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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Monthly Archives: January 2010

Knicks 112, Hawks 108 (OT)

I like 2010 so far. Before tonight’s game I quoted U2 in making the point that, while 2010 could finally be the year that brought wholesale change to New York Knicks basketball, the year would start off with exactly the same team that was fighting for relevance and a low-end berth in the Eastern Conference playoffs.  It took only nine minutes for me to be proven wrong, as Mike D’Antoni lifted his monthlong embargo on Nate Robinson’s minutes and inserted the diminutive pinball of a combo guard into the lineup.  Robinson immediately made his presence felt with a tip-in here, …continue reading

Knicks/Hawks Preview and Game Thread

“Nothing changes on New Year’s Day” -U2 Every Knicks fan has had 2010 marked on his or her calendar for a long time now, and it may well be that this is the year that brings hope and excitement back to the Garden.  But while the summer could bring a LeBron, a Wade, or a Bosh, January 1st is, as Bono and Co. tell us, no different than December 31st.  Or at least I think that’s what that song was about. Anyway, Knicks/Hawks tonight.  Watch and discuss here, or follow me and post questions on’s Live Dime — short …continue reading