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Friday, May 25, 2018

Monthly Archives: March 2011

Knicks Roster, Not Chemistry, The Problem

Late last night I was called by AM New York’s Tim Herrera and asked some questions about the Knicks. Even though I’m not mentioned anywhere in his article, he does quote some other Knick bloggers: The experts agree: It’s all about the chemistry. “The team just doesn’t know who they are at this point,” said Tommy Dee of “They’re not clicking game-in game-out. When they sort that out, they’ll do some damage.” Wayne McDonnell, sports management professor at NYU, agreed, adding, “When you make a move of this magnitude in such a short period of time, chemistry is key.” …continue reading

Math Soup for the Soul: Possibilities for Eastern Conference Playoff Seeding

These days, the comment section of Knickerblogger is filled with exchanges like this: “Good god. The Knicks are a combined 1-4 against teams below .500 since the Carmelo Anthony trade! Our defense looks like swiss cheese carved into the shape of a matador!” “Oh please. They are 6-2 against teams OVER .500. Which group do you think we’ll be playing against in the playoffs?” For better or for worse, KnickerBloggeristas are married to Carmelo Anthony, and that commitment has understandably made a lot of folks anxious. I figure, what better way to get control of our emotions than to turn …continue reading

Knicks 120, Grizzlies 99

The first quarter ended with the Knicks and Grizzlies tied at 29. From that point forward New York outscored their opponent 91 to 70 to coast to victory. The Knick offense was on fire as the team hit 20 three pointers (a franchise record), and Toney Douglas made 9 threes (tied the franchise record). Carmelo Anthony added 28 points on just 19 shots as well.