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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Monthly Archives: March 2010

The Honeymoon is Over D’Antoni, Part I

Coming into this season most analysts and fans agreed that this might be another lost season for our beloved Knickerbockers. The roster, which we presume will be completely overhauled this summer, was constructed for cap flexibility–not winning per se. So given these pretty low expectations, even I am a bit surprised at how disappointed I am in D’Antoni. I will say this right up front so I can get on with the point I want to make. I am NOT advocating for Mike D’Antoni to be fired. Rather, my point is to register a few observations about his coaching performance …continue reading

Denver Win, The Good Side of Rebuilding

Tuesday’s victory over Denver was one the bright moments for Knick fans this year. Against one of the league’s best teams, New York kept it close for most of the game. They broke open a third quarter lead only to relinquish it in the fourth. But down the final stretch the Knicks held on to the lead for the victory. They even had a few calls go their way, including a David Lee charge that would have been his sixth foul, but was surprisingly reversed. And their most promising young player, Danilo Gallinari, held his own against one of the …continue reading

The Skinny

Lawdy, I almost feel like a real-live, honest-to-goodness journalist. The clip below is your humble correspondent with Matthew Modine, acclaimed star of stage and screen. Y’all may not know this, but when I’m not pounding nails into the floor w/my forehead watching the Nix I’m a hired shill for the theah-tuh. If you’d like to see more of Bob the mouthpiece (and who wouldn’t?), you can go to: Anyhoo, so I’m “interviewing” Modine and I thought I’d lighten up the convo by discussing our favorite cagers and the prospects of acquiring a certain cat from Akron. Here’s his response… …continue reading

D’Antoni’s Words Meaningless

Over the course of evolution, mankind has developed language in order to convey thoughts, ideas and feelings. Probably minutes after the first formal language, man discovered using words to mislead others or to hide their true intention. This probably first occurred when Uga asked Grog if the lion skin she was wearing made her bottom look like a hippopotamus’. Deception is used in language by everyone, so it should be no surprise when a public figure does it. Yesterday D’Antoni tried to defend his benching of Jordan Hill by saying he liked rookies, just not the “bad” ones. Minutes later …continue reading

The Grass Really Isn’t Greener

Back in February, a lot of Knick fans were hoping for some kind of change to jump start their lifeless 2010 season. New York was 19-34 (.358) and seemingly stuck in a mire. By the 20th they had dumped Nate Robinson, Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries and a bunch of draft picks for a winter rental of Tracy McGrady, Eddie House, Bill Walker, and Sergio Rodriguez. Some fans saw McGrady, a former All Star, as a potential great player. For instance a friend of mine on facebook wrote “T-Mac, now a Knick, hopefully he stays healthy and has a couple more …continue reading

2010 Game Thread: Knicks @ Celtics

Happy Saint Patrick’s day.  The Knicks (24-45) travel to Boston (42-24) looking for their third consecutive road win.  The Knicks are only 9 games out of the final playoff spot with 13 games to play. So if the team can keep up the strong play and combine that with prolonged struggles from Toronto and Chicago the team still has a shot at the 8th–“Another round? Well sure and begorrah! I just need to (hic) finish this game preview.”–seed.  Let me know in the morning if the Knicks win, just make sure you speak very softly. Be safe tonight people. Go New York Go.