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Friday, April 20, 2018

Monthly Archives: September 2013

2014 Preseason Roundtable: Now that JR’s out OH GOD PANIC PANIC PANIC!

Who should be the first player to come off the bench? Our cast of clowns has the answers: McElroy: Obviously the answer is dependent on who is in the starting five. With JR unavailable, I’d start Felton/Prigs/Shump/Melo/Chandler, bring STAT and Artest off the bench first, have K-Mart play every minute of center that Chandler doesn’t, and let matchups dictate how much time I found for Bargs at the 3 and 4. I also want to see Woody find a role for Udrih who I think could do a lot of the stuff Jason Kidd did last year and possibly even …continue reading

Knicks Morning News (Thursday, Sep 26 2013)

[New York Times] Knicks and Nets, Growing Rivals, Will Work Together to Host All-Star Events (Thu, 26 Sep 2013 03:39:28 GMT) The All-Star Game will be held at Madison Square Garden. Barclays Center will host the dunk contest, the 3-point shooting contest and the skills challenge.     [New York Daily News] Lawrence: Prokhorov’s no-show a bad sign (Thu, 26 Sep 2013 02:16:16 GMT) Here was the official announcement that the Knicks and Nets will co-host the NBA’s All-Star weekend in a mere 17 months, and Mikhail Prokhorov was not to be found in the second-floor TV studio on Washington St., where …continue reading

Can Cole Aldrich Help The Knicks?

The first two comments for the RealGM blurb announcing Cole Aldrich signed with the Knicks rank a 10 on the snarkometer. Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:02 PM Yay!!! Bringing the whole D-League to training camp!!! Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:08 PM Chris Dudley is back folks Perhaps there’s some merit to these comments. Aldrich has found himself on three different teams in just three seasons. He’s played in 89 total games, but only managed 703 minutes of game time. An NBA starter will hit 703 minutes in about 25 games, not 89. Hence Aldrich’s coaches have thought so little of …continue reading

ESPN: Knicks Add Cole Aldrich

Former Kansas Jayhawks, and perennial bench-warming big man, Cole Aldrich, will compete for a roster spot with the Knicks. Aldrich has been a quality rebounder and shot-blocker in limited minutes.

2014 Preseason Roundtable: What should be our starting five? What about down the stretch?

As we approach the start of training camp and — EEEEEEEEEK! — real basketball, our in-house panel will be weighing in on the biggest questions facing this year’s Knickerbockers. Will Melo-at-the-Four return for an extended encore? What about two point guard lineups? Has the arrival of Andrea Bargnani spawned a conditioner renaissance within the Bocker locker room? Will Metta World Peace run for President? In our first installment, we tackle who should be our starting five, as well as what unit should be the one to bring us down the home stretch. Kevin McElroy: Assuming no material age- or injury-related …continue reading

At VICE: JR Smith and America’s Out of Control Love Affair with Drug Tests

So remember last week when JR Smith got suspended five games for his fourth violation of the NBA’s Drug Policy? After a spririted debate in the comments section,  I wrote some things about it. Since it’s not so much about basketball as the multi-billion dollar industry that’s perpetuating Prohibition and superseding state laws, it’s here at VICE Magazine: Take the case of Brandon Coats, a 33-year-old who used to work as a telephone operator for Dish Network in Colorado until he was fired for failing a drug test in 2010. This was a random test, just like the one that ensnared …continue reading

Playoff Odds, Based on Pre-Season Predictions

ESPN’s forecast for the N.B.A.’s Eastern Conference came out last week. The prognosticators collectively saw the Knicks as the 5th seed, behind their area rivals the Brooklyn Nets. While such pre-season crystal-balling is officially meaningless, it does give a starting point to perhaps do some real analysis. Luckily for a numbersmith like yours truly, ESPN published the consensus wins and losses for each team. Taking that into account I decided to run a simulated season based on those win totals. Nothing too complicated, just randomizing each of the 82 games based on the individual team’s winning percentage. Doing that I …continue reading