2010 Report Card: Sergio Rodriguez

Last year the Knicks were struggling to get production from the point guard position, so they managed to snag Sergio Rodriguez in their mid-February deadline deals. However Rodriguez never stuck in D’Antoni’s rotation. He had the starter’s role on two different opportunities, but his playing time was erratic in New York.

On one hand, Sergio receiving so few minutes was good because it enabled the development of Toney Douglas. Obviously for New York’s future it’s more important for their first rounder who has great defensive ability to succeed more than someone who is on their third NBA team. On the other, it would have been nice for Rodriguez to banish Duhon to the bench for good. Rodriguez’s stats weren’t awful, but were favorable when compared to Duhon:

Duhon 27 2072 7.8 4.5 .349 1.7 .716 3.1 6.6 1.0 1.9 8.6 10.7 50.1 47.2
Rodriguez 23 1048 12.1 3.1 .352 3.2 .731 3.1 7.3 1.7 3.9 14.9 14.8 55.4 52.1

In 2010, Sergio was above the league average in shooting efficiency (55.4%), and he chipped in 68% more than Duhon’s scoring volume (8.9 to 14.9 pts/36). Rodriguez’s big deficiency was his turnovers, which was considerably higher (1.9 to 3.9 to/36). His defense was below average as well.

At only 24 years of age and earning about $2.8M in 2010, Rodriguez might have been a good find for the Knicks. Unless the team grabs a point guard this summer, New Yorkers are hoping that Douglas is the starter next year. Sergio could have been a decent relatively cheap option to backup Douglas, but unfortunately that seems extremely unlikely. Rumors are that he’s likely (but not yet officially) to head back to Spain

Report Card (5 point scale):
Offense: 2
Defense: 2
Teamwork: 4
Rootability: 3
Performance/Expectations: 3

Final Grade: C-

Similarity Scores:

.000 Sergio Rodriguez 2010 TOT 14.8 55.4 52.1 14.9 0.8 3.1 7.3 1.7 0.2 3.9
.047 Billy McKinney 1979 KCK 15.6 55.5 50.3 17.7 0.6 2.5 7.3 1.7 0.1 3.6
.063 John Crotty 1993 UTA 13.2 57.5 52.8 15.1 0.6 2.5 8.1 1.6 0.0 4.4
.072 George Karl 1975 SAA 14.8 54.2 49.3 14.7 1.0 3.4 7.4 2.1 0.2 3.5
.108 Cory Alexander 1997 SAS 14.3 52.8 49.2 14.3 0.7 3.0 6.3 2.0 0.4 3.6
.119 Pearl Washington 1987 NJN 11.5 51.9 48.1 13.9 0.8 2.9 6.8 2.1 0.2 3.9
.123 Robert Pack 1993 DEN 16.4 54.5 47.1 18.5 1.2 3.6 7.6 1.8 0.2 4.2
.127 Carlos Arroyo 2003 UTA 14.1 51.0 47.2 15.2 1.4 3.3 6.6 1.5 0.1 3.8
.131 Larry Drew 1982 KCK 15.3 52.0 47.8 15.9 0.5 2.7 7.6 2.0 0.0 3.2
.143 Allen Leavell 1981 HOU 13.9 52.3 47.3 13.7 0.6 2.9 8.2 2.1 0.3 4.0
.145 Stan Pietkiewicz 1980 SDC 14.3 57.2 53.4 14.2 1.6 2.8 5.9 1.6 0.2 3.2

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29 thoughts to “2010 Report Card: Sergio Rodriguez”

  1. Pearl Washington. Damn. Hadn’t thought about that guy in a long time.

    Rodriguez’s turnovers were a real sore spot for me. He seemed to have a Stevie Franchise-like penchant for taking the ball into trouble.

    I wonder, since Plan A is clearly LeBron and Plan B (sigh) may be Joe Johnson and someone else, if Walshtoni will invest much in a traditional point guard.

  2. Probably not. Which is why I’m hoping for Toney Douglas to win the job. He’s not a great distributor, but he’s a good defender and shooter. If the Knicks ran the triangle, he’d be a great fit. However if he’s not needed to run the offense the whole time, he’s still a very useful player. NY still needs some depth there, as has been true for the D’Antoni era.

