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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Monthly Archives: October 2011

NBA Cancels the First Two Weeks of the 2011-12 Season

In a depressing announcement today, NBA Commissioner David Stern stated that the owners and the players are so far apart on negotiations that he is canceling the first two weeks of the NBA season. For awhile now, there was a growing sense from some observers of the negotiations that there was no way that this would get done without losing games, since the owners feel that the players won’t truly begin to fold until actual games (and thus player payments) were lost. I hope that that is not the case, and this is just a matter of the two sides …continue reading

“Bock to the Future”: The South Florida All-Star Classic

In the first “Bock to the Future” running diary, we took the trusted DeBusscherean (Who needs a DeLorean?) way back to Game 7 of the 1970 Finals, the night of the Bockers’ first NBA title. Keeping with untouchable cinematic tradition, I felt it was only appropriate to have the sequel involve a glimpse into the future, of sorts. No hoverboards, though. So please don’t ask. The subject? Saturday’s much-anticipated South Florida All-Star Classic exhibition between Team LeBron and Team Wade. Like most of the relatively laid-back pickup games played throughout the summer, Saturday’s match-up was organized more for the sake …continue reading

D-Nied: KnickerBlogger tries out for the Erie Bayhawks

Author’s Note: Every year since their 2008 inaugural season, the Erie BayHawks have hosted two open tryouts — one in the team’s home city, the other in that of their NBA affiliate (beginning last year, our beloved New York Knicks). Last Monday, The BayHawks held their first tryout in Manhattan. Being a lifelong cager myself, I wanted to see first-hand how well I could stack up against competition not incredibly far removed from the limelight of the NBA. As it turns out: Not very well.   “OK, what’s our next turn?” my wife, having nobly volunteered to drive us into …continue reading

Class Warfare

I’m sure you’ve seen that sitcom episode where one character says they’re short on funds, so another person lends them money. Inevitably the recipient starts buying things that the lender finds to be extravagant, and that inevitably leads to a conflict. Like on Frasier where he lends Roz money, only to see her going to spas and fancy restaurants. Or on Everybody Loves Raymond where Robert borrows a thousand dollars and wants to take a trip to Las Vegas. Heck even the dark drama “Breaking Bad” wrote this theme into a recent episode. Of course in the end of the …continue reading