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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Monthly Archives: June 2010

Thomas’ Thoughts On The 2010 Draft

Is it just me or is this the least anticipated draft in a long time?  For some reason there is a distinct lack of buzz this year.  Maybe it’s due to the Lakers/Celtics series ending just last week. Perhaps fans are more concerned with the pending free agent signing period.  Maybe its because the top three picks have been pretty much set in stone since the lottery.  I wonder if you can really get excited about a draft in which pick 20 could turn out to be a better pro than pick 5?  I’m not saying Daniel Orton is an equal prospect to DeMarcus Cousins, but with the questions …continue reading

2010 Report Card: Mike D’Antoni

In 2010, the Knicks were expected to better their 33 wins from the season prior. The returning players should have reaped the benefits of familiarity with D’Antoni’s offense. The team had multiple young players which should have improved. And the addition of two first round picks should have assisted with filling out the roster. However D’Antoni’s team floundered in his second season, finishing 4 games worse than the year prior. The 2010 New York offense was nearly identical to 2009. Both teams finished 17th in offensive efficiency (107.6 in 2010, 108.1 in 2009) with good shooting (10th in 2010, 12th …continue reading

Breaking: Steve Kerr Out in Phoenix

The AP reports that Kerr will step down as general manager of the Phoenix Suns when his contract expires June 30th, citing personal and professional reasons. Kerr mentions an opportunity to return to broadcasting in order to spend more time with his family.

2010 Summer League Schedule Released

Knicks Summer League Schedule in Las Vegas. [All Times listed are local Las Vegas time.] Sunday July 11 COX Pavilion 1 PM – New York vs. Denver Monday July 12 COX Pavilion 1 PM – LA Lakers vs. New York Wednesday July 14 COX Pavilion 3 PM – New York vs. Toronto Friday July 16 COX Pavilion 1 PM – Detroit vs. New York Saturday July 17 COX Pavilion 1 PM – New York vs. Washington And the full list… Friday July 9 COX Pavilion 1 PM – Denver vs. Dallas 3 PM – Houston vs. Phoenix 5 PM – …continue reading

2010 Report Card: Sergio Rodriguez

Last year the Knicks were struggling to get production from the point guard position, so they managed to snag Sergio Rodriguez in their mid-February deadline deals. However Rodriguez never stuck in D’Antoni’s rotation. He had the starter’s role on two different opportunities, but his playing time was erratic in New York. On one hand, Sergio receiving so few minutes was good because it enabled the development of Toney Douglas. Obviously for New York’s future it’s more important for their first rounder who has great defensive ability to succeed more than someone who is on their third NBA team. On the …continue reading

2010 Report Card: Toney Douglas

Douglas’ initial season with the Knicks was filled with ups and downs. His NBA career started on a sour note, as some New Yorkers were upset that in a point guard rich draft, the team failed to fill its void with either Brandon Jennings or Ty Lawson. Following the draft, Douglas had a poor showing in summer league, shooting a feeble 28.8% eFG%. However at the start of the season, he played well enough to make the rotation. In mid-November on the heels of a 21 point outburst off the bench, D’Antoni made him the starting shooting guard. The Knick …continue reading