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Saturday, May 26, 2018

2013-14 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Bulls

The Knicks are 4-0 when I wear my slippers. I am wearing my slippers tonight.

I can’t believe I didn’t make the connection sooner.

We’re gonna be alright.

135 comments on “2013-14 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Bulls

  1. DRed

    Noah is suiting up, sadly. But no Butler and no Deng.

    On the flip side, Mr. Prig Shot is starting for the good guys.

  2. nyk8806

    Even Vegas likes us to win this one. The combination of the bulls missing three top players and us missing our starting penguin tip this one in our favor. Also someone who has never witnessed a Knicks loss in person is attending the game. All we need now is for Dolan to guarantee a win and we can book it.

  3. Kahnzy

    Ugh…Doris Burke. I’m all for women in sports media, but good God is she terrible.

    Anyway, someone really should let Dolan know that the Knicks suck because Jim wasn’t wearing his slippers all of those other games…you know before he fires a man whose fault we now know it clearly isn’t.

  4. maxwell_3g

    Im rooting against the knicks (in the final scores anyways) until woodson is fired and then will continue to root against us until we blow up this mix of players and it is established that we will not resign melo to a max contract until he is 35. Once we get to that point, I will start maniacally rooting my team to win games again. I just dread to long term damage that we could inflict upon ourselves if we continue to think that we can win with this roster and I don’t trust our management to be smart at all

  5. yellowboy90

    How many great passes do teammates mess up from Melo. I guess its his fault cause their not use to it? lol.

  6. Nick C.

    The way Felton has been playing it’s addition by subtraction. So nice to not see him clanging away and getting burned on the other end.

  7. coyle022

    Normally it’s like “screw you dunleavy” or “goddamit Noah looks like such a Neanderthal” but tonight I don’t care what happens. if we win, thats good, if we lose, thats even better because Woodson HAS to be gone after an L tonight

  8. maxwell_3g

    it is in some ways more enjoyable to watch this team once you no longer give a shit about the outcome. you are able to appreciate the humor of this all a little better

  9. Kahnzy

    it is in some ways more enjoyable to watch this team once you no longer give a shit about the outcome. you are able to appreciate the humor of this all a little better

    I’ve been saying that for weeks now. It really makes it somewhat enjoyable.

  10. Will the Thrill

    So weird how good Bargnani is at post defense haha but the worst on the team at every other defense.

  11. Kahnzy

    I know Amar’e isn’t one of the more popular Knicks on these boards, but I have to admit I do enjoy seeing him play relatively well. He’s one of the few Knicks I truly root for.

  12. d-mar

    Ok I’m gonna jinx it, if we don’t beat a team whose #1 option on offense is Mike Freaking Dunleavy, then we are truly the worst team in organized sports

  13. Alecto

    Knowing our collective luck the Knicks, whatever losing streaks they have, are going to win just enough to placate Dolan and not get Woodson fired until after the playoffs. It has to get worse if we want it to get better.

  14. coyle022

    Now we’ll have to argue about how “Stat’s #’s on the 2nd night of a back-to-back are skewed because of such a small sample size”

  15. KJG

    STAT is making me proud… I’m just waiting for an injury, if not during the game, we’ll find out about it Sunday afternoon after two DNPs this weekend.

  16. coyle022

    All it takes for this team to play spirited ball is a few reports about Woodson losing his job after a loss. Seriously have the writers, journalists, bloggers, whoever-have them start cranking out these “reports” every day.

  17. Brian Cronin

    All it takes for this team to play spirited ball is a few reports about Woodson losing his job after a loss. Seriously have the writers, journalists, bloggers, whoever-have them start cranking out these “reports” every day.

    Yeah, but isn’t that just such a Knicks thing, though? Win when a loss would actually get some positive changes with the team. They literally can’t win for losing.

  18. Brian Cronin

    That said, I can never bring myself to actually root against a Knicks win, even if I know it is likely for the best if they lose, so I am enjoying the heck out of this game.

