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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Monthly Archives: April 2011

Clyde & Tommy, An APBRmetrics Sci-Fi Tale (Part II)

Part II, The Script When the final horn echoes through the arena, Tommy Heinsohn only allows himself thirty seconds to savor the moment. He counts the seconds down, just as he’d counted down from 4.1 seconds to 0.6 seconds moments earlier, and in that time, the exponentiality of the curve of his smile grows larger and larger. This is a measured act, and when he is through, he nods, stands, and makes his way towards Walt Clyde Frazier. As he touches the shoulder of Frazier’s taupe polyester suit, there is a flash of light, and again the two find themselves …continue reading

Robert And His Dad Watch The Game.

This is the second in a (hopefully ongoing) series of entries in which your intrepid journalist watches the Knickerbockers and provides a (mostly) unedited Hunter S. Thompson/Bill Simmons-esque Gonzo running diary of the evening’s events. Here’s the first installment. Because I have neither the time, financial wherewithal or media clout to schlep to Bahh-stin to attend this titanic tilt in person, I’m instead making a hajji to a friendly cul-de-sac/brownstone on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where my parents have resided since the early 70’s (The UWS back in the day was a rough-and-tumble part of town. For serious). …continue reading

GAME 2: Celtics 96, Knicks 93

To say that the basketball gods have frowned upon the New York Knickerbockers these last two games would be an understatement as big as Zeus’s spites were bountiful. Two days after a series of questionable calls led to the Celtics eking out a controversial 87-85 victory in Game 1, the Knicks once again let a late lead slip away down the stretch, falling to Boston 96-93. This time it was Kevin Garnett who dealt the fatal blow, capping off a game in which he shot just 6-16 with a deft jump hook in the middle of the lane over Jared …continue reading

If Mike D’Antoni Gets Fired…

… it’s for leaving Jared Jeffries on the floor in the final offensive play in Game 2 against the Celtics. I like D’Antoni as a coach. I think in general it would be a mistake for the Knicks to let such a good coach go. Mainly because the average NBA coach isn’t as good as Mike and there’s always the risk of blowing an entire season (or more) with an unknown. Hiring an NBA coach is like playing Russian Roulette, but with 4 of the 6 chambers filled with bullets. Let’s face it there aren’t many guys a franchise can …continue reading

Five Questions To Be Answered From Game 1

Based on game one, the Knicks have a few things to ponder. 1. Can New York reclaim the pace? Even though the Knicks were leading most of the way, the Celtics dictated the tempo. There were a lot of offensive rebounds and a few fast breaks. Basketball-reference calculates the pace at 83.3, which is below Boston’s turtle-esque season average of 90.4. The Celtics dominated the glass with a rebound percentage of 41.7%, but they gave away an unhealthy 31%. Can or will the Knicks attempt to speed things up to get Boston out of their comfort zone? To do so …continue reading

Clyde & Tommy, An APBRmetrics Sci-Fi Tale (Part I)

Part I, The Event. It was fifty-five degrees in Boston that night, but inside Corporate Sponsor Garden it was much warmer, and that wasn’t just because the thermostat was set at seventy degrees. No, there had been a geological Event at the arena, two teams tectonically grinding against one another for forty-eight minutes. Unbeknownst to one another, our heroes, Walter “Clyde” Frazier and Thomas William Heinsohn, both emerge from the magmatic arena at precisely 9:48pm. Also unbeknownst to the pair is the fact that the energy from The Event has unlocked a mysterious force, and that force will be the …continue reading