will take this one home himself if that’s what it comes to, but concerns about the Cavs’ defense are very valid.

  12. Ntilakilla

    Kanter’s D is an abomination. He doesn’t even put his hands up. If Horny actually put his money where his mouth was on defensive standards he would sit this guy down.

  13. ClashFan

    At some point, it would be nice for Kanter to realize that when he’s being triple teamed that there are 2 open guys out there. I keep saying it, but his niche is as a potent bench scorer.

    Also, Jack does have 5 assists, but he’s also 0-4 and regularly gets toasted on D.

  14. Early Bird

    We have absolutely no answer to Lebron. That’s at least understandable, but no answer to JR, Rose, and DWade at this point in his career is kinda embarrassing.

  15. Bruno Almeida

    I can’t understand how Kanter looks like a monster in terms of effort on the offensive glass, and then barely cares enough to lift his arms on defense. He has to do it on purpose, it’s not like lacks the speed or the body.

    Also, who is this number 3 on the court for the Knicks? I’ve never seen him!

  16. Bruno Almeida

    I have to say I’m filled with joy at watching Rose play defense for a team that’s not the Knicks.

  17. ClashFan

    This is Law of Averages Timmy. He was due for a game like this.

    To defend Kanter just a bit, since I criticize him a lot. He had to be getting tired there in the 2nd quarter, and he so relentlessly fights for o-rebounds he might try to “rest” on D. Again, the guy would be terrific bench scorer. He’s just overpaid as a starter as he can’t defend or pass out of the post effectively.

    BTW, he’s leading the Knicks with 8 rebounds at the half.

  18. thenoblefacehumper

    I’m getting way ahead of myself but imagine if we could flip Jack for literally anything at the deadline…

  19. Z-man

    My hope is that this is all about raising Kanter’s trade value. There’s eventually gonna be a contending team that needs a low-post scorer.

  20. cgreene

    @32 the team has made it pretty clear that they value veteran presence and are not going to go all 100% youth. I don’t disagree either. Wouldn’t expect them to move Lee either unless they get something great in return.

  21. ClashFan

    Very good point. Hornacek fell asleep on that one.

    Yeah, but 18 minutes for him in a half is just too much; he probably got tired. 10-12 per half is plenty.

  22. Z-man

    If the Knicks can continue playing like they are tonight (and Friday) then I’m good with Hornacek.

  23. DRed

    I assume Lebron is eventually going to Lebron us out of this one, but we should have a shot against Denver (playing Jarret Jack against James Harden is not going to work)

  24. chrisk06811

    They are playing very well tonight, and the effort is there. It’s hard to be upset with any of this.

    Frank’s D on Rose was impressive

  25. Silky Johnson, Fleet Admiral of the Tank Armada

    This team is so much more fun to watch than last year’s

  26. ess-dog

    Kanter is ok guarding an opposing big that can’t shoot threes, but switching onto smaller guys or guarding 3 pointers is totally befuddling to him.

  27. Z-man

    Kanter is trying on D, he’s just slow at reading and reacting. The dude is an absolute nuisance in the offensive paint, though. I don’t like his game, but he’s a plus player for sure.

  28. ess-dog

    If Kanter could pass a bit better out of the double-team, I’d be fine with him on offense. Damn, our shooters are on fire!

  29. ClashFan

    I wonder if LeBron is a bit hurt. Lee has been playing him well, but LBJ seems asleep out there. Maybe he’s saving it for the 4th?

  30. Bruno Almeida

    I’m legit concerned about Timmy, he might have been abducted and a space jam alien took his place.

    The Cavs look completely lethargic and like they don’t care, but that’s on them. The Knicks are legitimately playing better.

  31. thenoblefacehumper

    Getting hot is one thing, but the 6 assists from Timmy are really nice to see.

    Also that Frankie pass tho!

  32. ClashFan

    Frank has 2 beautiful passes tonight that did not get assists. Earlier to KP on a cut, but the shot was blocked.

  33. Bruno Almeida

    Frank is still so damn raw, but the talent and the understanding of the game are definitely there.

  34. thenoblefacehumper

    Small sample size for sure, but I feel waaaaay better about Frankie now than I did a week or so ago.

  35. Bruno Almeida

    Welp, it was nice while it lasted.

    Well, this year is about improving and showing encouraging signs, this game has definitely had those if it ends in a win or loss.