  3. For some reason i was really optimistic about his arrival in all the trading madness but you have to wonder on a guy that failed to impress in what was essentially a long workout to see whether he was worth bringin back as the starting point. The hype surrounding him sounded convincing but he just looked very unpolished and under coached i guess this is backed up by his stats. Numbers don’t lie….
    Really liking these posts in amongst all the Free agency madness. It is getting a little beyond belief now. For some reason i find it comforting that there is not countless stories coming from the Knicks camp like there is from the other teams. I get the impression that Donnie Walsh is a tireless, methodical worker who keeps his cards close to his chest and whatever the outcome of the summer it will be the best he could muster.
    In terms of Sergio i still think he is worth a look even if good relationships are kept with him when he heads back to Spain. He may just find a spark over there and a burst of confidence, get his head right and then be ready to make a move back. He does seem to have a lot of potential.

  4. Do we have to renounce to Sergio qualifying offer to get space for 2 maxes or not?

    I believe he might stay 1 year more in the NBA if it is with the Knicks; but if we don’t make the QO, he’s gone for sure to Spain.

  5. Do we have to renounce to Sergio qualifying offer to get space for 2 maxes or not?

    I believe he might stay 1 year more in the NBA if it is with the Knicks; but if we don’t make the QO, he’s gone for sure to Spain.

    Noting that the salary cap info is not official yet…

    For two maxes, yes.

    For two almost max but not quite max contracts, no, he can still get the qualifying offer.

  6. My opinion on Sergio is that we should not write him off untill he has a full traning camp to work with D’Antoni..if he flops then, I say we throw him into the Du-Du pile. Get it? Du-Du? At any rate, he’s still better than Duhon. Listen yal, I have a question-which has nothing to do with Sergio. Do u guys think that David Lee is worth a top 10 pick to other teams? I hear chatter about Sacramento lookin to trade..although I think the #5 pick is a bit 2 much to pay for Lee. But what about Utah? See, I think Greg Monroe would be an excellent center for D’Antoni’s system. So what if he’s still available when Utah picks and they have already let go of Boozer? Would they trade that pick for Lee. Lee would be outstanding in Utah’s P&R offense with Deron Williams. Is that even possible?

  7. Do u guys think that David Lee is worth a top 10 pick to other teams?


    If he still had a year under contract, sure, but not as a sign and trade (that’s not to say that he isn’t actually worth one, just that he is not worth that to other teams, most of whom would love to give Rudy Gay big money this offseason).

  8. Since we’re getting off topic early here, I feel that trading for Darren Collison gets us a good, young piece to develop along with Gallo, Douglas, Chandler, and Walker. We may have to take on Okafor, but as I posted in the previous thread, we should be able to find a team that would take his deal in exchange for one of theirs that could be more useful to us, like Golden State (Biedrins) or Detroit (Gordon/Rip). But again, I only do this if we trade Eddy Curry’s deal to Toronto for Bosh. That being said, here’s hoping we can add 4 good players this offseason. Ideally, Bosh in a S&T first to rid us of Eddy, set up a 3-way deal landing Collison and Biedrins, and then sign Wade or LeBron to play the 2. What a way to say “Hey Miami and Chicago. You lose.”

    But back on topic, I think that if Sergio could cut his turnovers down and work on that jumper, he could be a good 6th man in this league. But didn’t he return home already? I’m sure I read somewhere that he signed with Real Madrid. I wish him luck wherever he is/goes.

  9. I would have liked to see Sergio play with a healthy Chandler a bit more- there were many times were Sergio would have pushed the ball all the way to the top of the key and the other 4 Knicks wouldn’t have even gotten to half court yet- Wil is one of the few guys on the roster who could have kept up. Of course a really good point guard would give his teammates a chance to catch up rather than just outrun everyone, over-penetrate, and throw the ball away. Still, I think he’d eventually make a great change of pace guard off of the bench if not a decent starter but it looks like he’s heading to back to Spain anyway.
    Also, Massive- Why on earth would Toronto want Curry in a sign & trade? Unless we’re packaging Curry with Chandler or Gallo (or a pick) wouldn’t Toronto be better off just letting Bosh walk and using whatever cap space they have left to sign somebody this summer who might actually contribute something? Unless they think they can move Curry’s contract for a player they like I just don’t see how he helps them at all. I’m hoping GS winds up picking a power forward/Center in the draft and we can convince them to throw in Brandan Wright (or maybe even Anthony Randolph) in a Biedrins/Curry deal. Might be too much to ask but I’m not sure what Biedrins trade value is- he’s owed a lot of money, is coming off an injury, and had Nick Anderson-esque free throw issues last year. Add to that the fact that the Warriors are on the market and would probably love to get that 30+ million off of the books and you might be able make an uneven deal with them.