  19. EB

    All it takes for this team to play spirited ball is a few reports about Woodson losing his job after a loss. Seriously have the writers, journalists, bloggers, whoever-have them start cranking out these “reports” every day.

    No its definitely benching the orange jerseys.

  20. Kahnzy

    The Knicks city dancers have really let themselves go

    I don’t live in NY, so I don’t know…what’s the story with them anyway? Are they being allowed to dance again?

  21. ruruland

    They play spirited ball when they outscored the Nets and Magic by a combined 69 points last week.

    This team still doesn’t have an identity, and when a team like Boston comes out unconscious or Kyrie, there’s no real winning formula to get out of that.

    Or the Knicks are the worst team in the NBA on a lucky night against a really banged up Bulls squad. I sort of have a feeling how a win gets portrayed tonight, but that’s to be expected I suppose.

  22. marechal

    Does Woodson realize that just because Bargnani started the game he doesn’t have to be there at the end of the half? Does he think there’s some rule to this effect?

  23. DRed

    I don’t live in NY, so I don’t know…what’s the story with them anyway?Are they being allowed to dance again?

    Some old lady in a red sweater was dancing. I missed Clyde and breen’s explanation, but the crowd was loving it

  24. thenoblefacehumper

    “Or the Knicks are the worst team in the NBA on a lucky night against a really banged up Bulls squad. I sort of have a feeling how a win gets portrayed tonight, but that’s to be expected I suppose.”

    When we have 6 wins (assuming we win tonight) in 21 games, that is to be expected, and reasonably so.

  25. ruruland

    Amar’e has made 22 of his last 29 shots with a fta rate above .400 the last four games. Off-hand that’s a 750+ TS.

    He has just three turnovers in his last 80 minutes.

    Looking like the guy we saw for about 15 games last season. With the minute restriction lifte, there’s a glimmer of hope he could be returning to a semblance of what he was in 2011.

    If he does, that changes EVERYTHING. We could still very well see that dominant frontcourt.

  26. ruruland

    I also don’t think it can be overstated how great of a difference it makes when the Knicks merely get league average point guard play. If Woodson can find one of Jr, TJ, or AB as sort of the hot hand off the bench (one should have it going any given night and can play significant minutes) and you can get the kind of solid point guard play we’re seeing tonight, with a healthy Chandler and this Amar’e, mixed in with some timely K-Mart off the bench….wow.

    There’s absolutely hope this season.

  27. DRed

    We’re 5-15. Last time we played at home we got destroyed by a mediocre at best Celtics team. We’ve won 2 home games this year. The Bulls are missing 3 of their best players. Any Knicks fan who thinks that means all our problems are solved is deluded or some fanboy with a martyr complex.

  28. ruruland

    Now, I don’t think it’s likely Woodson will properly manage the rotation, and as many have already mentioned, it could be the team’s biggest downfall at full health.

    But if you can get reliable scoring production (at elite efficiency) from Amar’e, it means that Udrih, J.R. and to a lesser extent AB won’t have to play outside of their strengths.

  29. maxwell_3g

    ruru, I love you man, but please stop. amare has had a good half. be happy for him, but it is a half of basketball, and doesn’t erase the mountain of evidence of his awful play that has accumulated over the last year. in 1 1/2 years, you will no longer have to grasp for hope re. stat (although Im sure we will then immediately sign someone else to an equally idiotic contract)

  30. thenoblefacehumper

    Yeah, one half of one game against a bad team isn’t going to change much in my mind. Like we all said after the Brooklyn and Orlando games, let’s see if it lasts. It sure as hell didn’t last time.

  31. Frank O.

    I think you guys are wrong about Amare. He is playing excellent offense. Still not a great boarder, or defender, but he is very efficient in his scoring and when he has a decent guard, he’s a great no. 2 option.