  36. Mike Honcho

    I think we can go home from this one pretty happy win or lose. Good things (or at least not actively terrible things) are happening.

  37. Bruno Almeida

    Lee has been very solid indeed, he even shot a three when a defender was closer than 3 steps on him!

    He and THJ have been very impressive, which I really didn’t expect to say coming in to this game.

  38. BigBlueAL

    I was gonna say going Iso-KP against LeBron isn’t working out too well but then he hit that 3pter so it’s all good lol.

  39. ess-dog

    Yes, love watching JR and Rose wearing different uniforms.

    And to think, we did all this without Ron BAKER!

  40. Bruno Almeida

    This team is definitely so much more watchable. Another feel good win.

    Is Jack actually… decent? If he literally stopped shooting, his contributions would be pretty nice.

  41. Nick C.

    I would not have expected inserting Jarrett Jack into the starting lineup would have turned the Knicks into ass kickers. :)

  42. geo

    if jack can do this or better…the knicks may not be so terrible…

    good to see horny keep the rotation fairly tight…

  43. bobneptune

    While Phil is laying in his beneficial spot reveling with his pal Mescalito, I would like to personally thank him for his lovely parting gifts of KP and Frank!

  44. Bruno Almeida

    Also not really surprising, but the ball is moving quite a lot more on the Knicks offense than last year and it is allowing guys like Lee for example to be more effective.

    I still fully expect the Knicks to struggle a lot during the season but today was a big positive win, no real warts (outside of Cleveland being kind of a mess, but with their talent they should be beating the Knicks on talent alone).

  45. Z-man

    Jack is a crafty veteran who knows how to play. He’s a good stopgap, probably better than Sessions.

  46. bidiong

    That was fun to watch. Wish I got to see more than the last 8 minutes. Missed out on Frank. Can’t be mad at beating the Cavs.

  47. Bruno Almeida

    Timmy made a very nice adjustment, when the Cavs got into foul trouble he went into attack mode and got to the line 8 times overall. That was really good to see, not sure if just him realising the situation or someone pointing it out to him, but still.

  48. DRed

    We just need a point guard that isn’t absolutely terrible, so who knows, maybe Jarrett can surprise me and be that guy.

  49. thenoblefacehumper

    Did Melo have a game as complete as Timmy’s from tonight at any point last season?

    Just wonderin’ ;)

  50. Ntilakilla

    This win was so sweet I don’t care that we push Doncic farther away. Watching KP bury a 3 in LeBitch’s face while beating a team full of shitty ex-Knicks plus Dwayne Wade makes me ecstatic.

  51. bidiong

    Have to be impressed by KP right now. Hopefully he keeps everything up. I’m sure he’s feeling a lot of pressure which is why he’s pushing a bit but I like him using his height on the block to get looks. They looked like a team tonight from the little bit I was able to see.

  52. nicos

    Maybe there really is a Kardashian curse- Tristan Thompson just looked awful at both ends. Cleveland might be a good landing spot for either KOQ or Kanter.

  53. Z-man

    Knicks are hard to game-plan for right now. They haven’t really established an identity yet. This win will get some people’s attention.

  54. ClashFan

    I got a deal for Cleveland: Lee and OQ for Frye (expiring, and we release him), Crowder (who seems wasted there, but we could pair him with McD at the 3), and Osman (young asset). Not sure if the salaries match, but it would be close.

    They won’t and shouldn’t panic, though.

  55. Ntilakilla

    Derrick Rose is finished. He can’t point his finger and blame his teammates for being the starting PG on a losing team. The Cavs are a championship caliber team.

  56. DRed

    Saw this on twitter:

    Frank Ntilikina’s first 39 mins

    14 points
    8 assists
    8 deflections
    5 rebounds
    3 steals
    4 Turnovers.

  57. Mike Honcho

    I was listening to the commentators for the Cavs and they mentioned that he had said that he felt he was as explosive and ready to contribute now as in his prime . . . wow. Talk about delusional. If Rose really wants to be a star, he can go play in China.

  58. Ntilakilla

    Everyone is going to freak out about the Cavs but if Isiah comes back they’ll be fine.

    That’s still a pretty big “If.”

  59. Igno-Bot 3000

    Great game. Cavs are a mess, but the Knicks were passing a lot and got some great looks. That one pass from Frank was awesome.

