2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Heat

What could be better than a quick sojourn to Florida for Thanksgiving just as winter is beginning to set in up north? Apparently, anything, so far as the Knicks are concerned. They couldn’t get on a plane back to New York fast enough after Wednesday’s appropriately recapped performance, and hopefully an exorbitant meal and the nostalgic sight of a behemoth-sized Snoopy floating through the streets gave the Knicks back whatever they lost in the Sunshine State.

I assume that none of you decided to attend the music-less moshpit known as Black Friday since you’re all aware of the existence of the internet, but I would be remiss not to list what I’m thankful for on this post-Thanksgiving morning that I’ve spent hiccuping through the aftermath of mixing roughly 139 different versions of alcohol.

I’m thankful for the impending Kristapocalypse that was foretold by James Naismith as he climbed a ladder to retrieve a ball from a peach basket that, incredibly, no one thought to cut the bottom out of for FIFTEEN YEARS. I’m thankful for every moment Sasha “.33 TS%” Vujacic spends on the bench thinking about what to get Kobe for Christmas and not on the court trying to outduel him for the ’15-16 title of Least Efficient Shooter. Get Cic or Die Tryin’ literally has 45 points on 66 shots, which is an incredibly impressive feat of mediocrity. And finally, I’m thankful for Amazon. Seriously, is anyone still leaving their house to do their Holiday shopping?

Game 17 of the season welcomes the Miami Heat to New York, a team they played just four days ago. Miami ranks 3rd in the league with a DRtg of 98.7, and they held the Knicks to a season-low 78 points on Monday. A lot of that had to do with the bench’s recent allergic reaction to success, having shot put the ball towards the general vicinity of the basket to the tune of 7-47 in the last two games, including 0-16 from 3. Everyone on the bench is sneezing and itching, but Langston Galloway has broken out into hives and is in danger of going into anaphylactic shock if he doesn’t improve on his 1-14 performance over the last two games. If the Knicks are going to beat this very talented Heat team, their bench is going to have to show up for work.

The good news is that Wade and Bosh have been slumping lately. They shot a combined 8-28 against the Knicks on Monday (an agonizing stat after seeing how badly the Knicks were beaten despite this) and combined to go 4-18 in their loss at Detroit on Wednesday. They also had to spend Thanksgiving in Detroit, where I imagine they were served slow-roasted mufflers smothered in recycled oil with a side of dirty air filters basted with engine coolant. Also, Luol Deng is sitting tonight, which I’m not sure is a good thing since that means more minutes for Justise Winslow.

Should be fun, and a good test for the Knicks’ struggling offense. Only one thing left for me to say about this game:

Round 2: Fight!


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110 thoughts to “2015-16 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Heat”

  1. What are the chances Fisher plays his best players and best lineups by accident tonight?

    We already know he won’t intentionally because he has no idea who his best players are or how to fit them together.

  2. He’s been remarkably good at keeping kps minutes consistent. First 6 or 7 of 1st,sits till 6 or 7 left in second, repeat next half, I think that’s a big reason latviathan has been improving each game, knowing when he’ll be out there

  3. Clyde got a purple…jacket with a pattern of some sort on. Like something a cocaine dealer in Miami in 1984 would have on his bathroom tile

  4. This is such a big game. I really want them to take this one to show that they belong in the mix in the East. Sort of represent, ya know?

  5. Couldn’t agree more Brian.

    I love the sound the Garden makes when the Latviathan gets the ball. Good to see that kind of excitement and expectation in the arena.

  6. This is such a big game. I really want them to take this one to show that they belong in the mix in the East. Sort of represent, ya know?

    I didn’t feel so bad about the loss in Miami, but the loss in Orlando was ugly and raised some questions about our good play from the bench prior to that. The east is too tough now to be screwing around. It may take a better than .500 record to get the 8th seed. This is a big game.

  7. I have an idea for fixing our bench: stop putting out lineups that are only bench players. Also, bury Sasha.

  8. Bosh is tough for Kristaps on both sides of the floor, but it’s good experience against one of the best stretch 4’s of this generation.

  9. Knicks bench has 17 points through 16 minutes in this game.

    In the previous 96 minutes, they scored 22.

  10. I was going to type, until the KP block distracted me, that Afflalo has a nice little post up game when the opportunity presents itself. That was something I was unaware of as he seemed to be described as a spot up shooter.

  11. Cue Lopez with a characteristically foolish play towards the end of a quarter.

    Didn’t this dude go to Stanford?

  12. Afflalo’s post game is what makes me think we should run out a Jose/Galloway/Afflalo/Melo/Zinger lineup. Afflalo or Melo post up depending on the defense and they have 4 shooters around them

  13. Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard, so apparently college pedigree is no predictor of not making dumb plays.

  14. Interesting to see how Fisher’s using Seraphin. He’s getting some nice post-ups and good looks he just can’t knock em out. Imagine Mo Speights in that role; would be perfect.

  15. Jill looked pretty terrified of Michael Rappaport by the conclusion of that interview. Like he asked her more than three times to have drinks after the game as they set up for that interview and she kept trying to politely decline.

  16. Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard, so apparently college pedigree is no predictor of not making dumb plays.

    Touche, Nick.

  17. Whiteside moves like a much smaller man. He must be dumb as a sack of rocks to have so may teams pass on him.

  18. Yeah don’t understand why they aren’t in but the rotations have been fineish tonight.

    Whiteside is a god unfortunately

  19. D Will is either going to shoot us back into this or out of it. We’ll know which way in about 3 minutes.

  20. As much as Oaq has had stone hands lately I think he should be playing pretty substantial minutes. He’s got the type of contract that if he outperforms it you’ve developed a good player or you have a awesome trade chip later.

  21. I think O’Q and Williams should be getting more minutes if only to take away from Seraphin but they have skill sets that this team needs more than 16 foot hook shots

  22. It’s a little ridiculous to me that you have a guy on a 4 year contract and he’s playing spot minutes. Makes no sense. That guy is your future, invest in that shit.

  23. I mean no one said fishers rotations were bad this game but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been generally horrible in both individual minutes allocation and the combinations that he puts on the court.

    Our players/team being not very good and our rotations being suboptimal are not mutually exclusive. Fisher has made a bad team worse through bad rotations. Is that so hard to admit? That doesn’t mean he’s a bad coach or anything, it just is what it is.

  24. I think everyone can be reasonably disappointed with the level of play tonight. 2 – 2 on the road trip was fine but they should have been amped up to get another crack at the Heat and they peed their pants tonight so to speak.

  25. Meanwhile, everyone’s preseason darlings the Milwaukee Bucks are 6-10 after getting spanked by Orlando tonight

  26. Meanwhile, everyone’s preseason darlings the Milwaukee Bucks are 6-10 after getting spanked by Orlando tonight

    Earlier this year, I was talking about a Zach Lowe article and then a Bill Simmons podcast which made a pretty good case for the Bucks just not being that good. That was before the season. I think they were a case of a bad conference leading to a weak team making the playoffs. Now that the rest of the conference has improved, they’ve been exposed a lot. And Greg Monroe doesn’t fit their style of play at all – he’s a good player, but he doesn’t fit them at all. They’re weird.

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