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Saturday, May 26, 2018

2011 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Bulls

For your in-game thoughts. Merry Christmas Knickerbloggeristas!

96 comments on “2011 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Bulls

  1. Robert Silverman

    Oddly, the Nix are wearing their ’09-’10 unis. You can tell b/c the names on the back are slightly larger and the collar trim is different

  2. IMissWillis

    My heart is finally beating at a normal rate after seeing gallo slam to the floor & amare have his legs come out from under him

    Nice to see toney putting up some efficient numbers despite a negative +/-, with fields’ putback being simply awesome

    Just hope chandler can keep the fouls under control along with the fact we need to hit some free throws and rebound on the offensive glass better

    All in all a good half against a team that’s “better” than us. Would definitely do wonders to our confidence if we could pull this one out going the next game…

  3. Robert Silverman

    rohank: It’s getting mad chippy out there. Freaking refs with bad and no calls  

    It’s Bennet Salvadore. Possibly the worst ref in the NBA

  4. d-mar

    I really do not understand how we get zero respect from the refs. We’re a legit team with a bonafide superstar, and it just seems like the refs miss obvious foul calls. Oh, and we are the home team, right?

  5. rohank

    Big block by Chanlder – anytime you can stop Rose on the break, its a +

    Then the shot on the other end. =)

  6. Robert Silverman

    rohank: Amare set up that charge PERFECTLY  

    Actually, the Knicks got REALLY lucky. Stat’s foot was in the box. Shoulda been a blocking foul

  7. Robert Silverman

    Is it just me, or does Derrick Rose remind anyone else of a bigger, more athletic Stephon Marbury. (And that’s not a compliment)

  8. ess-dog

    Robert Silverman: Is it just me, or does Derrick Rose remind anyone else of a bigger, more athletic Stephon Marbury. (And that’s not a compliment)  

    Been thinkin’ that all game. Better defense though.


  9. Robert Silverman

    Like Marbs, Rose can get his own shot any time he wants. But, he’s not that good (yet) at setting up his teammates or running the offense. When the Bulls went on that 8 minute schneid, why didn’t the ball go to Boozer in the low post a helluva lot more? (Not that I’m complaining). Good win.

  10. massive

    Robert Silverman: Is it just me, or does Derrick Rose remind anyone else of a bigger, more athletic Stephon Marbury. (And that’s not a compliment)  

    I agree. Derrick Rose took 28 (12-28) shots and got to the line 3 times. He scored 25 points. Talk about chucking the basketball.

  11. BigBlueAL

    Robert Silverman: Nice to see “Crazy Eyes” Thomas still setting good picks and playing solid d at age 38  

    Funny thing was he got called for 5 fouls but got away with manhandling Amar’e a few times.

  12. jon abbey

    6 blocks and only 3 fouls called on Amare, very impressive. and that FT follow by Fields!!!

    this team is getting it done, on to Florida.

  13. Robert Silverman

    Funny thing was he got called for 5 fouls but got away with manhandling Amar’e a few times.  

    I agree. Just a turrbl game as far as officiating went. Stat got lucky on that charge. Douglas got whomped at the end of the half. But that’s Bennett Salvatore. He’s been botching games for 20 years

  14. rohank

    Looking at the box score, VERY balanced scoring. Felton with 20, 12, 5.

    Only negative was 24 TOs.

    Adventures in +/-:

    Shawn Williams only Knick in the red at -1
    Kurt Thomas only Bull in the black at +3

    Merry Xmas everyone!!!

  15. steveoh

    It’s a good thing the Knicks aren’t for real. The rest of the NBA would then have to take these wins very seriously.

  16. BigBlueAL

    After the Cavs loss I did say if the Knicks win their 2 home games this week we could all stop panicking and really feel good about this team.

    Granted Noah missing today helped alot but still 2 home wins vs division leaders by a combined 22 points is very impressive.

  17. d-mar

    I know this will sound ridiculous, but there’s no team I’d rather be a fan of right now. Sure the Celts are the favorites, and the Big Three is the Big Three and the Lakers may 3-peat, but we’re young, incredibly fun to watch, have a franchise player and we’re very easy to root for from a team chemistry standpoint. Gotta love this team!

