A Rebuttal: Why the Andrea Bargnani Trade is a Great Move for the Knicks

Tooday tha Nicks made anudder grate trade that is tha neckst step in bringeing a champeenships to New York wich has not had a chanpeeyon sinse tha…I dunno it was a long tyme ago like when peepul lissened to disko and woar bellbottoms and stuff. I seen fotos of that. They had hare like Shump but round hahahahaha and the cloths and disko suckkkkkkkks.

But tooday they trayded Novack and Cambee who were scrubs for Andre Barnya…Barneeya…Barnnanarno…I cant speel it cause he is Italyan but he is grate. He was a first rownd draft pick and the first player taken in tha first rounde which means that yeer he was the best prospeckt in all of collidge basketball exksept he was Italyun so that meens he wuz better than all the colege players in the US. So that meens hes rilly good.

And they got him for skrubs! Novak used to be gud wen he cud diskownt duble chek but last year he didnt. I dunno why but probably becaus he is a skrub. And Cambee was awesum in tha ninetees but it aint the ninetys no more caws he cud barely play and didunt pley aganst indyana or bostun or anybudee in tha playoffs.

So we gave the dum canadiyans too skrubs for a player and did I tell yoo that Baryarknee is sevun feet tall! SEVAN FEET. Thats as tall as Chandlr and he can shoot three poynters! He will playe grate with Mellow at small forwurd where Mello shud have been playeing all a long not at powur forwerd like some smallballs thing that nevr works in the playofs where you need to go big or go hom just liek tha ad campayne sez. And they cudnt say that if it waznt troo becawse that wud be a vyeolashun of the law aganst lyeing on tha teevee. So now they can go big with Carmellow and Chandla and Bargninni. And that meens we have size!!!!

Also I forgot to tell you that this meens no more too poynt gard lineups. THAT IZ AWESUM. Everybody nows that yoo have a poynt gard and a shooteing gard and a smal forwerd and a pouwer forwerd an a centir. If you play too poynt guards thats so Raven. I meen dum! HAHAHAHHAHAHA did yoo get my joke? I sed thats so ravin like that teevee show. I forgit what it waz called. But it had Ravin somewhere in tha titul.

So yea. Where waz I. I forgot. I was so happi abowt this trade that I forgit why. I forgit a lot of stuff sometimez. Maibe its because I ate thos paynt chips a lot all the time wen I was a kidd. NOT JAYSON KIDD HAHAHAHAH. He coche the Nets now but whatever I thot he was a halloffamer but now hes just anudder skrub in brooklin. Screw brooklin thats not noo yark. Noo yark is noo yark everybuddy noes that.

So where was I oh yah I ate painte chips when I was a kid they were falling off the radiyator neer my bed and I thot they were kandy. I gess I didn’t listen to that song they played during comershuls when I was a kid. Yoo remember that. ITS THIS I FOUNDED IT>

So rite. We got barnarnarnani so we now what that means CHAMPEEENSHIPS $ THA KNIX.

They did give up sum picks and pix are nice for gettin yong players but yoo don’t need yong playrs when yoo are gonna win a champeenship and theyre in the future enayways and will be late in the first rownd so what who cares nobuddy good gets drafted in tha late ferst round except for like tonee parker and Rayjohn Rondow and and Dayvid Lee and Tie Lauson and some udder guys but I forget who cause I eat paynte chips wen I was a kidd. Did I ever tell you about that. It’s funny I ate them when I was a kid so now I ferget things. Ok that’s not that funny but who cares becawse champeenship FOR THE KNICKS.


Knicks trade Marcus Camby, Steve Novak, and multiple picks for Rajon Rondo

Just kidding it’s Andrea Bargnani.

League sources abound are reporting that the Knicks and Raptors are finalizing a deal that would send the much-maligned Bargnani to New York in exchange for Stave Novak, Marcus Camby, a future first round pick (2016, over which Denver maintains swap rights), two future second rounders, and a pencil sharpener.

The pencil sharpener works just fine.

This totally came out of nowhere. He we were still kvetching pathetic about drafting a slumping college shooter ahead of oodles of upside, and then, this:

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 6.58.44 PM

So… Twitter went berserk, and for a lot of right reasons: Bargnani has never lived up to billing (#1 pick in 2005), is a worse defender than Amar’e Stoudemire, and only a marginally better rebounder than Steve Novak.