    Meanwhile, Prigs is just better than Felton.
    It us absolutely true that when they get average guard play they are good. When they don’t, the suck bad.

    And quick guards will always be a nightmare offset only by a healthy Chandler.
    I put a lot on Woody’s rotations, and a lot on Ray. Ray’s stats are way under performing his averages by a lot across the board. Truly terrible

  32. ruruland

    I wasn’t specifically talking about tonight, but the last four games.

    We saw the exact same thing last year. It took Amar’e time to find his legs and timing.
    When he did, he was one of the best offensive players in the league.
    Amar’e and Chandler formed one of the best two man combinations in the NBA last year. They maintained that dominance with Melo on the floor.

    Secondly, STAT has not been horrible. He’s always been exposed without rim protection. When he hasn’t been healthy, yes, he’s certainly a net negative.

    But if he plays at this level on offense (and he’s been solid defensively tonight) and logs his minutes in front of rim protection, that increases the Knicks upside significantly.

    What have any of you added to the dialogue of late?

    It’s always the same people saying the same things ad nasuem. The smart board tho

  33. Robtachi

    Jon Barry is an absolutely awful commentator. He just said Paul George and Danny Granger are the same kind of player.

  34. Frank O.

    I have really been hoping Stat would get his legs under him. He’s very easy to cheer for. The dude has kept his head up through some horrible stuff, from his knees and back to the death of his brother, the man continues to work hard.
    And every time he had gotten healthy he plays elite offense, and he keeps adding offensive tools. He is a very different player than two years ago. Very competent with his back to the basket. Jumpers. Faced up. A baby hook. And he’s still one of the best finishers around.

    Really pleased to see him well.
    Just use him.

  35. DRed

    Every time they show Cole you can see him looking up at the scoreboard trying to figure when he’ll get to go in.

  36. Frank O.

    One wonders if the Bulls constant injuries is in part because Thib plays them to death.
    Is it possible that he demands too much effort?

  37. Frank O.

    If I have to watch JR do that spin move INTO the defense again I’m gonna hit something.

    And that was silly what Stat did

  38. maxwell_3g

    banging head on table. oh wait, I decided that I really didn’t care if we win. but seriously, is beno that 43 year old at the Y that gets winded after a couple trips up the floor?

  39. Nick C.

    Right now I can’t get that Vince Lombardi “what the hell is going on out there” out of my head. (or is that Frank Costanza/Jerry Stiller)

  40. maxwell_3g

    if I was playing pickup with k-mart, and I even got the notion he was about to foul me, I would throw the ball in the air and hit the ground, curling up into the fetal position

  41. BigBlueAL

    Only JR after shooting awful the entire game can get a fastbreak dunk and think he is on fire which leads to a rushed awful 3pt shot on the next possession lol.

    It was nice to see him dunk and show some athleticism which he hasnt shown so far this season.

  42. maxwell_3g

    I swear, when things go bad, the camera man immediately goes right to woodson. its like they know how much I hate the confused potato head face

  43. Frank O.

    This is the problem: with no identity and no confidence, the Knicks have no idea how to deal with adversity

  44. Frank O.

    So our plan is ISO Melo?
    I thought this team went to Mills because they were embracing statistics?
    ISO isn’t working for them…

  45. coyle022

    thanks for the update
    “shump banged knees. has not returned”

    breen just said he’s done for the night…not good

  46. Will the Thrill

    Or the Knicks are the worst team in the NBA on a lucky night against a really banged up Bulls squad. I sort of have a feeling how a win gets portrayed tonight, but that’s to be expected I suppose.

    Well, you may not have to worry about how a win gets portrayed. Phew!

  47. coyle022

    but of more significance, it’s a tie game. buckle up for this final 3:30. Could be Woodson’s farewell tour

  48. BigBlueAL

    Im sure during this timeout Woodson will draw up a great play and really inspire the team to regain their composure and win this game.

