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Monday, June 25, 2018

Monthly Archives: February 2011

Knicks 114, Bucks 108

I take it you’re here to read about Toney Douglas? Tonight, Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups made their Knicks debuts. Both shot poorly from the field (10/25 and 4/12 respectively), but each made key contributions in the fourth quarter as the Knicks held on for a 114-108 win over a Bucks team that is just 8-22 on the road. On most nights this wouldn’t have been good enough, but the Bucks missed enough open looks and made enough telegraphed passes for the Knicks to keep their noses out in front. And Toney Douglas, who…wait this sentence needs it’s own paragraph: …continue reading

Carmelo’s Knick Debut, A Bit Of All Worlds

The other day, when asked what was New York’s feeling on Carmelo Anthony being traded to the Knicks I answered that fans were split into three groups. The first group was pro-Melo, tend to think of him as an elite NBA player, and the best clutch scoring swingman the team has had since Bernard King. The second group was anti-Melo, who saw him as an overrated scorer who didn’t address the team’s needs. And the third group was somewhere in between. They see him as a great player, but not the final link that would bring a championship home to …continue reading

Some games matter: 5 key matchups for the home stretch

I was already well into writing this mid-season missive when word of the Melo deal became all but official. Which, in a way, is appropriate: it seems as though no writer, blogger, or player has been able to do his job this year without constantly being confronted with the about-faces and game-changers which made the Melodrama the unprecedented media circus that it was. But regardless of the squad we cheer out of the tunnel on Tuesday, our Bockers face a tough home stretch, as the race for the final three playoff spots gets tighter in a much improved East. The …continue reading

Carmelo Anthony, A Multi-Faceted Statistical Look

With the Knicks finally acquiring Carmelo Anthony, I thought I’d take a close look at New York’s latest All Star from a few different perspectives. In each area, I attempted to use statistics to lead the discussion. WHO DOES CARMELO COMPARE TO HISTORICALLY? A few years ago I came up with my own method of finding historical players that are statistically similar to any given player. My method looks at a host of stats, and I can tweak it to just look at players of the same age, or within 1 year of a player’s age. The purpose of this …continue reading

Carmelo Anthony Trade – Q & A with Roundball Mining Company

Jeremy from Roundball Mining Company, was kind enough to answer some questions about the new Knicks. BALKMAN KB: How did Denver use him most often, as a PF or SF? RMC: Balkman was not used often enough to classify him as either. Two seasons ago I would say he was used more at power forward. Personally I believe he is best utilized as a small forward. He is too light in the rump to cover power forwards on the block, but he is a tremendous rebounder. Here is an old scouting report on Balkman I produced at my former blog: …continue reading