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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Monthly Archives: January 2010

2010 Game Thread: Mavs at Knicks

By the standings the Mavs are one of the West’s premier teams, but perhaps they’re not all that they’re cracked up to be. Dallas is 3rd in the Western Conference, but their point differential is only 8th best. From a four factors standpoint they’re just above average on defense and average on offense.

Mid Season Youngins Report

With 41 games in the books, I thought I’d check in on the youngins and see how they’re doing. Wilson Chandler’s stats are quite similar to last year’s with a few worthwhile exceptions. Before the start of the season I said Chandler would have to increase either his free throw attempts or three point shooting percentage to be a successful NBA player. Unfortunately Wilson has regressed in both areas (FTA/36 2.8 to 2.2, 3p% 32.8% to 27.2%). These stats are important for his development because Chandler settled for the three pointer too often and didn’t connect often enough from downtown. …continue reading

2010 Game Preview & Thread: Knicks v. Pistons

Knicks (16-24, 9-11 home) host the Pistons (14-26, 4-16 Road) in the annual MSG MLK Matinee.  The season series is even at 1-1 with the Pistons taking it to the Knicks in Auburn Hills last week.  The Knicks find themselves in a bit of a funk going 1-4 in the current five stretch after going 4-1 in the previous five game stretch.  The biggest difference in the two five game stretches is the offensive numbers.  During the 4-1 stretch the Knicks scored over 100 in 4 of 5 games.  During the 1-4 stretch the Knicks reached 100 in 1 of 4 games.  So …continue reading

2010 Game Preview and Thread: Knicks v Raptors

New York (16-22 overall, 9-10 at home, 11-14 in conference) on the heals of a stolen win in Philadelphia looks to get to .500 at home.   Toronto (19-20 overall, 7-14 on road, 13-13 in conference) has dropped its last two games.  Toronto is not a strong road team.  Toronto is 5-13 in conference road games with only 1 win against a team with a record above .500.  Toronto is 4-3 on the road against conference rivals with records below .500.   Yeah, I’m not sure what the point of all that is either.  But it’s doubtful anyone reads this anyway.  Oh well, to …continue reading