    Amazing how even replacement-level PG-play can bring up the floor of a team. Also was great seeing the Knicks actually hold their lead after the Cavs hit a bunch of 3’s – that seemed like it was going to be a classic Knicks 4th.

  60. hornyKnickfan

    Hip injuries are tricky things. Nothing is for certain. Maybe the Celtics won that trade afterall?

  61. Ntilakilla

    Cavs have a bigger issue – Lebron looks a bit checked out to me. He knows he’s California Dreaming next season. I don’t see him as invested in keeping the knuckleheads on his team in line as he used to be.

  62. cgreene

    Also it’s probably a bigger political problem for him since one of their players that sucks now is DWade and the other is DRose former MVP.

  63. Igno-Bot 3000

    Cavs have a bigger issue – Lebron looks a bit checked out to me. He knows he’s California Dreaming next season. I don’t see him as invested in keeping the knuckleheads on his team in line as he used to be.

    Eh, it’s October in his 15th NBA season (after going to six straight finals). I don’t think he should be too checked in right now

  64. #fireRambis

    Kanter for Frye and Crowder.. will that trade work? waive Frye as Noah will be back soon and no one is taking his albatross contract.. keep KOQ.. cheap as chips

  65. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    If Brooklyn can look like a playoff team and Kanter/Lee play well, I’d try to go get that 1st round pick off Cleveland if they want to be a deeper roster. Kanter and Lee might be a lot for their books, but Lee and O’Quinn is pretty damn good value to a contender for a 1st round pick.

  66. Ntilakilla

    Frank Ntilikina is going to be a terrific defender at the PG position. Great instincts, has already locked up Wade on a few possessions— Haralabos Voulgaris (@haralabob) October 30, 2017

  67. ClashFan

    Kanter makes $18m. Frye and Crowder make about $14m, so the Knicks would need to take back another contract or two. Even at that, you’d then have Lee, McD, and Crowder all fighting for time at the three. If you have a deal in place elsewhere for Lee, then that might work, but Kanter might have a trade kicker, too. I can’t recall.

    Why not just deal Lee and OQ (combined $16m) in the trade I proposed earlier? Frye, Crowder, and Osman make $16.7m. That would free Willy to get back in the rotation (Noah will be the 3rd stringer), and Crowder and McD share the three. Crowder still has 3 years on a sweet team deal.

    Not saying Cleveland would do this, but I’d hope that the Knicks would.

  68. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    Guys if we end up winning our way out of Doncic and every other projected top 5 pick does well enough to remain in the top 5, we could still land Kevin Knox. That young man looks elite. There might be 7 all star level talents in this draft in Doncic, Michael Porter Jr, Mo Bamba, DeAndre Ayton, Marvin Bagley, Colin Sexton, and Kevin Knox. Of course with our luck we’d pick 8th again and grab Miles Bridges, but the top of this draft might be even better than last year. I’d rank every single one of those guys listed ahead of Josh Jackson.

  69. GoNyGoNyGo

    Just saw the game (DVR) and was impressed by the team. KP and THJr with 30, double-doubles for Lee, Kanter and Porzingis. A 9-man rotation. They passed the ball. They contested shots. They played team defense. They looked like they knew each other. They dominated the boards.

    Yeah, the Cavs looked like they were asleep but even so…

  70. Ntilakilla

    But there still aren’t many PGs who could be matched up against Wade on D. They don’t have the length or strength.

  71. The Glass Half Rebuilt

    Wade is still very crafty and having Frank match up with him was a learning experience. He’s such a smart defender he overanticipates the offense’s moves and when you’re playing against the NBA elite, they just take what you give them. Wade is one of those guys who takes what you give him.

  72. Bruno Almeida

    Also, Wade sucks because he can’t shoot and has lost the athleticism that allowed him to compensate for that, but it’s not like he’s a complete bum, he’s still pretty smart and experienced.

  73. Ntilakilla

    Seriously, I don’t know what was more satisfying. KP nailing a dagger 3 in LeBitch’s grill or him blocking Rose’s weak ass layup like it was swatting a gnat.

  74. TheRant

    Seriously, I don’t know what was more satisfying. KP nailing a dagger 3 in LeBitch’s grill or him blocking Rose’s weak ass layup like it was swatting a gnat.

    I’m going to say the latter. KP blocked that Rose shot and he didn’t even jump. In fact, it didn’t even look like he ever thought about jumping. It was a thing of beauty.

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