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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Monthly Archives: January 2011

Mozgov Makes Pistons Obey

The Knicks trounced the Pistons last night 124-106, and undoubtedly the story of the night was Mozgov’s outburst. Due to Shawne Williams’ suspension and Wilson Chandler’s injury, Mike D’Antoni looked further down his bench for production. Timofev Mozgov ended the night with 23 points on 15 shots and grabbed a team high 14 rebounds. Uncharacteristically, he had only 4 fouls and 2 turnovers in nearly 40 minutes. However I’m dubious that Mozgov’s line shows marked improvement. The Russian made a handful of mistakes. Here are some of my notes on the game with regards to Mozgov: Looks tentative on the …continue reading

Knicks 93, Heat 88

Every now and then there comes a basketball game that electrifies an entire city. Fans are glued to their television to see the greatest players in the world. Unfortunately, Madison Square Garden has been in the shadows for the past few years. For the last decade or so, the most anticipated Knick games of the season were ones that featured the league’s upper echelon teams. The only reason why the Heat vs. Knicks or Cavs vs. Knicks games were on national television were because the league’s best players traveled to the Mecca of Basketball. The match-ups weren’t necessarily amazing nor …continue reading

Unsung Knick History – Dentistry 1, Knicks 0

This is the twenty-first in a series (of indefinite length and regularity) of examinations into different games, events and decisions that impacted Knicks history in some way, shape or form. Stories that are not as famous as, say, “The Dunk” or Willis Reed playing Game 7, but still have a place in Knicks history, especially for die-hard fans. Here is an archive of all the stories featured so far.

I’ve written in the past about how the Knicks had a stretch of high draft picks in the early 1960s that was particularly brutal for the team, as it seemed like none of the players turned out the way that the Knicks hoped. However, none of them can quite compare to the Knicks’ first round pick in the 1950 NBA Draft (seventh overall) who spurned the Knicks’ advances to instead pursue…a career in dentistry!

Read to discover more about the City College of New York basketball great (and longtime dentist) Irwin Dambrot, and how his legendary run with CCNY in the 1950 college playoffs was later tarnished forever.