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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Monthly Archives: January 2011

Knicks 115, Wizards 106

Last night’s first quarter ended with the Knicks up by 7, and New York would extend the lead to 13 early in the second quarter. At first glance it appeared that D’Antoni’s group would sail on to victory. But the Wizards began to exploit a Knick weakness, the same one that sunk them against the Thunder: rebounding. Here’s some of the action from the play-by-play: Young 3pt Shot: Missed 09:51 Booker Rebound (Off:1 Def:0) 09:50 Booker Layup Shot: Made (2 PTS) 09:48 [WAS 30-39]   Booker Free Throw 1 of 1 (3 PTS) 09:48 [WAS 31-39]       Shakur …continue reading

Two Weekend Tidbits

The Knicks dropped two road games this weekend. The first against a superior Spurs team that the Knicks beat just a few weeks ago. The second against another Western leader Oklahoma. Unfortunately the pair meant New York has now lost six in a row. If they don’t beat the Wizards tonight, the streak could easily extend to 8 or 9 with the Miami Heat and Hawks on the road coming up. However there are two small things from this weekend that I do want to talk about today. The first was a Mark Jackson comment during the Knicks-Spurs game. The …continue reading

What’s Your Non-Melo Trade Idea?

I’m kinda shocked at New Jersey’s public statement on the Carmelo Anthony negotiations. It’s one thing to take a deal off the table, but it’s another to announce to everyone that you are doing so. They truly painted themselves in a corner with that move. Even though I think, as said by Kevin Pelton, that Melo is a poor fit for New York, I believe there are other teams that he would be have a beneficial effect. New Jersey seemed to be the most obvious for most parties. Carmelo would have guaranteed that he’d be in the New York area …continue reading

Nets Drop Pursuit of Carmelo Anthony

According to, the New Jersey Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokhorov has ordered the team to cease their pursuit of acquiring Carmelo Anthony. This might just be bluster, but if not, this could be a huge blow to Denver’s leverage when it comes to dealing with the New York Knicks. What do you folks think this means for the Melo-drama?