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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Monthly Archives: February 2010

T-Mac Trades That Could Help New York

With trade rumors circulating, I decided to look at some of the possibilities of a three way T-Mac deal. From the Knicks perspective, it’s obvious that they want to shed either Jeffries or Curry, and rumors are that they covet McGrady. It’s unlikely that the Knicks are going to make the playoffs, but the Rockets are on the cusp, and they’re interested in getting something tangible for their oft-injured former All Star. Meanwhile the Wizards are looking to salvage something from their disasterous season, most likely in the form of cap relief and young talent. With that in mind there …continue reading

2010 Game Thread: Knicks @ Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers are statistically the best team in the league. Their expected win percentage (based on point differential) is .743, which is slightly worse than their actual win percentage of .784. They excel at shooting percentage on both ends of the floor (2nd offensive eFG, 1st defensive eFG) and also defensive rebounding (2nd). The Cavs biggest weakness is turnovers on both ends of the floor, although on the defensive side it’s probably a result of their scheme to stay at home instead of gamble for the big play. There’s not much to say for the Knicks these days. D’Antoni …continue reading

Outside Look At Danilo Gallinari

Courtesy of Basketball Prospectus: Danilo Gallinari, G-F, New York: Gallinari has taken steps towards becoming the next great homegrown Knick, a legitimate running mate for whatever star free agent the Knicks land next summer. Gallinari’s perimeter shooting is as good as advertised, but his developing ability to put the ball on the floor has kept his usage rate at above-average levels. His defensive metrics are also strong, though I don’t really trust them. (I suspect there is some Jared Jeffries cross-matching issues going on here.) Gallinari’s athleticism is average at best, so his ceiling is probably below that of elite …continue reading

Knicks 107, Wizards 85 – Duhon Sits

Chris Duhon sat for the second half of the Knicks 107-85 win last night against the Wizards. I went back & checked all the games where Duhon played less than 24 minutes, and couldn’t find any where the Knicks point guard failed to appear in the second half. In other words, for the first time in the D’Antoni era, he benched Duhon. The move is something I’ve advocated here for some time. Duhon has been under performing for the entire season, with a harmful/feeble combo of 8.7 pts/36 and 48.2% TS%. The Knicks coach went with Robinson, Hughes, and the …continue reading

R.I.P. Dick McGuire

Basketballl Hall of Famer and longtime Knick Dick McGuire passed away today at the age of 84. I was at the Knick game where they celebrated the best Knick of each decade, and McGuire was absent (he was the Knick of the 1950s, naturally), so I was worried about his health then. Our condolences to his family.