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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Monthly Archives: November 2013


  I… just read the whole thing. The Isiah stuff is certainly going to really ring the media’s cherries (Isiah Day! Again! Yay!), but there are 3-4 other gobsmacking/downright weird things that James Dolan says in his interview with Mike Vaccaro of the NY Post. This may be a tad hyperbolic, but from now till the end of time, November 22nd will no longer be known as the day JFK was shot, it is the day we actually got to peer inside the mind of the least self-aware, most blindingly self-indulgent billionaire/shitty musician on the planet. All emphasis is mine. …continue reading

Knicks Morning News (2013.11.21)

[New York Daily News] Dumb and Dumber: Knicks play stupid, squander chance to beat Pacers (Thu, 21 Nov 2013 07:41:49 GMT) All these months later and the Indiana Pacers are more efficient, intelligent and tenacious when it matters while the Knicks remain adept at imploding — mentally and physically — with the game on the line.     [New York Daily News] Knicks Insider: Knee drains on Metta (Thu, 21 Nov 2013 07:04:24 GMT) The Knicks kept offseason knee surgeries on Amar’e Stoudemire and Iman Shumpert a secret. Add another one to the list. Metta World Peace said he had his left …continue reading

Pacers 103, Knicks 96

Indiana Pacers 103 Final Recap | Box Score 96 New York Knicks Kenyon Martin, PF 38 MIN | 3-8 FG | 0-2 FT | 9 REB | 2 AST | 1 STL | 2 BLK | 4 TO | 6 PTS | -6 Having K-Mart there to spark your early offense is a little like having your grandmother order you and your buddies the first round of tequila shots at a strip club: Incredibly weird and uncomfortable, BUT TOTALLY WELCOME! Once again, it was in the intangibles that K-Mart made his money: body-slamming Hibbert, delivering line-stepping sledgehammer fouls that only …continue reading

Game Preview & Thread: Knicks vs. Pacers

The Knicks, who lost their third straight to the worst defensive team in the NBA last night, will be facing off against the league’s best — and the team that knocked them out of last year’s postseason — when the Indiana Pacers roll into town tonight. In anticipation of this match-up, I asked Pacers-loyal, outstanding statistician and writer Ian Levy about Indiana’s team this season and the approaching matchup. Ian runs the NBA site Hickory High, and you can find his writing at Bleacher Report, Hardwood Paroxysm, Indy Cornrows and HoopChalk. Can you give an outside perspective on the Knicks …continue reading

Next Day Notes & Errata: Knicks v. Pistons

Well, that was yet another in a series of perfectly awful games by the New Dutch City Dutch Short Pants. Not that anyone should expect anything different, but since Kevin stoically analyzed the larger failures of the team, in a way that was sad and true and yet totally aware that the situation at hand, like a real-life Toby Ziegler… #HireFictionalCharactersToRunTheKnicksEvenOnesWrittenBySorkinThatCanBeReallySupercilliousAndSmugAtTimesAndAlwaysHaveVastReamsOfStatisticsTheyCanRecallAtTheDropOfAHatItCouldn’tBeWorseThanTheActualThreeDimensionalHumansWorkingThereNow …let’s take a look as some amusing and not-at-all amusing odds and ends, plucked out from the wreckage last night’s toxic waste spill of a game, in the early stages of a season that probably should be declared a …continue reading

Knicks Morning News (2013.11.20)

[New York Post] Frazier: Shumpert has lost his swagger (Wed, 20 Nov 2013 00:43:55 -0500) AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — Knicks legend Walt Frazier sees once-confident Iman Shumpert now looking as if he's not having fun. Shumpert, who was often compared to Frazier during his rookie… [ – New York Knicks] Opening Tip: Fire Woodson? (Wed, 20 Nov 2013 06:00:36 EDT) If the Knicks fall behind by double digits in the second half at home on Wednesday, there’s a good chance that a small, vocal section of fans at the Garden will start a “Fire Woodson!” chant. Should Knicks owner James …continue reading

Pistons 92, Knicks 86

There are no bright spots.  There isn’t a goat.  There are no A’s and B’s, no D’s and F’s.  There are players who seem utterly incapable of doing what is required of them and then there are other players whose lesser crime is that they can’t cover up the blemishes anymore.  So let’s start there.  That’s the scenery. There is a coach, a coach who won 54 games last year and garnered considerable popular support during awards season.  A coach who has been reduced to platitudes (“We just don’t know who we want to be yet!”) that would be easily …continue reading