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Monday, June 18, 2018

2013-14 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Heat

Let’s keep the good times going! Let’s make the Heat think twice about possibly seeing the Knicks in the second round (if the Knicks get to the #6 seed and beat the #3 seed).

Let’s go Knicks!

83 comments on “2013-14 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Heat

  1. KnickfaninNJ

    I don’t think we’ll be a six seed so I’m just hoping we meet Miami instead of Indiana if we make the playoffs

  2. ephus

    Let’s see if Miami changes the PnR defense. Last time, Melo torched the sag into the lane for threes. When Miami tried to stay out on Melo, he found Amar’e at the rim.

  3. ephus

    Lebron is looking to crash for offensive boards. JR has to either box out or leak for fast break opportunities.

  4. Kahnzy

    Every time I see Prigioni I can’t help but think “Dear Mother David…” and then begins an uncontrollable giggle fit.

  5. Kahnzy

    Someone wanna walk me through Chalmer’s last layup? I’m pretty sure I saw a Chandler nearby, but it didn’t move so I wasn’t sure if it was a cardboard cutout or not.

  6. Ltassi

    I feel like Pacino. Every time I think I’m out on JR, he pulls me back in. Also, Melo is getting absolutely killed. You can’t let Shane Battier take you to the cup. Ah well, at least we’ll have this footage to send to other teams trying to sign him this summer.

  7. ephus

    I think Amare has a role to play tonight. Need to attack this Miami defensive scheme of overplaying Melo on the entry pass by throwing the ball to the rim.

  8. max fisher-cohen

    There is a little extra motivation for the Heat here. Knicks have played them well, and the more NY loses, the less of a chance they either make the playoffs or move up to the 6th seed, leading to a potential second round meetup with Miami.

  9. cgreene

    @22 wrong match up decisions by Woodson. should have JR on Wade and Melo on LBJ. take your risk with the rest

  10. johnlocke

    Miami’s doubling and scrambling d was clearly not expected and is baffling us. The usually don’t double

  11. cgreene

    So when you talk about player development and the Knicks D. When Hardaway bodies LBJ 25′ from the basket is that what Woodson and the staff is saying he should do? Because if that’s the coaching/teaching it’s completely wrong.

  12. yellowboy90

    about time they called that for Melo. Players has been sliding under him all year and he has had to push away on the way down.

  13. johnlocke

    @yellowboy was a lil behind on DVR when I saw your ball don’t lie… so was expecting the worst but still can’t believe he missed all three, I mean wow, odds on that happening…

  14. Kahnzy

    The Battier love is really irritating.

    I like the guy. But even still, get used to it. You’ll likely be seeing a lot of him on ESPN after he retires.

  15. BigBlueAL

    Most annoying thing about Battier is the way he fronts Melo (and other players Ive seen him do it to). He gets real low and just sticks his ass into the players and basically undercuts/rides them the whole time yet he is never called for a foul.

  16. Kikuchiyo

    I’ve been calling that matador D the “Bargn door” all season, but with Bargs out I’ll just say OlĂ©.

  17. BigBlueAL

    So many bad passes by the Knicks tonight, the Heat are not a team to be sloppy and ambitious with passes against.

  18. yellowboy90

    They have to stop going to Melo when Hardaway is being guarded by Bosh. Woody has to point this out.

  19. ephus

    It is as if Woodson evaluated all of the offensive options that worked last game against Miami and barred the Knicks from utilizing them.

  20. BigBlueAL

    Knicks have 5 games left before the AS break. 1 is an automatic loss in OKC. The others are @ Milwaukee and home games vs Portland, Denver and Sacramento. 4-1 would be great but they have to go no worse than 3-2.

    The Knicks start the 2nd half with a 4 games in 5 nights road trip (Mem/NO/Orl/Atl). The schedule after that is pretty brutal too.

  21. johnlocke

    Quick thoughts:
    Whoever said “Felton yuck ” summed up my thoughts on him tonight.

    Woodys matchup decisions were terrible. JR has no prayer of guarding Lebron. He’s not even a good defender.

    We may not have played smart but at least played hard.

    Timmy on offense was a bright spot, but this game showcased why having Shumpert on this team is important.

  22. Robtachi

    It’s official; the Heat are still way better than the Knicks. When somebody in addition to Lebron is hurting them on offense, the Knicks have no countermeasure to return fire.

  23. Jack Bauer

    Turnovers + poor perimeter defense+ moron for a coach = loss to a very good team. PG play is terrible.

  24. Robtachi

    Watching Felton play defense is like watching as a diseased pigeon repeatedly careen into a freshly Windexed glass door; he’s got absolutely no idea it’s coming, no idea how to avoid it, and gets completely wiped out. Every. Freaking. Time.

  25. Brian Cronin Post author

    Goddamn it, Philip Seymour Hoffman just died. It is so aggravating following the news of addicts whose work you admire. You know that they are likely heading toward a bad place, but you’re just as helpless as the addict’s friends and family are to stop it.

  26. KnickfaninNJ

    I’m very sorry about Philip Seymour Hoffman. You’re right, everyone’s helpless. Alcoholism is the same way. You want to stop it happening in people you know, but can’t. It seems like an occupational disease among actors and musicians. I share your frustration.

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