    Merry X-mas, k-bloggers!

  18. Spree8nyk8

    Hopefully this brings a few more people away from the “bulls are better than us” side of the room.

  19. hoolahoop

    Another great game for the Knicks. I agree, a great, young, underdog team to route for. They are clearly establishing themselves as a top tier team just below the elites (C’s, Lakers, Heat, etc.).
    I think the main difference is that the best teams pride themselves on playing lock-down defense, and have more depth.
    It’s becoming more and more obvious that the knicks need a strong 4 or 5 for defense and rebounds, and a good back-up point guard.

  20. jon abbey

    Spree8nyk8: Hopefully this brings a few more people away from the “bulls are better than us” side of the room.  

    uh, no. home game and no Noah. we have trouble enough handling Noah or Boozer, dunno how we’re going to handle both in the same game.

    I don’t see why people have to blow up individual games into more than they are, very nice win, just leave it at that.

  21. Ben R

    We’ve beaten the bulls twice this year. We have a better record against teams with winnning records:
    Knicks – 5-6 vs teams with over .500 records
    Bulls – 5-9 vs teams with over .500 records

    I don’t know if we’re definitively better but I don’t see how people can say with confidence that the Bulls are better than us.

    As for missing Noah, missing Boozer, injuries are a part of the NBA and such a big part of Boozer’s career that you need to factor in him missing some games when figuring out how strong the bulls are.

    I am also tired of people excusing our victories over other teams because of their injuries, we have had our share. Both Turiaf and Douglas have had their games greatly effected by injury plus we are still without Azubuike who, if healthy, would be a great asset off the bench. Our bench, the biggest weakness so far for the Knicks, has been hit hard by injuries.

    So far this season we are at least as good as the bulls. I think thats pretty obvious. We played a sloppy game and left alot of easy points on the floor especially in the first quarter and still won.

  22. JK47

    Landry Fields played a beautiful game today. He has a slippery quality similar to Manu Ginobilli, but Landry is a better rebounder and doesn’t quite have Manu’s outside shot.

    He’s just a perfect player for this system. Love that dude.

  23. Owen

    Great win. Great line from Fields.

    Was looking through some of the the Xmas boxscores. Hedo Turkoglu was +30 against Boston. Don’t think I have ever seen a number like that in my life for a low pace game decided by eight points.

  24. Z-man

    d-mar: I know this will sound ridiculous, but there’s no team I’d rather be a fan of right now. Sure the Celts are the favorites, and the Big Three is the Big Three and the Lakers may 3-peat, but we’re young, incredibly fun to watch, have a franchise player and we’re very easy to root for from a team chemistry standpoint. Gotta love this team!Merry X-mas, k-bloggers!  (Quote)

    Amen, I am thoroughly digging this team. Bring on the Heat!

  25. Z

    JK47: Landry Fields played a beautiful game today.He has a slippery quality similar to Manu Ginobilli, but Landry is a better rebounder and doesn’t quite have Manu’s outside shot.He’s just a perfect player for this system.Love that dude.  

    Yeah. Christmas for Knicks fans came in June when Donnie drafted Landry Fields.

  26. BigBlueAL

    Heat are crushing the Lakers tonight. Hopefully they have a letdown on Tuesday but I wont be holding my breath…

  27. TheXman

    Amare btw needs to really cut down on the TOs. How much does he hurt the team, each time he tries to take it in and make a bad pass or dribbles it off his foot. I mean it’s pretty horrible.

  28. Nick C.

    That’s was a nice extra Christmas present waiting on the DVR. Maybe I am imagining it, but it seemed as of Chicago’s OR stopped when Chandler came back in in the 2nd half. Great game. Super D down the stretch. This team is faring well so far in this “tough ” part of the schedule. Merry. Christmas!

  29. danvt

    Nice. Me happy.

    We’re 18-12 but more importantly 15-4. Now we’ve beaten NO, OKC, CHI twice, and DEN. No Noah and at home. OKC off a back to back. It’ll make you take a closer look at supposedly tough stretches. Still, Knicks handling business.

