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Friday, June 22, 2018

Monthly Archives: June 2011

2011 Report Card: Landry Fields

I remember flipping on NBA TV one rainy day last August (it was 80 and sunny and I was hungover), just in time to catch a solid hour’s worth of Knick training camp footage. The workout began with a rather amusing “drill”, wherein chief conditioner Greg Brittenham had the guys jog around the perimeter of the gym and toss footballs to one another. After realizing they were playing the wrong sport , the team partnered up for a stationary passing drill, this time using spherical grooved leather objects known as “basket-balls”. One player stood with the ball, roughly twenty feet …continue reading

Dirk, The Daring (Cliche Slayer)

For those of you that are too young to remember the early days of video games, there’s a particular one that I thought would be relevant in my rant today. Dragon’s Lair came out in 1983, and it attempted to combine two of the emerging technologies of the day: laserdisc and video games. Laserdisc, when compared to the technology at the time, was the premier source of video display giving Dragon’s Lair a futuristic feel next to it’s sprite-based brethren. Additionally laserdisc was superior to VHS, which meant this game was probably better than the movies you watched at home …continue reading

LeBron Agonistes

In sports, it’s almost de rigeur to box the participants into simplistic, Manichean paradigms. It’s one of the main hooks, really. We (or at least I) retreat into passionate fandom/ascribe so much of our (my) emotional well-being to the scores of games because, in real life very, very, VERY few things are black and white. The majority of one’s daily events are semi-pointless minutiae that land somewhere within a miasma of vast shades of gray. No winners and losers. Just a series of tentative half-steps along a never-ending path fraught with anxiety and indifference and boredom and fear and indeterminate answers …continue reading

Rapid React: Mavs Beat the Heat to Win the NBA Title

The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat (in Miami) 105-95 to win the 2011 NBA championship, the first for the Mavs franchise. I haven’t looked at a box score yet, so there may be more to come if I can find some time before hitting the road for a bit. I didn’t have a strong rooting interest in this series. I wanted a good finals and felt like the series more than delivered, short of going seven games. It was good fun–like sports should be. A few quick thoughts for now… I feel best for the two Jason’s. Jason Kidd …continue reading

Donnie Walsh Transaction Timeline

April 2, 2008: Walsh hired as President of the Knicks. Supposedly at the insistence of commissioner David Stern, James Dolan hires Walsh to bring the Knicks from international laughingstock back to respectability. Walsh announces a Two Year plan: To restore cap flexibility while still trying to win as many games as possible. April 18, 2008: Isiah Thomas “reassigned”. Walsh had hired Isiah in 2000 to coach the Pacers. Reports were that Walsh liked Isiah and wanted him to stay as coach but new Pacer President Larry Bird wanted Isiah fired. There was no way Walsh and Isiah could co-exist. Unlike …continue reading

Donnie Walsh Valuable, But Replaceable

Last Friday the Knicks made headlines by announcing that Donnie Walsh was stepping down as the team president. The decision shocked the league, and Walsh did his best to quell conspiracy theories that sprouted like wildfire. Knick fans came out en masse showering Walsh with love. But was it well deserved? Despite the big name recognition and jersey sales, the Knicks are still in the middle tier of NBA teams. In his time as president, Donnie Walsh made some considerable mistakes. In the 2009 draft Walsh chose Jordan Hill, who saw his stock plummet on draft day, instead of grabbing …continue reading