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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Monthly Archives: May 2011

2011 Report Card: Chauncey Billups

In a way, Chauncey Billups is a holdover from a bygone era. After the 2003-04 season — mere weeks after the Billups-led Pistons upended a fractious Lakers squad 4-1 in the Finals — the NBA rolled out rule changes that clamped down on what defenders could get away with, particularly on the perimeter. For bigger, more physical guards like Billups, that meant no more hand-checking to make up for a lack of lateral speed and quickness. In doing so, the league was paving the way for a new era of guard-friendly, higher scoring, and less physical play. Two Steve Nash …continue reading

A Quick Look at Knicks Draft Prospects, Part II

Click on the link to see part I. I’ll take a look at four additional players that may be available when New York selects at #17. As in the previous version, stats per season courtesy 6. Tyler Honeycutt, G/F, UCLA Numbers that matter: true shooting (55%, 52), ft/fg (47%, 30), Rebs* (9.6, 8.1), Asts* (4, 3.2), TOs* (3.6, 3.4) * pace-adjusted per 40 minutes Honeycutt is a very intriguing and perplexing player to me. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him slide to round 2. Nor would it surprise me to see him as a consensus lottery selection in …continue reading

Robert and John go to the 2011 NBA Draft Lottery

Woo! Lottery time again! For the past ten years we devout ‘Bocker Backers, after another underwhelming, physically enervating, drive-a-sane-fellow-to-drink season, could at least look forward to seeing Ed Tapscott’s Scott Layden’s Isiah Thomas’s Donnie Walsh’s dour face on the dais, waiting to see how the ping-pong balls bounce… What’s that you say? The Knicks aren’t lottery-bound this year? You’re kidding? Oh, right. STAT, ‘Melo, playoffs. I almost forgot. My bad. But even without a NY presence, because Knickerbloggeristas demand TOTAL coverage, your humble correspondents, the nattily-dressed scribe John Kenney and I, were dispatched to the NBA Entertainment© Studios  in lovely …continue reading

A Quick Look at Knicks Draft Prospects, Part I

As you are no doubt aware the Knicks have the 17th overall selection in the upcoming draft (pending lockout notwithstanding). So mock season is upon us. I thought I’d take an abbreviated look at some of the prospects NY may be considering at the selection. Keeping in mind that Donnie moves in mysterious ways, I will hold off on making any sort of predictions about what the Knicks will do. Rather, this is just a general discussion of a few prospects who may be around at #17, and where they might fit in NY’s plans. To begin, I’ll state that …continue reading

Could Deron Williams Have Been a Knick?

Think back to the week of last season’s trade deadline. The intolerable duration of the Melo saga had finally concluded when it was upstaged by the shocking trade of Deron Williams to the New Jersey Nets. After months of speculation about a deal everyone knew would occur, an arguably more important trade occurred without anyone knowing about it in advance. At Tuesday’s Draft Lottery I had the opportunity to speak with Utah Jazz GM Kevin O’Connor, and I asked him if the Knicks had the assets to obtain Deron Williams. O’Connor stated that New York GM Donnie Walsh had put together a good …continue reading

2011 Report Card: Derrick Brown

The Knicks snapped up Derrick Brown off waivers at the beginning of March, but rarely used him. He only saw 88 minutes of court time in a Knick uniform, which is much less than the 488 he saw in Charlotte. On the season, Brown had a robust ts% (58.8%) and appeared to be a strong defender, so he should have received more minutes. However it’s extremely likely that his non-existent three point shot is was kept him glued to the bench. Only once did Brown get to play more than 20 minutes in a single game. (I guess only Jared …continue reading