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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Monthly Archives: August 2011

Don’t Call Him A Defensive Coach (Because He’s Not)

The Knicks hired Mike Woodson as an assistant coach, providing an ending to all those rumors stating D’Antoni needed a defensive guru. Matt Moore of CBSSports stated Woodson “joins the Knicks as a defensive assistant to help shore up the Knicks’ porous D” and Alan Raskin boldly stated “The New York Knicks finally have a defense.” However, is Woodson the defensive minded coach that he appears to be? Looking at points allowed per game, in Woodson’s 6 season in Atlanta, the Hawks ranked 15th or better 4 times. Unfortunately that was partially due to his grind it out style. In …continue reading

Knicks Officially Sign Mike Woodson as Assistant Coach

The Knicks have officially signed former Atlanta Hawks head coach Mike Woodson as the newest member of their assistant coach staff. Woodson was a former top assistant for Larry Brown and has been considered by many to be the so-called “defense coach” that D’Antoni has not had since Marc Iavaroni was named the head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies in 2007. Since that time, D’Antoni’s brother Dan has been the closest that D’Antoni had had to a “defense coach.” Woodson, though, bristled a bit at the designation, stating, “I’m not going to sit here and say that I’m just a …continue reading

2011 Report Card: Carmelo Anthony

You know what? Melo doesn’t like you either. That’s right. He’s looked into your advanced stats. He knows that your posts from January to April registered a blistering True Spite Percentage (TSp%, or posts / vitriolic statements) of 78%. He knows a lot of you didn’t want him – or at the very least, thought we gave up far too much to get him. He knows you think he makes way too much money. He knows his every move from now until Rapture will be dissected and analyzed more intensely than Citizen Kane. It’s OK though. Because Carmelo Anthony’s not …continue reading

The Good Ward Giveth: A former Knick’s post-basketball odyssey

With many parts of the state at 35 days and counting since the mercury last failed to hit triple digits – with crops and cows succumbing in equal measure to the Biblical combination of scorching sun and wilting earth, and with no relief in sight – Texas would seem ill-suited for planting seeds. Charlie Ward doesn’t think so. Ward, the former Heisman Trophy winner and 10-year Knick backcourt staple, is busy preparing for another season at the helm of the Westbury Christian varsity football squad. A few months from now, he’ll be coaching his son Caleb – now in sixth …continue reading

NFL Preseason Underscores NBA’s Foolishness

For some time, it seemed nearly inevitable to me that the NBA would take its place as one of America’s most cherished pastimes. I wasn’t thinking as soon as the next decade, but more likely in a generation or two. The inevitable future shift in our society seemed to point in that direction. Baseball has lost its stranglehold on American sports, both in attendance and youth participation. Although it may seem impossible to imagine MLB fall from the top 2 American sports, note that boxing has gone from the pre-eminent American sport to complete shambles in less than 80 years. …continue reading

James Dolan decides to Fix the Knicks

Look, I want to warn anyone who is thinking about reading further that what I will show you may ruin your day. There’s a lockout going on. No reason to think about basketball right now. Maybe you’re content with waiting to see what happens this season, full of optimism about the team and the direction in which it is heading. If so, go away. Right now. Because (SPOILER ALERT) this video is a reminder of a big problem with the organization. Fix the Knicks. No matter what positive expectations you might have for the coming season, the Knicks still have …continue reading

2011 Report Card: Ronny Turiaf

Ronny Turiaf is a strange bird. Not an enigma, like Dennis Rodman or Jack Sikma. Just, well, kind of weird. To be clear, I’m not confusing “weird” with an eclectic, worldly upbringing (born in the small Martinique town of The Robert, moved to Paris at age 15, played alongside Tony Parker, Mickael Pietrus, and Boris Diaw for the eventual Under 18 European Champions France, speaks five languages, etc.). It’s more that few players in recent Knick history have elicited a more dichotomous range of responses than the man they call “Pharoah.” Here’s what I mean: In 2005, mere weeks after …continue reading