On the flip side, he’s 27, and once boasted a TS% of 56% and a 3P% of 41%. Both of those happened five years ago.

On top of battling through a slew of injuries over the past couple of seasons, Bargnani has been the target of considerable resentment from Toronto’s fanbase, who have long criticized the Italian forward’s propensity for disappearing — to say nothing of his weirdly atrophying basketball skills.

So nothing has been finalized as of this moment, but the degree to which everyone is flipping the fuck out leads me to believe this will likely get done before our Monday commutes.

Let’s try not to make it head-on into a guard rail, alright?

More ruminations forthcoming.

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    Now that the New York Knicks have added their draft pick, Tim Hardaway Jr., it’s on to free agency starting July 1. Here’s their order of business:J.R. Smith#8 SGNew York Knicks2013 STATSGM80
    FT%.7621. Re-signing J.R. Smith. GM Glen Grunwald made it clear on Thursday the Knicks don’t want to let him go. “We’re going to do what we can to get J.R. back,” he said. However, that won’t happen if Smith can’t resist a lucrative offer and a chance to start, which he hasn’t done for most of his career, including in New York.

  • [ESPN.com – New York Knicks] GM: Hardaway Jr. 'best player available' (Fri, 28 Jun 2013 01:11:38 EDT)

    New York Knicks GM Glen Grunwald thinks Tim Hardaway Jr. can help the Knicks immediately. “He’s a talented young player that can shoot the ball well, is a good athlete and is a really good worker,” Grunwald said. The GM also thought Hardaway Jr. was the best player available to the Knicks when they selected at 24. That was his primary motivation for selecting Hardaway Jr. over players such as UNC forward Reggie Bullock, Murray State guard Isiah Canaan and San Diego State’s Jamal Franklin.

  • [New York Daily News] Knicks taking Hardaway Jr. with 24th pick may spell end for J.R. (Fri, 28 Jun 2013 06:02:31 GMT)

    The Knicks selected Tim Hardaway Jr., the son of a bitter rival, with the 24th pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft with an eye on possibly losing Smith to free agency next month.    

  • [New York Newsday] Knicks take Tim Hardaway Jr. with 24th overall pick in NBA draft (Fri, 28 Jun 2013 00:22:50 EDT)

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  • [New York Newsday] Carmelo Anthony's shoulder improving without surgery (Fri, 28 Jun 2013 00:16:50 EDT)

    Carmelo Anthony said his left shoulder is feeling "much better." He doesn't think he will need surgery, but he added, "It's still not 100 percent."

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    Anthony, who winced often during the Knicks’ second-round loss against the Pacers, said his left shoulder is doing…

  • Knicks Draft Tim Hardaway… JUNIOR!

    The pick is in, you first heard it from Woj about four hours ago, and it’s…. Meh. Now, I grew up rooting for Michigan State and not the fucking Miami Heat so you can see how this might be a generational loathing thing for me. Not that that’s fair; just being honest.

    Tim Hardaway has the pedigree. That’s true. He can shoot the basketball. That’s also true. He’s “used to the big stage.” I guess, in a way.

    He also went through the worst slump since, like, the dinosaurs. He benefited greatly not only from a very, very good point guard (Trey Burke); but also from a system that put a premium on spacing and three-point…

    Oh… Maybe this will work, then? As Anita Shreve once said: “Only time will tell.”

    For now, head over to YouTube, try to find the good, and pray til you’re blue in the face for Robert, Seth, @netw3rk, and all the rest of our troops as they navigate what’s been — by all accounts — a batshit crazy Draft in the palace that spawned the night’s biggest coup.

    THN Mock Draft: With the 24th Pick, the New York Knickerbockers select…

    Do you like the NBA draft?

    I do.

    I like it very much.

    Granted, in recent years due to the massive flurries of trades and wheelin’ n’ dealin’  (Stepien Rule notwithstanding) we Knicker-backers often have our grubby noses pressed firmly against the storefront window, befogging it and greedily eyeing all the shiny new 1st round toys just waiting to be snapped up, wrapped in their finest, Big n’ Tall suits and festooned with a New Era cap proclaiming their undying fealty to Cablevision and its affiliated companies.

