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Monday, June 25, 2018

Monthly Archives: June 2010

Ferry Out Chris Grant in as GM in Cleveland

Danny Ferry has apparently resigned as GM in Cleveland in a mutual breakup with Chris Grant named as his replacement. Wow. Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don’t Lie has an… umm… interesting take on things, speculating that owner Dan Gilbert is going all Steinbrenner on Ferry. That may in fact be true, but I’m not so sure I buy Ferry as a sympathetic character in this saga. Even just a little scrutiny makes him look like a GM with a PF fettish and next to no eye for backcourt talent. Take a look at Cleveland’s roster using Player Efficiency Rating (PER). …continue reading

2010 Finals Game Thread

Lots of good previews of the Finals online. Among my favorites are from Basketball-Prospectus (the first one and a second one noting the differences between now & 2008), John Hollinger (who takes the Lakers), and Kelly Dwyer’s lightning round chat (his answers just fly in). In any case I thought I would open this up for the readers to discuss the series.

It Just Ain’t Right

“A Revolution is not a Dinner Party!” – Mao Tse Tung At some point in the not-too-distant future, when the moneyed men in smoky back rooms have figured out how to properly monetize online content, we all may look back at the wild and woolly wars between “legitimate” sports (and other) journalists and mere “Writing in their Mom’s basement in ill-fitting underwear” sports (and other) bloggers with a semi-bemused chuckle. Maybe once those ink-stained wretches can only be read on this here computation machine and the printing press has gone the way of Ye Olde Blacksmith Shoppe, the perception of …continue reading

2010 Report Card: Chris Duhon

How bad was Chris Duhon’s 2010 season? I first advocated for benching Chris Duhon on November 14th. That’s barely 2 weeks into the season. Of course Knick fans know that D’Antoni stayed with his point guard until February when the Knicks received Sergio Rodriguez in a trade. Duhon would relinquish the starter’s role a few games later to Toney Douglas, but then start the last 7 games of the season. Despite his season long poor play, he managed to find 2072 minutes of court time. Duhon’s season was so bad, I wondered if I was too kind giving Duhon a …continue reading