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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Monthly Archives: July 2010

7/5/2010 Comment Spillover

Just starting a new topic because it seems the last one is getting kinda long. It’s possible that one of the major free agents makes some news today that would be relevant to the site. Considering the holiday comes after a long weekend, today is shaping up to be a slow news day so making a signing might garner some extra media. Additionally it could even be Amar’e confirming he’s signing with the Knicks, since he was reported to have been in New York this weekend. On the other hand there may not be any news for another day (or …continue reading

If I Were The Knicks GM, I’d…

With one day of the NBA’s 2010 free agency in the books, some developments have occured that might alter New York’s plans. What would I do with how the chips current lie? Plan A – This is still LeBron James. A lot of speculation was that New York needed to sign James along with a second superstar to make a championship caliber team. Of course signing another top tier free agent would be ideal, it’s not necessary. First, New York has Eddy Curry’s contract that they can use in a sign and trade anywhere between now & the trading deadline. …continue reading

2010 Free Agency – Day 1 Mid-Day Happenings

OK so it’s about 15 hours into free agency, and so far there are a few minor developments. * Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Joe Johnson has received a max contract offer (but not yet accepted) from Atlanta, Drew Gooden has signed with the Bucks for $32M over 5 years and that Rudy Gay will stay in Memphis for the tune of 5 years and $86.1M. * Chard Ford reporting that Darko Milicic has signed with Minnesota for 4 years $20M. * According to the LA Times, Byron Scott’s agent has confirmed that he will coach the Cavaliers. The Joe Johnson …continue reading