  10. “My opinion on Sergio is that we should not write him off untill he has a full traning camp to work with D’Antoni…”

    But Sergio is not going to wait that much to sign a contract; he has already spoken with Real Madrid, and if he doesn’t have anything on July 1st, he is going to sign with them. From what i’ve heard (from a friend of a friend of a /…/ friend who knows Sergio), he likes New York, but that he hates to be traded. So my guess is that he might take his chances one year more with the QO with us (since he would have a no-trade clause, like Nate last year). Then, he would make up his mind if he counts for D’Antoni or not, then stay in the NBA or flee back home.

  11. I see tons of potential in a Douglas/Rodriguez combo at the point. It seems to me that Douglas is the more steady/defensive/heady player on the court-while Rodriguez is the more flashy/energizer type. Sergio will push the ball and get the guys running to keep up. He’s also a good passer. I think this past season he tried too hard to look good in NY. Maybe if he decides to stay in NY, maybe a better understanding of what Mike D wants from him will settle him down a little and we will see the player that most think he can be. If not, I hear Calderon’s available. Actually I think Rodriguez is more similar to Calderon than anybody else. Just cheaper. He doesn’t quite have Calderon’s shot yet, but everything else reminds me of Calderon. If he grows into that this season, then i’ll take that for the QO. And besides, if we land LBJ or Wade, do we really need a great PG? As long as they don’t perform as bad as Duhon did, then I think we’re ahead of the game. By “they” I mean Douglas and Rodriguez. So I say keep him in the fold til 2011, unless a sensible trade for a better PG comes along. I would even say bring House back to be our 3rd PG and resident spot up shooter, but thas likely not gonna happen cuz he stunk up tha joint as a Knick last season.

  12. Hey,

    Any scoop on the knicks working out wittman and foote… im a cornell kid and am very interested.

    Also, darren collisons name is floating around the rumor mill- any chance the knicks can/should make a run at him?

  13. Great playmakers tend to have very high TO rates. See Magic, Kidd, and Nash. All have career TO% just under 20. They’re forcing things, making tough passes, controlling the offense… and they pick up a lot of TOs. If Sergio were able to put everything together as a great playmaker, solid scorer, and at least passable defender… I wouldn’t mind the TOs.
    (Side note to those riding Collison: check out his astronomical TO #s. If you didn’t like Sergio, not sure how you can justify Collison.)

    I really feel like it’s a shame Sergio didn’t work out better in NY. It was his best shot in the NBA to date: McMillan was one of the worst coaches in the NBA he could have played for and Udrih decided to have a career year right when Sergio got to Sacto. Blown opportunity for Sergio, but also maybe for D’Antoni. At the trade deadline I thought Sergio was like a gift directly from God to D’Antoni. He finally had a PG who could make some plays and push the tempo, yet D’Antoni had Sergio on as short a leash as Nate Robinson and seemed to totally misuse him. Sergio ended up with a career low ast% and ast/36 in NY (by 2.2 ast/36… and much of his career was in Nate McMillan’s snail’s pace attack). The opposite of what I expected from D’Antoni the “PG whisperer.” (Which, of course is a total fallacy.)
    I know I will now get beraded for suggesting D’Antoni has any flaws… However, an inability to recognize where production is coming from and to play your best players in roles they can excel in the absolute kiss of death for a coach… there are enough possible examples of this recently to at least be worried that this is happening with D’Antoni.

    Another lost in translation problem for the NBA (along with 1st round salary slots) is that big European teams like to set their rosters early. This means that someone like Sergio can’t necessarily wait around to see if he gets an NBA offer after everything else shakes out, because Real Madrid (or whatever other Euro team) is not going to wait around forever. I don’t think the NBA cares at all about these things in the grand scheme, but they are slight weaknesses.


    What motivation does Toronto have to take back Eddy Curry’s contract in order to help a division rival get better? Probably takes Gallo involved in the trade to get them to even consider, and not sure if they’d be interested in teaming the Big-3 Italians (Gallo, Bargnani, Belinelli… those three plus Turk/Calderon and the Raptors might be historically bad on D) on what is already the worst defensive team in the NBA. Or it would mean taking back Turkoglu/Calderon. I don’t even think they’d be interested in Chandler, who is a pretty typical SF.


    1. Calderon is a great shooter. One of the most efficient guards in the NBA. Rodriguez has improved his shot significantly, but expecting him to hit 40% of his 3s is a stretch.
    2. The problems with Sergio’s QO are both cap space and timing. If the Knicks pick up his QO they might be taking themselves out of the LeBron chase (can’t offer him to team-up with Bosh). They put him off, lose LeBron… Sergio may already be back in Spain.


