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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Monthly Archives: November 2011

Perhaps You’ve Heard of This Chris Paul Fellow?

  16 months and 1 day ago, in the aftermath of The Decision (and in my very first piece for this website), I considered the possibility of the Knicks forming their own Big 3. At that time the Knicks had only signed Mr. Stoudemire. However, then as now there seemed an air of inevitability that Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul would both decide to come to the Big Apple. As the 2011-2012 season begins, the Knicks are halfway to that dream. Chris Paul will be the dominant subject of speculation this season, and early reports seem to indicate that experts will remain amusingly …continue reading

Lockout Over! Loud Noises!!!!

For all you normal folks/non-shameless insomniacs (like yours truly, for whom sleep is more of a concept than a practical reality), I, in a state of  near-apopletic glee, am proud to report that the NBA lockout ended at around 3:30am, Eastern Standard Time. Woo! There’ll be time for coherent, thoughtful analysis in the days to come, but for now… Welcome back, worrying about Amar’e’s back. Welcome back, hours of speculation about trades for Chris Paul. Welcome back, Carmelo’s evolution into a dominant, two-way player. Welcome back, Iman Shumpert’s potential and endless jokes about how “Shumpert” sounds like a Hebraic pickled …continue reading

Introducing The NBA Players Assocation League

Right now the landscape looks bleak for NBA owners, players, and fans. Without a strong positive effort at the negotiating table it’s very possible that the 2012 NBA season could be canceled. And so far it’s hard to find any positive news on a potential deal. In this dreary time, a little creative thinking and the ability to take a few risks by the players could make life better for themselves and the fans. And all they need to do is create their own league. With nothing else to do, the players have turned their talents to charity games, which …continue reading

The Undead

I really like zombie movies. Not so much the new ones – the “28 Days Later School,” if you will – where it isn’t actually the undead, but a semi-logically explained ‘rage’ virus that has turned regular, not-dead people into berserker-type monsters. I prefer the real magilla, mainly because the virus zombies tend to run really, really fast. That’s scary, yo. Too scary. Fast-moving zombies completely shatter my delusion that when (not if, when) the evil horde arrives, I could weave my way through/away from a flock of brain-cravers because they’re staggering around like I used to after a night …continue reading

Knicks 113, Heat 111

Editor’s Note: This didn’t happen… But it could’ve.   Down a point and team depleted to within an amnesty clause of bench’s end, Mike D’Antoni swallowed his pride, and with one begrudging summon, made a move that would prove prophetic. Prophetic and basically necessary. “Look, I put [Renaldo] Balkman in for his defense and his arms, and the fact that the next guy down from him was a pile of towels,” said D’Antoni of the seldom-used forward, who would soon after hit an impossible corner three to give the Knicks a 113-111 victory over Miami Wednesday night. “I sure as …continue reading