    In case you’ve gone through a few years of heavy therapeutic/self-administered (possibly extra-legal) medicinal treatment, despite a steady parade of Lottery-worthy Knickerbocker models, we’ve given away picks like so much manna from heaven.  Oh sure, Iman Shumpert is still around, flat-topping and accidentally revealing an alternate orange uni hither and yonder, but even when an ephebe has managed to sneak onto a cap-bloated roster, those able-bodied young men upon whom we placed so many of our hopes and dreams—Messrs. Gallinari, Fields, Lee, Balkman, et al.—are all plying their trade elsewhere in the far-flung corners of professional basketball.

    So yay. Barring any last minute front office machinations, (knock on every three-dimensional object within striking distance that even vaguely resembles wood) the Knicks will sit patiently until it’s their turn and snag themselves a junior member of what is undoubtedly still a very senior-ish roster.

    But I not only fancy the draft because of the untold, undefined promises of future glory, but because we, the hardscrabble, unwashed fans really do seem (emphasis on seem) to be on equal footing with the bespoke-suited professionals in the front office. We can read a bajillion mock drafts (and I do), peruse hours upon hours of YouTubed scouting tapes (and I do), parse the tea leaves of rumors and leaks and debunked rumors and unleaked leaks (PRO TIP: If you plan on watching the draft on the teevee machine, stay FAR AWAY from Woj’s Twitter feed. So. Many. Spoilerz.) and proudly declare that, “Player X is a late-round steal!” or, “Player Y is a draft bust waiting to happen, if TEAM Z takes him I will rend my Modell’s-purchased team garments!” and say so with total assurance that even if the scenario doesn’t come remotely true, for the next few weeks—you know, when they start playing actual games—you or I are completely wholly right.

    But I digress.

    Our man Dan Feldman, of the TrueHoop Network blog, Piston Powered has put together a mock draft. We bloggers all made picks for our various teams and yours truly got to dress up in Glenn Grunwald drag. Here’s how this imagi-draft went down (the blogger making the pick is in parentheses, lest you care to lambaste/deride him):

    1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Alex Len (Colin McGowan, Cavs: The Blog)

