2013 Free Agent Period Has Begun!

As awesome as discussing the Andrea Bargnani trade is, I figured we would do well with an open thread to discuss the various free agent doings in the NBA at the moment, as the free agency period has now officially begun (don’t worry, we can still discuss Andrea Bargnani).

(By the way, a quick refresher course on spelling his name. It is Barg. Then it is nani. Barg-nani. Hey, it is easier to spell than Gallo’s last name! I still just call him Gallo so I don’t have to double-check if I put enough L’s in his name!)

Some interesting points from the opening bell of NBA’s free agency…

1. Kyle Korver apparently is signing with the Nets for their mini-MLE. That is a great get for the Nets. Korver is the perfect player for most good teams. What I found hilarious, though, was an article that suggested that Korver might first try to get another big payday before settling into mini-MLE on his next contract. Some folks just don’t understand the current NBA economy, do they? Korver is a mini-MLE guy all the way nowadays. But still, he’s an awesome pick-up. Especially if Paul Pierce shows any signs of not being revitalized.

2. The Trailblazers are literally interested in every single free agent center that there is not named Dwight Howard. It is kind of adorable, really. “Are you a center?” “Yes.” “Would you like to play for us?”

3. Detroit is making a push for Josh Smith. The Bobcats are making a push for Al Jefferson. Interesting ideas, each.

4. The first teams to contact Chris Copeland were the Lakers and the Jazz. No one has made him an offer yet.

5. A report from Ken Berger at CBS suggested that the Knicks have interest in Monta Ellis, which means nothing, of course, since Ellis turned down $11 million a year from MIlwaukee. He is not taking the mini-MLE from the Knicks.

Anyhow, here in an open thread for you all until tomorrow morning!

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10 thoughts to “2013 Free Agent Period Has Begun!”

  1. If I am Portland I am hoping Dwight goes to Houston. I here Philly might also be a destination for Asik.

  2. Asik would fit in so many places. What a position Houston would be in if they could get Howard and then be able to deal Asik from a position of strength.

  3. Bulls apparently interested in Mo Williams and WIll Bynum. I’d have to imagine that Mo Williams might still make more than the mini-MLE. Bynum seems like more of a vet minimum guy. Bynum could be decent on the Knicks.

  4. I really hope that the Knicks aren’t seriously interested in Aaron Brooks. He makes Mike Bibby seem fresh. I mean, as an end-end-end of the bench guy, he won’t hurt you, but if they’re considering him as a rotation player, that’s just foolish.

  5. I would take Mo over Bynum and Brooks but like you said he will probably get more than the mini mle but I definitely be on the phone with him.

  6. When I hear that the Knicks may be interested in Monta Ellis and Aaron Brooks, I get horrible flashbacks to another era. I really hope this Nets deal hasn’t caused Grunwald to morph into Isaiah 2.0.

  7. I’ve read in a few places that the 2016 pick is lottery protected. Anyone know if this is true?

  8. Brian Cronin:
    Asik would fit in so many places. What a position Houston would be in if they could get Howard and then be able to deal Asik from a position of strength.

    if they get Howard, that’s a scary team.

    they could go toe to toe with Oklahoma City with Lin / Harden / Parsons / whatever they get out of an Asik trade / Howard… they have the possibility to play just like Orlando did, but instead of relying on Turkoglu and Nelson to create, you have James Harden.

  9. The Monta Ellis article says he wants to play for a winner. It also says the spurs, bulls and nuggets are interested. he’s not coming here for our chump change.

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