    Don’t want Steven Jackson or Iguodala. Don’t want a veteran backup PG. I’m happier watching Tony Douglas develop. If we get help it should be a big player. But Rony is pretty good and I can’t help thinking that AR is better than any C out there potentially. It’d be just like NYK to trade the Marcus Camby of the future for the Marcus Camby of the present. Gotta give Walsh the benefit of the doubt at this point though. The team just looks great. I think Wilson Chandler has earned a contract.

  30. el-beau

    yo. I have a few things to share about my favorite team in the world: the knicks. And yes, this is my first post.

    Gallo needs to dribble more. He’s an excellent shooter and could be more effective if he moved his feet instead of just aiming for 3s.

    Wilson Chandler is amazing. He’s a real team player and actually makes baskets. He’s also incredibly good looking. Doesn’t hurt.

    Amare is obviously a star. Let’s be honest, however. He could do more. He loves being the wonderkind of the 4th quarter, but I know he has the ability to play like a champ for 4 quarters straight. His name means “to love” in latin. Amare, we love you. Love us and play up to your potential.

    Landry is by far the smartest player on the team. He continues to grow and support. Carry on.

    Felton, my dear friend. You are an exceptional co-captain and excel at the drop and pick. You do, unfortunately, often tend to take some monstrously atrocious shots. Please stop. Your passing and leadership make you the star you want to be.

    I love you, NYK. And Turiaf, you are the king of the bench. Your enthusiasm and support for your team makes me tingle with joy. I’d love to be a member of your international cheering squad. Ra Ra.

    That’s all for now. Love you boys. Carmelo can join you if he wants to pay for the privilege. xoxoxoox El-beau aka the beauette of a knowlegdeable fan.

  31. Spree8nyk8

    jon abbey:
    uh, no. home game and no Noah. we have trouble enough handling Noah or Boozer, dunno how we’re going to handle both in the same game.I don’t see why people have to blow up individual games into more than they are, very nice win, just leave it at that.  

    Bc I don’t see it as an individual game, we’ve beat them twice, both wins were fairly easy honestly, and today we beat them with far from our best effort. Yeah, they were missing Noah, but the Bulls were 9-1 for their last ten game stretch, it’s time to stop making excuses for teams we beat. If they had Noah the game would have been closer, but the Knicks can play much better than they played today. They turned the ball over way too much and still shut Chicago down. They also just smoked and OKC team with a better record too, they weren’t missing anyone.

    As far as the home game, we have a better record on the road, and we smoked them in Chicago too. Right now I can say honestly that we are better than that team. Will it be that way at the end of the season, idk, but I have a feeling that it will.

    I guess forget about the trade unless Denver caves to a lowball offer. Leave them in tact and lets see what they can do. If Melo does sign somewhere else then they can see what’s out there for this season, if Melo doesn’t sign, ride out the season and pick him up in the offseason. I think though if they do that they should still try a way to keep WC. He’s becoming a beast.

  32. JK47


    I don’t know if we’re “better” than the Bulls per se, but we certainly do match up well with them. They’re a good grind-it-out half court defensive team, and SSOL is designed to get shots off before teams get into their half court defensive sets. I don’t think it’s an accident that we’ve shot so well against them. For all of their athleticism, they’re a bit plodding. And if you can score on them you can beat them, because they’re a mediocre offensive team– they turn the ball over a lot and don’t get to the line very often.

  33. Robert Silverman


    Wilson Chandler is amazing. He’s a real team player and actually makes baskets. He’s also incredibly good looking. Doesn’t hurt.


    That gets my vote for comment of the month

  34. PC

    If you’re not a top notch defensive team, the Knicks are going to bring it to you hard. Nobody wants to meet us in the playoffs.

