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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Monthly Archives: July 2010

D’Antoni On Randolph

From NBC sports: “He’s a multi-position player that has a world of talent whose athleticism is off the charts. He’s only played two years in the league and just turned 21. There’s a lot of positives and we’ll figure out where we fit him in, and figure out what the best position is for him, but he can play a lot of places. ” Under D’Antoni’s seven seconds or left, the idea of a pick and roll using Randolph as ball handler with Amar’e Stoudemire could be a devastating combo. He’ll need to improve in several areas, but with the …continue reading

Summer League: Game Five Thoughts

The final buzzer sounded on the Las Vegas Summer League with a wild 109-107 win in OT. Despite playing without rookie sensation John Wall, the Wiz found themselves up 20 in the 2nd half, led by D-League stars, Lester Hudson and Cartier Martin, as well as rookie Kevin Palmer. But the Knicks put on a spirited comeback, getting , you know, actual stops, forcing turnovers and stuff. Here are a few sentences on some key players, with game 5 numbers in parentheses. First, the guys with the best shot to be on the roster (in no particular order)… Fields – …continue reading

David: From Slingshot-Wielding Youth to King of the Garden

I wanted Chris Taft. If you’re ever talking Knicks with me and I’m ragging on Isiah or Layden, talking about how unfathomable it was to draft Balkman with Rondo and Marcus Williams on the board and the Knicks without a point guard, killing the Steve Francis trade as simultaneously short-sighted and bad for the short term – basically talking like I could have done a better job running this team than the motley front office crew of the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, you can always remind me of that one. Holding the Phoenix Suns’ first round pick in the 2005 …continue reading

Vegas Summer League Game One: Nuggets 100 – Knicks 90

Ah the summer league… All potential. No consequences. It’s kinda neat actually. Instead of the sturm und drang of LeBrocalypse/obsessively following twitter for rumors about gossip about hearsay, one can watch an actual basketball game. Novel idea, I know For those who missed it (or, you know, have a life), the ‘Bockers lost to the Rocks 100 – 90. SL games tend to be a rather haggard affair and this tilt was no exception as the Nix engaged in a bit of a hack-a-palooza, compiling 46 fouls in 40 minutes of play. But before your humble correspondent focuses his oh-so …continue reading

And What Rough Beast, Its Hour Come Round at Last, Slouches Towards Bethlehem to be Born?

It can’t be real, can it? It just can’t. Even though the last month of gossip, hearsay, false leads, misdirection should certainly have taught we intrepid fans that just because something appears in print (or online or via that evil tormentor, twitter), that doesn’t make it even vaguely approaching the truth. But like that hep cat Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Never were trued words uttered. Because I clearly can’t learn the lesson above and neither can Guitar Jimmy Dolan. Take a look: So pardon me whilst I completely freak …continue reading

Knicks and Raymond Felton Agree to a Deal in Principle

Multiple sources are reporting that the Knicks have the outline of a deal done with PG Ray Felton, most recently of Charlotte. Early speculation is that the deal is for 3 years at $7 million per (h/t to Knickerblogger’s own Robert Silverman). Update: The Post is now reporting that that the deal is for two years at $15.8 million. Felton is the top-rated FA point guard according to Kevin Pelton at Basketball Prospectus. He writes: Felton substantially improved his stock while playing for the Bobcats’ qualifying offer last season. The difference was almost entirely in terms of shooting the ball …continue reading