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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Monthly Archives: June 2010

The Worst Article Of 2010

In today’s news where ratings matter as much as content (and perhaps more), sensationalism in the press is expected. This has been especially true with regards to this year’s NBA free agent class, as some of the game’s biggest stars will reshape the league in an extraordinary fashion in the coming weeks. Given the players’ reluctance to name their potential suitors and the teams’ inability to talk about players signed to other teams news outlets have been left with little actual facts to report on. Typically when the press is shut out to a story that the public wants to …continue reading

Free Agent Bargain Bin

The attention is rightly focused on the big gun free agents, but it’s also fun to think about potential cheap free agency steals. The Knicks could use some bargains to fill out the rotation no matter how they fair with the bigger name free agents. It’s not easy to know what offers various free agents will receive, but here are my (mostly subjective) rankings of the top players I assume may be had at relative bargain prices: (Honorary mention #1 LeBron James… even at the max  LeBron is the biggest bargain in the entire league.) #2 Craig Smith Should be among the most …continue reading

THN Mock: With the 38th & 39th picks New York selects…

38th pick: Jarvis Varnado [Scouting Reports: Draft Express, NBADraft.Net, HoopsAnalyst] If Varnado is still on the board after New York is done with their second pick, I will throw something at my television screen. I, like other Knick fans, have suffered through years of opposing teams coming into the Garden and having an E-Z Pass to the hoop. Sure there were Mutombo and Balkman, and perhaps Jerome James had a moment or two. Last year Jared Jeffries led the team in blocked shots per game with 1.1. For Vornado to beat that, he’d just need 8 minutes of playing time …continue reading