  35. Frank O.

    The Knicks played a very good defensive team and beat them at their own game.
    The kept them from scoring for 8:10 in the fourth. Last they beat them, they had no Boozer. Well, we can all admit Boozer is a better scorer than Noah, and this time Noah was out. And the Knicks won again.
    I think it’s about time to give the blue and orange some credit. They show up and win when they should.
    Their attack is balanced. The play defense when needed, and the deny the hoop like few Knicks teams I have ever seen.
    Ray is running the offense well and Douglas seems to be passing better.
    It was quite apparent in the fourth, the Knicks owned the game. We can’t denigrate a win because it was at home. Good teams win at home. But their record is actually better on the road.
    I think this is a very good team. Not a great team, but a very good team.
    I’m content. Clearly we are in a different world than a year ago. And they are likely to get better. Hell yeah.

  36. The Honorable Cock Jowles

    How about that lightning-fast steal by Toney? Plays like that don’t make the highlight reel (he missed the layup on the other end), but man, are they fun to watch. Here’s to hoping that Donnie doesn’t give The Honorable C. Jowles a Kwanzaa gift in the form of one overrated volume shooter whose wife happens to like Manhattan. (And what rich people don’t like Manhattan?)

  37. hotdamn

    @el-beau..def the post of the month. Didn’t realize Ill Will is the next Jason Seahorn.

    Anyone notice LeBron is getting mighty physical and surly? He’s living up to the villain billing imo. Today he scuffles with Artest for a bit. During the Knick game he bust Gallo in the chops for no reason. When are the refs gonna clamp down on this guy. Talented, but Sweet Baby James is impossible to root for unless you’re a Heat fan. Lebron makes Kobe look classy, and I don’t appreciate Kobe’s character by any stretch.

    Merry Merry to all you in KB land. Gonna dream of our TEAM huffing and stuffing over the competition.

  38. jon abbey

    “Talented, but Sweet Baby James is impossible to root for unless you’re a Heat fan. ”

    I still root for him (seriously) over every other elite team. he’s still easily the best player I’ve ever seen not named Jordan, his help D is unbelievable on top of everything else.

  39. danvt

    My point on Noah being out is just that you need to look closer at the schedule sometimes. The narrative in the media is that we’re in a ten game stretch which, after a “soft” part of the schedule, is gonna be a test for us. So, the argument goes that OKC would be a “difficult game” and CLE would be an “easier potential win”. However, we were coming off a back to back for CLE and had three days to prepare for OKC. So there were mitigating factors that did not make their way into the narrative. Back to Noah, I think he’s a really good player and would have helped CHI yesterday. So, the “difficult game” on our schedule was mitigated somewhat. Maybe not to “easy win” status, but we caught a small break as we will from time to time. My point is that there will also be losses where we might expect wins at times as well.

    So, with a closer look at this Florida stretch, possibly we can take advantage of ORL being a new team, being overconfident, and really not knowing how to play together yet. They’ve had some good wins the last couple, OBVIOUSLY, but they’re a work in progress and we can expect some inconsistency from them. Maybe we take advantage and “steal one”.

    As to MIA, I’ll just resort to prayer, which is pretty pathetic considering I’m an atheist. They made the world champs look ordinary yesterday. They look to be everything we envisioned. Not a high probability of a win here. So, the fact that we’ve handled business to this point, and this game isn’t a “must win”, that is, if the season ended after that game we’re in the playoffs anyway, works for me.

  40. massive

    I agree with Abbey about LeBron. I still root for LeBron, even though I hate the Heat. That guy is clearly the best in the league, no debate there.

    That said, I really hope the Heat don’t roll us again.

  41. jon abbey

    what’s amazed me as much as anything is the consistency of the effort over this last 20 games. almost every NBA team has dud nights, but apart from the Cavs one (and they were desperate for a win, and NY had played the night before, and it still went to OT), NY has been bringing it pretty much every single game. that’s pretty incredible, what a change from recent years.

  42. hoolahoop

    Hate Lebron. Love watching him play.
    Hated Jordan. Loved watching him play.
    Love the Knicks. For the first time in ten years love watching them play.
    Miami is on a tear. To me, they clearly look like the best team in the East, even though the Celts beat them twice. That being said, I think the Knicks can beat them. They’ll need to play almost flawless basketball, and more importantly, bring more energy to the game than the Heat. If the Knicks play harder and want it more, they can steal this game.

