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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Monthly Archives: April 2010

Jamal Crawford Named Sixth Man

Several outlets are reporting that former Knick Jamal Crawford has been named Sixth Man of the Year by a pretty healthy margin. The holes in Jamal’s game are well-chronicled at Few Knicks could take fans on such an emotionally exhausting journey, from spittle-flying rage to sheer unadulterated “how did he hit that?” delight–all in one quarter–like Jamal. When he’s right, that bony, knock-kneed kid with the mild overbite has a game that is absolute poetry. When he’s not right, he’s often the last to know unfortunately. Even still, few Knicks were more likable during the dark ages. So, congrats …continue reading

David Lee – Impending Buyer’s Remorse

Today’s article is by supernova. This is third place in the “Can You Be A KnickerBlogger?” Contest. As I mentioned previously, winners will receive a copy of Dave Berri’s book Stumbling on Wins. David Lee has been the best Knick these past two seasons. Through dedication and hard work, he has raised the level of his game to make himself into a consistent double-double machine, and an All Star. In addition, to his solid offensive and rebounding statistics, he brings a consistent work ethic, so any team that ends up signing him can feel assured that even with a huge …continue reading

Refs Partly To Blame For Garnett Suspension

I watched the Game 1 of the Celtics-Heat series at my local bar, and happened to catch Garnett’s elbow live. At the time I turned to my wife and mentioned that he’ll be suspended for the next game. I also had to explain to her who Quentin Richardson was, how important Garnett was to the Celtics, and how the league will review the tape to issue the suspension. Today the league has announced that Garnett won’t be allowed to play in Game 2, which really isn’t much of a surprise to anyone. However there is one other thing that I …continue reading