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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Monthly Archives: February 2011

Knicks Beat Miami (Did I Just Say That?)

New York defeated the Miami Heat in South Beach, 91-86. Of course D’Antoni’s Knicks did it with defense. I can’t believe I just wrote those two sentences. The Heat were held to only 47.3% eFG, and had 20 team turnovers which gave New York the victory. The Knicks gave up the shooting edge (NYK: 43.8% eFG), but took three of the other four factors, including turnovers (16 to 20), rebounding (8 of 44 to 6 of 41 offensive rebounds), and free throws (21 to 16 free throws made). Carmelo Anthony led the team in scoring with 29 points on 22 …continue reading

Knicks to Sign Jeffries?

Good day fellow Knick fans! If you are a believer in the proverbial “gut check” win then last nights brickfest in Miami was for you. I suppose I am an agnostic on whether any one mid-season game really matters more than any other long term. But, the game demonstrated that the Knicks have the capacity to at least maintain a defensive focus for extended stretches. Certainly the Heat allowed the Knicks to hang around, following their blistering start with horrible shot selection and minimal non-Big 3 contributions. Still, one would have to be a real cynic to overlook the fact …continue reading

Knicks Fall to Cavs

Cleveland 2, Knicks 0. At least that’s the season record. The Cavs beat the Knicks again, trumping them 115-109 last night. No doubt the mainstream media will tout Amar’e and Carmelo combining for 58 points, which will lead most to believe that it was their teammates that let New York down. However the pair needed 49 shots to accomplish that goal. Instead it was Chauncey Billups who brought the Knicks within a shot of victory. New York’s new PG had 26 points on only 14 shots, including 20 in the fourth quarter. Nonetheless the effort was in vain, as the …continue reading

Goodbye-ee Part 1: Felton and Randolph

Because we’re sentimental bastids, Kevin McElroy and I are teaming up on a three-part series talking about the Denver Four/Minny Two, as they shall heretofore be known. We’ll look back fondly (and at times, not so fondly) at the careers of the sextet of ‘Bockers that were summarily dispatched to the Rocky Mountains. No analysis of the merits of the trade, mind you (I think that dead horse has been soundly beaten), just nostalgia and sweet/semi-sweet farewells To start, two of the shortest-tenured Knicks, Raymond Felton (via Kevin) and Anthony Randolph (via Robert)… RAYMOND FELTON What a strange little Knicks’ …continue reading