  43. danvt

    Maybe LBJ will be a failed executive one day as well. Augustin over Lopez, wow, and the story is that LB was insistent and that’s why it happened. Easy to blame the coach but MJ is culpable.

    Curry and AR for Gerald Wallace? What do y’all think? Jordan might be bad enough to trade for Baron Davis (win now move) and then dump Wallace (rebuild) at the deadline. He is Isiah-esque. Maybe we can finally beat him at something.

  44. danvt

    Actually, replying to my own thread, which I need to do as I am obviously unworthy of the attention of the learned bloggers at this site, due mostly to my lack of fact checking and seat of my pants type analysis (and run on sentences), I feel that NYK should make no trades this year. I am interested in the guys at the end of our bench more so than I am on anyone else’s. We need help at the 5? We have two centers who don’t play, yet, but who have potential. We have cap space this summer and should take a long look going into 11-12. Until then, nothing puts us over MIA, who I really feel will win it all now, after yesterday’s performance (again, more sloppy, non researched opinion…maybe I can work for ESPN!). So, @78, I disagree (with myself) but you (I) have a point in that we should not trade ANYONE CURRENTLY IN OUR ROTATION FOR AN OVERRATED VOLUME SCORER WITH A BIG CONTRACT.

  45. Z-man

    I was scrolling through comments from October, it’s kinda fun to look back on predictions and opinions back then and how things turned out.

    Felton is clearly the guy that is playing out of his mind compared to the many unflattering, if not dire, predictions. In retrospect, it seems laughable that we were debating whether he was an upgrade over Duhon. The exalted Ted Nelson insisted that he was “the worst starting PG in the NBA.” I don’t think anyone saw this level of production coming.

    Randolph and Mozgov are clearly the two biggest disappointments compared to expectations when we acquired them. Most, including me, felt that they would at least be in the rotation.

    There was some disappointment expressed that we kept Shawne Williams over PEJ. The consensus seemed to be that it didn’t make much difference, we were talking about the 15th man. Nobody predicted that Williams would become a very valuable rotation player in such short order, essentially usurping Bill Walker’s role.

    Chandler is playing within a stone’s throw of all-star caliber ball. He has actually INCREASED his shooting volume yet is more efficient than ever, especially from 3 (many would have been happy if he never shot a 3 again.) He is making many of the naysayers look like idiots, especially those who wanted to trade him straight up for Rudy Fernandez. You could argue that he is the team’s most productive player in terms of what he produces compared to what he is getting paid (well, there is Mr. Fields…). Seriously, what doesn’t he do? What more could we have asked from him?

    Gallo is inconsistent, but is developing in the areas we were hoping he would. Turiaf is doing more than we could have asked.

    And then there is Fields. Beyond his production, there is an inspirational quality to his game that defies measurement. Smart b-ball people are comparing him to Bill Bradley and John Havlicek. I would gather that most KBers have no idea how high of a compliment…

  46. Z-man


    I saw both players in their primes. Havlicek was without a doubt the grittiest player of his era. He consistently either led the league in minutes or was close and never, ever let up. Bill Bradley was not as good as Havlicek, but the same kind of player, never stopped moving, never stopped thinking, never was about anything but winning whether he scored zero points or 30. Finally, after all these years, the Knicks have the unqualified steal of the draft To think that this guy is a rookie and is still making rookie mistakes, wow. What is he going to be when he has a summer to work on his game? This guy should not be traded for anyone this year, he is far too valuable to ever get a fair return for him.

    The Garden is ROCKIN’ again. This team is more like the teams of the late 60’s than the ’90s in that we have offense and finesse at every position. The ’90s teams were hate-able unless you were a Knicks fan, while the Reed-Frazier-Bradley-DeB teams were admired across the league. We are not in the upper echelon yet, but we are playing some excellent team basketball. We can run and shoot teams off the court (Thunder and almost the Celtics) or we can grind out defensive games (Bulls.) I sure hope this tem stays together until at least February so that we can truly assess what we have and what we need. Anyway, sorry for the long-winded post, just fighting off a cold and a holiday hangover.