    2. Orlando Magic: Nerlens Noel (Eddy Rivera, Magic Basketball)

    3. Washington Wizards: Otto Porter (Kyle Weidie, Truth About It.net)

    4. Charlotte Bobcats: Victor Oladipo (Spencer Percy, Queen City Hoops)

    5. Phoenix Suns: Ben McLemore (Ryan Weisert/ Kevin Zimmerman, Valley of the Suns)

    6. New Orleans Pelicans: C.J. McCollum (Ryan Schwan, Bourbon Street Shots)

    7. Sacramento Kings: Trey Burke (James Ham, Cowbell Kingdom)

    8. Detroit Pistons: Anthony Bennett (Dan Feldman, PistonPowered)

    9. Minnesota Timberwolves: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (Steve McPherson, A Wolf Among Wolves)

    10. Portland Trail Blazers: Cody Zeller (Danny Nowell, Portland Roundball Society)

    11. Philadelphia 76ers: Kelly Olynyk (Tom Sunnergren, Hoop76)

    12. Oklahoma City Thunder: Steven Adams (Royce Young, Daily Thunder)

    13. Dallas Mavericks: Michael Carter-Williams (Ian Levy, The Two Man Game)

    14. Utah Jazz: Shabazz Muhammad (Andy Larsen, Salt City Hoops)

    15. Milwaukee Bucks: Shane Larkin (Jeremy Schmidt, Bucksketball)

    16. Boston Celtics: Dennis Schroeder (Brendan Jackson, CelticsHub)

    17. Atlanta Hawks: Rudy Gobert (Bo Churney, HawksHoop)

    18. Atlanta Hawks: Jamaal Franklin (Bo Churney, HawksHoop)

    19. Cleveland Cavaliers: Sergey Karasev (Colin McGowan, Cavs: The Blog)

    20. Chicago Bulls: Giannis Adetokunbo (Michael Pina, Red94/CelticsHub)

    21. Utah Jazz: Lucas Nogueira (Andy Larsen, Salt City Hoops)

    22. Brooklyn Nets: Tony Mitchell (Jeremy Gordon, Brooklyn’s Finest)

    23. Indiana Pacers: Reggie Bullock (Jared Dubin, Hardwood Paroxysm)

    So that’s where things stood. On my many legal pads and soiled cocktail napkins I’d scribbled the names of a bunch of players I had in mind, but I was sorely miffed that a couple of my fave targets, namely Tony Mitchell and Reggie Bullock, were snatched away seconds before I could gobble either of them up like so many delicious, athletic, sweet-shooting, ridiculous upside-ery bon-bons. Thanks a lot, Dubin. Be warned, my reasoning for liking or not liking players, despite the mountains of information I consume prior to the draft, has ZERO basis in logical, well-reasoned thinking. There are guys I just like. Sometimes, I end up smelling like a rose. I desperately wanted Faried in ’11 (though I was happy with Iman Shumpert, mainly because I thought his name sounded like some kind of obscure Jewish delicacy. “Try the Shumpert. It’s a pickled herring in heavy cream sauce. You’ll love it!”), and I was screaming my lungs out that the Knicks should take Jrue or Ty Lawson at #8 in 2009.  Other times…well…not so good. I thought Renaldo Balkman was going to be a sneakily brilliant move, even if this lanky PG who couldn’t shoot out of Kentucky was still on the board. I forget what happened to him. As we know, for the actual gentleman making the selections, tonight’s draft represents untold hours of study, analysis, research, background checks and unauthorized NSA metadata wiretaps. And yet, teams still fornicate with the canine. So, we’re gonna Istick with my mystical, right-brained approach here in this mocking.

    Anyhoo, knowing all that, I went with…

    24. New York Knicks: Ricky Ledo (Robert Silverman, Knickerblogger)


    Here’s my thinking (as it were). Yes, there are a couple of 23-year old Center/Power Forwards who could certainly provide solid minutes off the bench still on the board, namely Gorgui Dieng and Mason Plumlee. With regards to the former, I got scared away by the knee issues that have been cropping up and the outright horror of imaging the malapropistic knots Clyde Frazier would twist himself into trying to pronounce his name. Plumlee? I don’t like him. I can’t say why, other than ‘eff you, Duke/I didn’t like his brother Miles. Consistency, y’all. Plus, most mocks have him landing somewhere in the 17-21 range, and if my wise fellow bloggers are passing him by, they MUST KNOW SOMETHING. He can pout in the green room a few mins longer.

    Then there’s the, “There’s a piece missing/one-dimensional wings” group—Alan Crabbe, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Tony Snell. I just don’t like the cut of any of their respective jibs. Especially Hardaway. I still loathe Tim Sr. And yeah, I know, “Sins of the Father” is so much bunk, but that’s how I rolls, when it comes to truly meaningless things like mock drafts.

    So, my personal draft board came down to Ricky Ledo and Nate Wolters, and in this instance, I actually considered some basketball reasons.

    Yes, with Prigs free agency and Jason Kidd’s decision to go eat artisanal cheeses and wear ironic T-shirts in BK, the Knicks are suddenly pretty thin at the point (Ray Felton’s midriff notwithstanding. BOOM.). The two-PG lineups were a key component of the team’s success, so picking up a young lead guard capable of pushing the pace would be of serious interest. Wolters by all accounts is a terrific ball handler and deadeye shooter with boffo range. At 6’5”-ish, he’d certainly be capable of lining up next to either Felton or Prigioni (Yes, I’m going to assume that Pablo’s coming back. I can’t begin to stomach contemplating the alternative.). The downside is, he’s considered a subpar athlete and a meh defender at best. Given that the Knicks allowed approximately 24 points/36 to opposing floor generals, Wolters’ difficulties staying in front of his man would only be exacerbated in New York.

    That leaves Ledo. This would certainly be a risky move. He didn’t play at all at Providence last year because of the dreaded red flag-waving “disciplinary reasons” and is generally perceived to be something of a bad seed. The most common name tossed around when making comparisons is Qyntel Woods, animal lover. That said, he’s a phenomenal athlete and can get to the bucket at will. He’s also a solid shooter who can play some point. On pure upside, he’s probably a lottery-level talent.  Granted, that sounds a heckuva lot like a couple of players already on the roster (Cough…J.R. Smith….cough, cough, hack, sputter, wheeze), but in this draft, I think it’s a lot better to swing for the fences than settle for a cat whose upside is an end-of-the-rotation guy at best. You know why?


    I’m sure all of you far-more-informed folks (or at least the ones not using Charlie Day’s exploits as his/her planning strategy) have better choices given how the board played out. Let’s hear ‘em. HAPPY DRAFTERDAY, EVERYONE!