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Monday, April 23, 2018

Monthly Archives: April 2010

The Last 2010 Game Thread

Well fans, another season in the books. It’s a bittersweet moment, the season didn’t turn out as optimistically as us Knick fans hoped. But the team is finally on the verge of turning a corner. For the first time in more than a decade there is hope, although that moment won’t arrive until July. And of course the next game that counts for the Knicks won’t come until late Fall. So grab a cold one, kick back and enjoy!

Sartorial Splendor

I’ve always been unusually obsessed w/sports uniforms. Throughout my so-called formative years, I could routinely be found doodling, my fave players in their respective uniforms, with a scrivener’s obsession for getting all the details – the piping, the logo design – precisely right. This caused me no undue grief w/my teachers who seemed for some strange reason to think that the drawings of Richard Todd et al. splattered all over my notebook was an indication that I wasn’t paying attention in class. I just think it was an early incarnation of multi-tasking, if you will. Maybe it’s because the teams …continue reading

Earlimart Barron

The Knicks signed Earl Barron on April 2nd which could have been misconstrued as a late April Fools Joke. At 28 years old Barron can hardly be considered a prospect. He went undrafted…

Knicks Sign Earl Barron

In a move reminiscent of last year’s D-League merry-go-round, the New York Knicks signed Earl Barron. Unlike last year’s 7-footer du dix jour, I don’t see much in his game statistically. In his 1000+ NBA minutes and his nearly 2000 D-League minutes Barron is neither a shot blocker (0.8 blk/36 in both NBA & NBDL), rebounder (7.9 reb/36 NBA, 8.7 reb/36 NBDL), nor scorer (42.6% TS% NBA, 54.1% TS% NBDL). From an old scouting report, it seems his only strength is his mid range jump shot. Ironically on the same day they signed Barron, New York faced Chris Hunter, a …continue reading