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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Monthly Archives: June 2013

A Rebuttal: Why the Andrea Bargnani Trade is a Great Move for the Knicks

Tooday tha Nicks made anudder grate trade that is tha neckst step in bringeing a champeenships to New York wich has not had a chanpeeyon sinse tha…I dunno it was a long tyme ago like when peepul lissened to disko and woar bellbottoms and stuff. I seen fotos of that. They had hare like Shump but round hahahahaha and the cloths and disko suckkkkkkkks. But tooday they trayded Novack and Cambee who were scrubs for Andre Barnya…Barneeya…Barnnanarno…I cant speel it cause he is Italyan but he is grate. He was a first rownd draft pick and the first player taken …continue reading

Knicks trade Marcus Camby, Steve Novak, and multiple picks for Rajon Rondo

Just kidding it’s Andrea Bargnani. League sources abound are reporting that the Knicks and Raptors are finalizing a deal that would send the much-maligned Bargnani to New York in exchange for Stave Novak, Marcus Camby, a future first round pick (2016, over which Denver maintains swap rights), two future second rounders, and a pencil sharpener. The pencil sharpener works just fine. This totally came out of nowhere. He we were still kvetching pathetic about drafting a slumping college shooter ahead of oodles of upside, and then, this: So… Twitter went berserk, and for a lot of right reasons: Bargnani has …continue reading

Knicks Morning News (Sunday, Jun 30 2013)

[New York Post] Knicks aim to re-ink J.R., stay on point (Sun, 30 Jun 2013 02:31:55 -0500) Let the J.R. Smith Sweepstakes begin! As NBA free agency begins Sunday night at midnight, the success of the Knicks’ July will hinge on whether they keep their own free agents as much as bringing in new blood, as Smith, point guard Pablo Prigioni and forward Chris Copeland all… [New York Post] Serby’s Sunday Q&A with… Tim Hardaway Jr. (Sun, 30 Jun 2013 03:22:30 -0500) The newest New York Knick, first-round draft pick Tim Hardaway Jr. — whose father starred with the Warriors …continue reading

Knicks Morning News (Saturday, Jun 29 2013)

[New York Times] Hardaway’s Name Is Familiar, but His Game Is Not (Sat, 29 Jun 2013 04:34:11 GMT) Tim Hardaway Jr. said it was not fair, or correct, for people to compare him to his father. The younger Hardaway, who is taller, said he planned to make a name for himself with the Knicks.     [New York Times] Analysis: With Pierce and Garnett, Nets Get Upgrade in Scoring and Snarling (Sat, 29 Jun 2013 01:09:38 GMT) Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett will give the Nets a new attitude, which, aside from shooting and athleticism, was their greatest need of all.     [New …continue reading

Knicks Morning News (Friday, Jun 28 2013)

[New York Times] Oh, Canada: Cavaliers Take Bennett With No. 1 Pick (Fri, 28 Jun 2013 07:25:51 GMT) Anthony Bennett learned he would be making NBA draft history the same time as everyone else.     [New York Times] AP Source: Nets Will Acquire Pierce, Garnett (Fri, 28 Jun 2013 05:01:25 GMT) The Brooklyn Nets will acquire Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett from the Boston Celtics in a deal that was still developing as the NBA draft ended, according to a person with knowledge of the details.     [New York Times] Bennett Taken as Top Pick of NBA Draft by Cavaliers (Fri, 28 …continue reading

Knicks Draft Tim Hardaway… JUNIOR!

The pick is in, you first heard it from Woj about four hours ago, and it’s…. Meh. Now, I grew up rooting for Michigan State and not the fucking Miami Heat so you can see how this might be a generational loathing thing for me. Not that that’s fair; just being honest. Tim Hardaway has the pedigree. That’s true. He can shoot the basketball. That’s also true. He’s “used to the big stage.” I guess, in a way. He also went through the worst slump since, like, the dinosaurs. He benefited greatly not only from a very, very good point …continue reading

THN Mock Draft: With the 24th Pick, the New York Knickerbockers select…

Do you like the NBA draft? I do. I like it very much. Granted, in recent years due to the massive flurries of trades and wheelin’ n’ dealin’  (Stepien Rule notwithstanding) we Knicker-backers often have our grubby noses pressed firmly against the storefront window, befogging it and greedily eyeing all the shiny new 1st round toys just waiting to be snapped up, wrapped in their finest, Big n’ Tall suits and festooned with a New Era cap proclaiming their undying fealty to Cablevision and its affiliated companies. In case you’ve gone through a few years of heavy therapeutic/self-administered (possibly extra-legal) …continue reading