  47. rama

    Z-man – I think many of us are feeling that way: Let’s keep this team together at least until February. (Although I’d expect the same few “sky-is-falling” people to change their minds again after we’re blown out in Florida, and the same few “we must trade for Melo before someone else does” people to keep singing that tune.)

    I’m sure a review of all those comments back in October also revealed that most people were expecting the Knicks to be a .500 team, and we’re ahead of that pace (even considering the weak schedule), with lots of assets to develop or trade and money to burn. To be not only a good team but a team with tremendous potential, AND to have the ability to trade from a position of strength…man, that is exciting.

    I had no idea at all about Extra E, none, but I do want props on Felton. I was a big advocate of signing him (and Mike Miller) way back in June. That was me Ted was calling an asshole for not agreeing with him that he was the worst PG in the NBA. Ah, sweet victory!

    I remain optimistic, but if we could get Tyson Chandler in the offseason (even if it meant the max), I’d be way beyond optimistic. He’s the same age as Amare, fills a serious need for this team, and would give us the front line strength to be a power for years to come. It would make us stronger where the Heat are weaker, and would give us more balance against a healthy Noah/Boozer combo. (Not worried about the expiration-dated Celts or the mediocre Hawks, unsure about the capped-out, win-now Magic.) Do I hope AR could become a Camby-like C, or that Mozgov remembers how hands work? Sure. But I’d be delighted if one of them was a decent enough back-up C to get playing time next year. Then sign a solid backup PG with the MLE and the sky’s the limit! (Or the Heat.)

  48. Z-man

    Yeah, Rama, it is great to know that unlike the Steph-Crawford-Q-Poor-Zach-Lee team of the past, where there was essentially no room for improvement, we have guys with enormously high ceilings that we have no idea how good they eventually might be…Gallo, Chandler, Fields, TD, Shawne, and even Mozgov and AR should only get better.

    What worries me in the short run is that we are a bit fragile because of lack of depth at certain positions, especially PG. I also think that either Mozgov or AR has to step up at some point. We have been pretty fortunate injury-wise compared to many other teams (Celtics lost Rondo, Bulls lost Boozer and now Noah, Heat lost Miller and Haslem, to name a few) and that losing either Amar’e or Felton would absolutely kill this team. Maybe Randolph steps in and plays well in Amar’e’s absence, but we have no one to go to without Felton. TD just isn’t PG material yet (if ever) and the thought of Rautins and Mason running the team makes me cringe.

    That said, under no circumstances do I want Telfair anywhere near this team. Isn’t there someone in the D-League we can bring up for a cup of coffee?

  49. tastycakes

    I loved LeBron as a Cav — he is a beautiful player to watch — but can no longer root for him on the Heat.

    My dislike for that franchise dates back to the rivalry days, of course. But my hatred for the Bulls and Pacers has faded as their teams have changed dramatically (I could root for these Bulls in the right situation, as I could root for the Artest/O’Neal Pacers pre-melee). I never hold the grudge against a franchise forever. I even like these modern day Celtics — Garnett was my favorite player in the league for many years in Minny, and I was happy for him that he got his ring. It’s all about the players.

    So really, my beef is D-Wade, I don’t like his game, hated that he won a ring behind one of the worst officiating travesties I’ve ever seen, and so James going to team up with him .. it’s just too easy! Of course they’re going to win rings! If he spurned the Knicks to go to the Bulls? Or stay home with the Cavs? I’d probably still root for him (when not playing the ‘bockers). But the Miami situation, it’s just so disappointing. But now I guess I can begrudgingly admire LBJ as I hope to see other teams take him down. I’d rather straight-up root for him, but can’t.

    It’s interesting: I find my allegiances to teams shifting a bit based on how their status affects the Knicks. i.e., rooting for the Spurs and Celtics over the Magic because it might affect the Knicks playoff positioning! Fun stuff.

  50. Brian Cronin

    Not for nothing, but Ted Nelson also said that he didn’t dislike the Felton signing once he learned it was for just 2 years/$14 million (plus a $7 million option).

    Just throwing that out there because I know we’ll be sure to hear more “Ted hated the Felton signing” comments in the future, so I figure that’d be nice, for context-sake (Ted also noted that the Amar’e signing was a solid move, by the by).

