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Friday, December 13, 2019

Monthly Archives: June 2011

Ashton Kucher in Twitter war with Village Voice. Oh, and the NBA is in a coma

And so it begins. The NBA announced today it would lock out the players beginning at midnight tonight. That means no practices, no Summer League, no trades or free agent signings, and no team doctors helping Toney Douglas heal his broken shoulder. We could be here a while. Luckily, KnickerBlogger has all sorts of swell stuff planned. Think of it as surviving a temporary power outage. Only instead of ghost stories and Dinty Moore beef stew, we’ll have Report Cards and… other stuff. In the mean time, use this thread to share your thoughts on the current labor strife, as …continue reading

Booed at The Prude: Iman Shumpert, Jorts, and the 2011 NBA Draft

A few weeks back, NBA TV ran footage of the entire first round of the 1990 Draft. The whole thing was frighteningly vintage, with 16-bit neon graphics, flat-billed tuques and renegade follicles flying around in a shameless, nostalgic blur. It was incredible. It was also a weird time for the NBA. The basketball world was still recovering from the tragic death of Hank Gathers. Derek Coleman was five solid years away from squandering his enormous talent. Rick Barry was, incredibly, still allowed in the broadcast booth — despite a rather remarkable racial twofer in the years previous (referring to Bill …continue reading

Knicks Draft Josh Harrellson With Hornets Second Round Pick

Reports are coming in that the 45th overall pick, big man Josh Harrellson was purchased from the New Orleans Hornets. There isn’t much to say about him, NBADraft.Net didn’t have them in their full mock draft. Harrellson played one year in Kentucky, and his per minute stats showed him to be a strong rebounder, and efficient low-usage scorer, and a capable defender. However he sat on the bench for three seasons before finally getting a chance his senior season, so there’s obvious concern there as well. Harrellson’s pre-drat measurements (6-9.5 in shoes, 6-11.25 wingspan) are similar to Blake Griffin’s albeit …continue reading

What Did Everyone Think About Imam Shumpert, Pre-Draft?

Ed Weiland, who in my opinion is one of the better stat-savvy draft prognosticator, says the Knicks have a pick with potential, albeit much of it unrealized. College career has been disappointing, but Shumpert is the sort of player who might emerge from this draft as a bargain. His 10.6 RSB40 and 3.3 S40 suggest a player with great defensive potential. On the flip side he has never shown any ability to score efficiently and has flashed only mediocre distribution skills. So right now he’s at best a defensive specialist who can’t shoot. The reason I like Shumpert is he …continue reading

Knicks draft Georgia Tech’s Iman Shumpert

With the 17th pick in the Draft, the Knicks nabbed the uber-athletic guard from Georgia Tech. Rumors began circulating before the pick that the Knicks were targeting either Shumpert or Florida State swingman Chris Singleton. There will be more (much, much more) to come shortly. In the mean time, share your thoughts on the newest Knick. How does he fit our long-term plans? What does this mean for TD and Fields?

True Hoop Network Mock Draft: With the 17th Pick, The New York Knickerbockers select…Klay Thompson

17.  Klay Thompson, SG While I (and many in Knick Knation) was tempted to pluck uber-rebounder and WoW darling Kenneth Faried, the sweet-shooting Thompson certainly fills the long-distance cupboard that was summarily emptied in the Carmelo Anthony deal. The Reggie Miller comparison that Donnie Walsh has been floating certainly caught my eye as well. Though Thompson’s not expected to be around in the actual draft, in the mocktastic world, as faux-GM, I’ll gladly snag the lithe PAC-10 gunner. While it’s true that I, Mock Knick Grand Poobah, am still pining for size to fill out the ‘Bockers downsized front line. …continue reading