Knicks Morning News (2014.06.30)

  • [New York Post] Report: Melo’s tour begins in Chicago (Mon, 30 Jun 2014 02:16:01 -0400)

    If the Miami Heat are intent on creating their own Melo drama while chasing Carmelo Anthony in free agency, they have the means to do it. But they will need…

  • [New York Times] 5 Teams to Watch When NBA Free Agency Opens (Mon, 30 Jun 2014 07:37:21 GMT)

    All the anticipation. All the rumors. All the speculation.

  • [New York Times] Sports Briefing | Pro Basketball: Bosh Opts Out, Joining James and Wade (Mon, 30 Jun 2014 04:01:49 GMT)

    Chris Bosh told the Miami Heat that he, like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, would be exercising the early termination option in his contract and forgoing the final two years on his deal — making him a free agent.

  • [New York Times] Analysis: Kidd’s Power Play Is Bold, if Not Out of Character (Mon, 30 Jun 2014 00:29:12 GMT)

    For the Nets, the summer became a lot murkier over the weekend when it was revealed that Jason Kidd’s brief tenure as the team’s coach was most likely coming to an abrupt end.

  • [New York Newsday] NBA free-agent forecast: Where will LeBron, Carmelo, Wade, Bosh, others sign? (Mon, 30 Jun 2014 00:31:00 EDT)

    Al Iannazzone makes his NBA free agency predicrions

  • [New York Daily News] Melo confident about ‘max deal’ from Knicks, plans to meet with Bulls, Mavericks, Rockets and Lakers (Mon, 30 Jun 2014 02:48:57 GMT)

    Carmelo Anthony is confident the Knicks will offer him a “max deal” to ensure that the free agent small forward re-signs with the club, according to a source close to the negotiations.

  • Knicks Morning News (2014.06.29)

  • [New York Newsday] Phil Jackson, Knicks hope new moves impress Carmelo Anthony more than other suitors (Sun, 29 Jun 2014 01:57:27 EDT)

    Phil Jackson wants the Knicks to be the first or the last team to meet with Carmelo Anthony this week so they can leave an impression on him.

  • [New York Times] Opting Out, Dwyane Wade Enables Heat to Increase Roster Flexibility (Sun, 29 Jun 2014 02:49:17 GMT)

    Wade informed the Miami Heat that he — like LeBron James earlier in the week — would opt out of his contract, increasing the likelihood that the team’s main cast would stick around.

  • [New York Times] Essay: Turn One-and-Done Into None-and-Done (Sun, 29 Jun 2014 00:59:35 GMT)

    History shows that teenagers have had great success in the N.B.A., and the league should welcome prodigies and celebrate their achievements.

  • [New York Daily News] Lupica: Dollars make most sense for Carmelo Anthony (Sun, 29 Jun 2014 05:30:00 GMT)

    You start here with Phil Jackson, who had a very good week that might be followed by a bad one if Carmelo Anthony leaves town: If he can figure things out well enough to get rid of Tyson Chandler, who had to go, and get a much better point guard than he had, and actually get the equivalent of a first-round draft choice in Cleanthony Early, he can figure things out with Anthony whether he has to give him a max deal or not.

  • [New York Daily News] Right Triangle: Cleanthony Early’s coaches say new Knick is perfect fit for Phil Jackson’s offense (Sun, 29 Jun 2014 03:23:23 GMT)

    Shortly after 11 p.m. on Thursday inside Brooklyn’s 40/40 Club, a group of 15 family members and friends celebrated the Knicks’ selection of former Wichita State small forward Cleanthony Early with the No. 34 pick of the NBA draftAt the same time, more than 1,300 miles west in Wichita, Greg Heiar, the Wichita State assistant coach who recruited Early from a Division III junior college in Loch Sheldrake, N.Y., processed the pick.

  • NY Post: Knicks Unlikely to Re-Sign Cole Aldrich

    Marc Berman has a new article up that’s mostly about how Melo is likely to re-sign with the Knicks (I tend to agree), but buried in the article is a disturbing little nugget of information:

    The Knicks have other free agents in center Cole Aldrich, Shannon Brown, injury-prone Kenyon Martin and point guard Tour’e Murry, whom the Knicks have until Monday to offer a $1 million qualifying offer to make him restricted. Only Murry has a shot at returning.

    I suppose you can take that with a grain of salt (Berman has been known to get things wrong on occasion), but the way that he says it so definitively suggests to me that he has a pretty good inkling of what the Knicks’ plans are regarding ol’ King Cole. If Berman writes the truth, then that would be a shame. as Aldrich is more than capable of being a member of the Knicks rotation.

    BREAKING NEWS: Dwayne Wade and Udonis Haslem Opt Out Of Their Deals, Bosh Rumored to Be Following Suit


    Dwyane Wade is opting out of his contract to join LeBron James in free agency.

    So is Chris Bosh, sources tell ESPN’s Chris Broussard.

    Wade told the Miami Heat on Saturday that he is opting out of the final two years on his contract, which means he is free to talk to any team on July 1. It’s the same option James exercised earlier this week.

    The move also comes three days after Wade, James and Bosh met at a posh Miami Beach hotel to discuss their futures.

    Also from

    Veteran power forward Udonis Haslem has opted out of his deal with the Miami Heat and will become an unrestricted free agent, according to a report.

    Bleacher Report reported Saturday that Haslem did not exercise his $4.62 million player option and now is free to sign with any team — including re-signing a team-friendly deal with the Heat to create extra space under the salary cap — starting Tuesday.

