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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Monthly Archives: July 2010

Knicks Picks Media Roundup 7/30/10

Amar’e Stoudemire: Cultural Explorer . “Stoudemire told The Associated Press on Friday that he believes he has ‘Hebrew roots’through his mother, Carrie. The five-time All-Star is on a weeklong visit to learn about Israel, its language and religions.” And, from Amar’e’s Twitter feed: “Wow!! The fans here are amazing. Everyone cheers “NEW YORK KNICKS!!” “NEW YORK KNICKS!!“” For those of you interested in Twitter, new-Knick Ronny Turiaf frequently updates and has on a few occasions offered to buy lunch for the first Knicks fan to find him. As a bonus, his background has a pretty awesome shot of him in a …continue reading

Why Knicks Fans Should Be Glad Chris Paul Will Likely Remain a Hornet in 2010

While I love the idea of getting Paul, if we have to sacrifice everything to get him, including our young prospects and the ability to acquire Carmelo, I just don’t think it is worth it. The most successful franchises in the leagues don’t make that deal, because they understand that erasing your ability to win a title in the process of becoming very good just isn’t worth it. If, however, the Knicks, Anthony, Paul, and the Hornets can all make it through this season, each biding their time until the opportune moment, the dynasty of the New York 3 can still happen. Here’s how.

Daily Knicks Picks: Media Round-up 7/27/10

Scott Cacciola of the Wall Street Journal on Anthony Randolph: Long, Lean, Unlimited. “How about his two violent dunks over the Houston Rockets’ Yao Ming during his rookie season? Or his epic two-handed block on a breakaway by Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant? These are the sorts of plays—flashes of brilliance, really—where Mr. Randolph unfolds his 6-foot-11 frame and hints at what he might be, could be, should be.” And Randolph says there will be no more excuses, writes Tim Bontemps of the NY Post. “‘It’s all on me right now,’ Randolph said yesterday at the Knicks’ Summer Basketball …continue reading

The Anthony Randolph Study

Although losing David Lee was painful for most Knick fans, New Yorkers should feel lucky that they received something in return. Another team could have signed Lee to a contract without compensating the Knicks. Instead New York got three players to fill useful positions. Ronny Turiaf should give New York a backup center that blocks shots. Kelenna Azubuike will provide outside shooting and defense at shooting guard. Both of these fill weaknesses at positions the team has had over the last few years. However the real prize in the Lee trade is Anthony Randolph. The young forward can rebound (11.1 …continue reading

From the Mailbox: T-Mac for 2011?

Been a while since I’ve gotten a request from the old inbox, so I thought I’d take the time to answer. Do the Knicks have any interest what-so-ever in resigning Tracy McGrady? I know that most people think T-Mac will never be half the player that he once was, and there is more than enough evidence to support that. However, he won’t be worse than he was last year, and last year, even injured, he still always seemed to have the highest IQ on the floor, especially in a Knicks uniform. He can pass as good as anyone in the …continue reading

The U.N. Intramural Squad Or Something More?

Standing outside Madison Square Garden some summers ago, near the atm’s, yards away from Gerry Cosby’s. Through the glass doors, newly hired Knicks boss Donnie Walsh walked out. I watched as he stood there, lit a cigarette, a Clifford Odetts character in the flesh, he shoulda been named Sydney. As in the guy with the job nobody else wanted, toiling under the boss the whole city smirked about, for a franchise in perpetual free-fall. The suit too big, the bags under the eyes, this was a guy, this Donnie Walsh, made Jeff Van Gundy look like Randy Couture. This Donnie …continue reading