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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Monthly Archives: April 2011

Four off the floor: Key decisions for the summer Decision #1 — Should the Knicks keep D’Antoni?

With one year left on his contract, Mike D’Antoni’s future with the Knicks remains uncertain. While he managed to turn in the Bockers’ first winning season in a decade, the horror of the last ten years have understandably rendered Knick Nation incapable of tapping into a reserve of patience. Because there isn’t one. All indications are that D’Antoni has the backing of his players. The rest of New York? That’s a little more of a mixed bag. Should the Knicks keep Mike D’Antoni, or try and find another coach?   Mike Kurylo: Of course they should keep him. Sure he’s …continue reading

Knicks pick up Chauncey’s option

The good news is that the Knicks know who their point guard will be in 2011-12. The better news is it’s also looking like Donnie Walsh will be in New York for at least two more years, although nothing official has been released. The bad news is that no less than six K-Bloggers put in a good amount of muscle analyzing the ins and outs, pros and cons of the Chauncey decision, which was going to be posted tonight. Instead, we’ve included a sort of Greatest Hits from the Chauncey analysis we had going before today’s announcement. Also, stay tuned …continue reading

Easter Famine: Celtics end series, Knicks’ season

On an Easter Sunday that had New York praying for its own basketball resurrection, Boston’s sweep-clinching 101-89 win instead sent the Knicks back to an untimely tomb – and into a summer that will pose as many questions as fond looks forward. Will Chauncey be resigned? Donnie Walsh? Will Mike D’Antoni be patrolling the Garden sidelines next season? What are the Knicks’ draft priorities? What about the six players whose contracts are up? Can we expect improvement from TD and Fields? All questions that will be answered in due time. Today, it’s about licking wounds, what-ifs, and attempts at perspective …continue reading

Knicks Swept: Do Your Post-Game Wound-Licking Here…

Despite a nice little run in the second-half, our beloved Knickerbockers fell–again–to the hated Cs. Sigh. Onto the off-season questions… Who should stay? Who should go? Where can NY find some size in the frontcourt? Some perimeter depth? Will any of this matter, given the specter of a lockout? Thoughts on other playoff series?

Recap: I Believe the Word I’m Looking for is ‘Oof’

Welp fellow Knickerbloggers, I’ll admit it. I’m stuck somewhere between maintaining my perspective, one that values baby steps, and a ‘meet the new Knicks–same as the old Knicks’ cynicism. I watched the game in Columbia with friends and colleagues at a local eatery. One charming but frustrating thing about Columbia, South Cackalack is that it is truly a college sports town. At one point during the first half, the good people at the Wild Wing Cafe changed the big screen in our section from Knicks-Celtics to the LSU-Mississippi softball game, which was 7-0 at the time. Mind you, Boston’s lead …continue reading