    Wow, that is a major turn of events. What if they all take long-term deals at lower salaries? They could not only have room to sign Melo, they would be opening up at least the room exception. as well (and possibly other exceptions like the mid-level exception and the bi-annual exception, depending on how they arrange their cap space). Riley called the idea of adding a fourth star a “pipe dream” recently, but I would have called having Wade and Haslem opt out of their contracts a pipe dream as well, and yet here we are.

    Knicks Morning News (2014.06.28)

  • [New York Times] On Basketball: With Carmelo Anthony’s Future Uncertain, Phil Jackson Makes Bold Strokes (Sat, 28 Jun 2014 00:35:28 GMT)

    Phil Jackson this week turned his focus from wooing Carmelo Anthony to revamping the Knicks’ roster, an act that could prove to be the most effective appeal to Anthony.

  • [New York Daily News] Jose Calderon out to point Carmleo Anthony toward winning (Sat, 28 Jun 2014 02:39:08 GMT)

    Carmelo Anthony’s future is uncertain since he opted out of his contract earlier this week to hit free agency. But the new Knicks point guard believes he can be of help to Anthony if he stays in New York.

  • Knicks Morning News (2014.06.27)

  • [New York Times] Exum Keen to Grow Game in Utah With Jazz (Fri, 27 Jun 2014 04:19:15 GMT)

    Australia’s Dante Exum, the NBA Draft’s Mystery Man, will have a chance to reveal his talents with the Utah Jazz after being taken fifth overall on Thursday.

  • [New York Times] NBA Selects Isaiah Austin in Draft (Fri, 27 Jun 2014 04:07:28 GMT)

    Between the 15th and 16th picks in Thursday night’s draft came a very special selection by the NBA.

  • [New York Times] Wiggins Is No. 1, Napier to Miami in NBA Draft (Fri, 27 Jun 2014 03:49:32 GMT)

    Andrew Wiggins went No. 1, so he got to make the first pitch.

  • [New York Times] Selections in First Round of NBA Draft (Fri, 27 Jun 2014 03:16:15 GMT)

    First-round selections in Thursday’s National Basketball Association Draft at Barclays Center in New York (order of pick, NBA team, player, position, college/country):

  • [New York Times] Cavaliers Pick Wiggins at No. 1, Bringing N.B.A. Draft Speculation Full Circle (Fri, 27 Jun 2014 02:49:06 GMT)

    In the end, the top three selections were essentially what observers expected all along, with Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Joel Embiid picked by the Cavaliers, Bucks and 76ers.

  • [New York Times] Knicks Draft Cleanthony Early of Wichita State (Fri, 27 Jun 2014 02:44:30 GMT)

    With the first of two second-round picks acquired as part of a trade Wednesday that sent Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton to Dallas, the Knicks selected Early, a 6-foot-7 scorer from Wichita State.

  • [New York Times] ‘Great Thing for Canada’ Says Top Pick Wiggins (Fri, 27 Jun 2014 02:19:15 GMT)

    High-springing swingman Andrew Wiggins was over the moon after being taken with the first pick of the NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday and proclaimed it “a great thing for Canada.”

  • [New York Times] Clock Ticking, Anthony Is Set to Test Free Agency (Fri, 27 Jun 2014 01:20:38 GMT)

    Facing a Monday deadline to decide whether he wanted to exercise an early termination option, Anthony informed the Knicks that he would explore free agency, according to a person briefed on the discussions.

  • [New York Times] Canada’s Wiggins Is Top Pick of NBA Draft by Cavs (Fri, 27 Jun 2014 00:58:14 GMT)

    Canada’s Andrew Wiggins from the University of Kansas was taken with the number one pick of the 2014 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday launching a great night for Canada and international players.

  • [New York Times] For Gene Melchiorre, a Regretful Turn Brought a Unique N.B.A. Distinction (Fri, 27 Jun 2014 00:40:14 GMT)

    Melchiorre, known as Squeaky, is the only No. 1 pick to never play in the N.B.A.; he was barred for life after the point-shaving scandal of 1951.

  • [New York Newsday] Knicks take Wichita State's Cleanthony Early with 34th pick (Fri, 27 Jun 2014 01:16:48 EDT)

    Phil Jackson said the intent of the blockbuster trade with the Mavericks was to change the Knicks' chemistry and that there will be more moves to come.

  • [New York Daily News] Isola: Knicks prez Jackson again asks Melo to take less money (Fri, 27 Jun 2014 06:04:52 GMT)

    Phil Jackson was frolicking in Turkey just last week, and the second the Knicks president returns stateside he is back to playing a game of ‘max deal’ chicken with Carmelo Anthony.

  • [New York Daily News] Phil’s Knicks makeover off to Early start at NBA draft (Fri, 27 Jun 2014 05:49:54 GMT)

    Phil Jackson’s assessment after a few months of sifting through the mess he inherited with the Knicks was an immediate need to alter the mix of players, regardless of whether pending free agent Carmelo Anthony returns next season.

  • 2014 NBA Draft Open Thread: The Knicks Have Picks!

    Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images

    The 2014 NBA Draft takes place tonight at the Barclays Center at 7:30 EST. Earlier this week it appeared like a longshot the Knicks would be involved in the Draft tonight in any capacity, but the the Knicks-Mavs trade from yesterday included two second-round picks from the Mavericks at No.34 and No.51.

    It’s been reported that Phil really wants to get into the first round, but we shall see if he can pull it off shortly.