  51. Brian Cronin

    What I don’t get about the Bulls is why wasn’t Thomas getting any burn at all before the latest string of injuries? He looks like still has a lot left in the tank. Very helpful player.

  52. Unreason

    These guys are so damn fun to watch. Blocking and stealing and dunking and bombing and tough as nails in the 4th qtr. My thoughts are going to the playoffs already this year and next few. It’s not going to be nearly as fun to watch them get beat repeatedly by the Heat or the Cs. So, though I’m loving this, I can’t help thinking about what Walsh should do next to get us to where we can compete with the elite in a playoff series…. other than waiting for them to grow old.
    The only solution I can think of is Dwight Howard.
    I have no idea if this report by Ken Berger has any credibility:
    …but Dwight Howard and Amare as our front court would be second to none in the league right now and one of the very best ever. Those two plus Felton, Fields, and a SF selected at random each night from a nearby nursing home would get us to the conference finals for the next several years. If we could keep WC or Gallinari and some semblance of a bench, I’d like our chances in a series against anyone.

  53. Z-man

    Brian, that is sugar coating things a bit. I think it is more accurate to say that Ted was less disturbed by the signing at the bargain price, but that he had very little optimism that Felton would be anything more than one of the worst PGs in the league.

  54. Brian Cronin

    Of course he wasn’t optimistic about the move, but he plainly stated he didn’t dislike the signing once he knew the terms of the deal, so it just seems odd that we keep seeing him brought up as some sort of “Ha! Take THAT, guy who does not even comment here anymore!” thing.

  55. iserp

    Z-man: He is making many of the naysayers look like idiots, especially those who wanted to trade him straight up for Rudy Fernandez.

    I’d still do that, but i see something special in Rudy. Now that Roy’s out he’s had a nice string of good games, let’s see if he can keep it up.

    (i am spanish, and perhaps i am biased… but rudy is really good)

    Also, Rudy addressed the need for SG, and back then, nobody thought that Landry was going to be this good and earn starter minutes. Now it seems as we didn’t ever had the need for a SG.

  56. iserp

    Actually, we were thinking about Chandler as a SG instead of a PF; and that change has decidedly raised Chandler’s effectiveness.

  57. Z-man

    iserp, perhaps “idiots” is too strong of a term, but I think it is clear that WC is a much better all-around player than Rudy. The larger point is that WC is a really, really good all-around player and that he has become a very efficient scorer despite actually INCREASING his shooting volume and 3-pt shooting volume (the prevailing criticism here was that he shot too much and should rarely shoot 3’s). He is also very solid defensively and very versatile, which is important on a team like ours that doesn’t have much depth. Honestly, I think that trade would have cost us several wins. Obviously that is speculation but the numbers thus far this season are pretty stark, Chandler is out-shooting Rudy inside, outside, and from the line:

  58. hoolahoop

    D. Howard
    It’s fun to fantasise when you’re one player away.
    It’s clear that the knicks need an inside defensive presence.

    Carmelo? We don’t need no stinkin Carmelo.

  59. iserp

    Z-man: iserp, perhaps “idiots” is too strong of a term, but I think it is clear that WC is a much better all-around player than Rudy.

    What i am saying is that Rudy was in the same situation as a last year, being used just as a 3pt shooter; but worse since he wanted out, and they signed Wesley Matthews. The point of Chandler vs Rudy wasn’t saying that Chandler was bad, but that Rudy was better, or at least a better fit position and contract wise.

    I am not gonna lie, i am very pleasantly surprised about Chandler, and i wouldnt trade him for rudy because his perceived value has increased a lot, he is more of a sure thing, and Landry already fills the SG spot; but well, it seems a bit opportunistic to talk now about Rudy. Chandler moved from SG to PF, but Rudy stayed in Portland. (And it was clear that both of them needed a change in their games)

  60. jon abbey

    after these next 3 games, 10 straight against the Western Conference. that’s really unusual scheduling, including 7 out of 15 of this season’s Western Conference road games in a 16 day span, very odd.

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