  49. maxwell_3g

    as a true knicks fan who remembers how offensively challenged team can grind things out by sheer will to win games, I say you have to root for the bulls on principle. they have busted their asses to get back in this one. and of course the knicks have helped too. maybe the players do want woodson fired, because if they blow this one, its coming

  50. coyle022

    Well at least Woodson has made 1 decision that is commendable-NO Bargnani down the stretch….normally Bargs gets the final shift but Woodson is doing the right thing and leaving him on the bench

  51. llcoolbp

    My emotions have swung wildly in this game. First I was feeling good about a blowout win. Then when the Knicks blew the lead I wanted them to lose, so Woodson would finally be fired. Now I want the win again. What a roller coaster. Want this win for Amare.

  52. BigBlueAL

    Its sad that at this point that Im still rooting for a win obviously but in alot of ways I want them to lose because it might mean Woodson gets fired.

    Feel real good for Amare though, he is beginning to look as good as he did during his resurgence last season. Unfortunately it will probably lead to more minutes for Amare and an eventual injury.

  53. Frank O.

    And Woodson keeps calling for ISO Melo.
    And everyone in the place knows its USO Melo.
    Not really fair to Melo.

  54. BigBlueAL

    Melo was having another great game until all the awful iso misses this quarter. But with all that he defended his ass off the final few minutes.

  55. maxwell_3g

    no way we win this game with the penguin sucking up minutes (even if that would mean that beno never played)

  56. Frank O.

    I’m beginning to think this isn’t all Melo.
    He’s severely misused.
    Just because someone is capable of doing something doesn’t mean he should be doing it all the time.
    That’s on Woodson. He takes the easy route.
    Call a play every so often, idiot

  57. Frank O.

    3.2 seconds left, down five, and the Bulls pressure Knicks into calling time.
    If I didn’t hate the red so much, I’d love the Bulls…

  58. BigBlueAL

    I will try not to have any expectations but sweeping the back-to-back this weekend at Boston and home vs Atlanta would maybe get me a bit optimistic again lol.

  59. yellowboy90

    I am not a fan of Barry but I agree about the lack of ball movement in the 4th when they went iso. It doesn’t make since to keep repeating something that doesn’t work. Why not run some pnp with Martin/Melo?

  60. ruruland

    We’ve seen a lot of signs of improved continuity offense since Brooklyn. There’s no question that the Knicks Melo-iso tendencies need to continue to get reduced (Knicks and Melo’s isolations are down from last year).

    But I think it can be a bit more complex than people are willing to admit.

    For one, defenses are capable of reducing the Knicks pnr ballhandlers. We’ve seen high pnr slow down late in halves the last two years.

    The Bulls know how to space Melo isolations very well, and they adjusted late in the game when the Knicks became entirely too predictable.

    To me, tonight, I saw Prigs wanting to run those isolations down the stretch. He was not calling for picks.

    I’m not sure he’s capable of coming off screens for extended periods. Part of tonight’s issues down the stretch might have to do with it being a b2b, as the Bulls were extremely flat to start the game but found another gear at the end.

  61. ruruland

    Melo, on the late-game isolations: “Guys are kinda waiting around for me to do something. … We’ve gotta get away from that. And we will.”

  62. BigBlueAL

    Best part about Amare becoming good again and hopefully staying healthy is once Chandler returns the minutes for Bargs should drop dramatically. Hell if KMart is healthy too I wouldnt mind seeing some DNP-CD’s for Bargs. Ive been pleasntly surprised by his post D, decent shotblocking and even though he is an awful rebounder I dont think its due to a lack of hustle, he does seem to try hard. But his shooting aside from a few decent games is just not good enough to warrant automatic minutes when the other 3 bigs are all healthy.

  63. AvonBarksdale

    Stat is like Xmas when healthy I could’ve been happier to see melo and him run any type of two man game just like recently but minus the predictable bumbling and fumbling a win is a win…

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