    There were rumors the Knicks really liked Foote at one point.

  14. I agree with the poster above that it would probably be beneficial if Sergio had a full training camp under Mike D, which would allow him to be more comfortable in his system. I think he has a lot of potential and could flourish in the long run with Mike D. Unfortunately, though it’s all about getting those two max guys and right now we cannot offer him the QO AND get the two max free agents. As much as I would like him to stay, you have to go for the two max guys and build around them.

    Based on what others are saying around here, it doesn’t seem likely that he is going to wait around for the Knicks to make that decision. As much as I am intrigued of keeping Sergio around, it seems like this is not our priority. I have a feeling though that he will be a solid player in the long run.

  15. I would like to see Sergio for one more year. He’s still young and relatively inexperienced enough to improve further. He hasn’t had a lot of playing time. It’s a shame he’ll probably head back to Europe because we can’t give him the QO. IMO the worst case scenario is that he’s a good backup that fits the system well.

    I like Collison’s upside and also see Calderon as a pretty good fit.

    The only problem I have with Calderon (and this is pure speculation) is that he must be really bad defensively if fans from “Toronto” of all places keep complaining about his defense. I read that a few times on a couple of Raptor blogs.

  16. I would totally take Sergio for another year – as long as it doesn’t mess with the 2 max free agent scenario. You’ve got to figure he’s a better bet than any available 2nd round point guards this year. He’s pretty much in the same boat as David Lee: we like you but you have to wait until the big dogs make up their minds. Such is life.

  17. I think I would enjoy further discussion on what the Knicks shoud do if they strike out on the big 3 and potentially even lose Lee to NJ while they are talking to them.

    I think the probability of Bosh going to sunny tax free Florida to join Wade are increasing rapdily.

  18. “I think the probability of Bosh going to sunny tax free Florida to join Wade are increasing rapdily.”

    I think the probabilities didn’t change, but our mood is a rollercoaster, one day you think Lebron’s surely coming, and the next you think we are going to strike out.

    Now that Tyson Chandler is going to be FA, he is another C for my no-Lebron/no-Wade plan. We sign Joe Johnson to 14 million, Tyson Chandler to 9 million, then S&T Curry and Lee for Bosh and Calderon. Calderon / JJ / Gallinari / Bosh / T. Chandler looks like a good team. Douglas / W Chandler / B. Walker / 2nd Rounders looks like an OK bench.

    However, i am thinking it is less and less likely that we will be able to S&T Lee to Toronto, since he will get good offers from better teams, but who knows.

  19. Though I am not totally down on Sergio there are many red flags. He has been in the NBA four years and only once, last year, did post a TS% over 50%. If last year becomes the norm than no problem, but I would love to see a bigger sample to see he doesn’t revert to his old form. Second his turnovers are high even for an uptempo playmaking point guard. Collison’s were also high but his TO% was better than Sergio’s career best and he was only a rookie and should improve. Also, even having a career shooting year his 3pt% was not great last year and has been bad most of his career. D’Antoni’s system needs three point shooting at the PG position more than any other position. Without it the pick and roll stops working and the spacing, which is the biggest strength of D’Antoni’s system goes away. Finally he is not a great defender. All that being said if we cannot get Collison, which in my opinion would be huge, and we strike out on the two star scenario then bringing back Sergio at a good price would be a good move.

  20. What’s the theory where we have a chance at getting Collison? Wilson Chandler seems like an awfully steep price, although it would also meant a pretty big cap savings next summer, when it’s time for Wilson to get paid. Other than that the Knicks have nothing remotely to offer…

    I’ve always been a big Tyson Chandler fan but with those oft-injured guys you just never know. Healthy, he’d make a huge impact on the Knicks. On the other hand, D’Antoni might never even play him. I agree with Ted that there is some reason to be nervous about our coach…

  21. Collison had a good rookie season and should continue to improve. Still, though, he was a year younger than Rodriguez and not much better. He was forced into minutes because of injury. He was A LOT closer to Rodriguez last season than to Chris Paul his rookie season, let’s put it that way. http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pcm_finder.cgi?request=1&sum=0&p1=collida01&y1=2010&p2=rodrise01&y2=2010&p3=paulch01&y3=2006
    Is that really worth taking back Emeka Okafor? Guess it depends what you think of Okafor, but to me he’s overpaid in the first place and much better off as a big 4 than a small 5. The trade could work out for the Knicks, but to me it depends what your alternatives are.
    As I’ve said a million times, if D’Antoni’s magical system is so limited that only a handful or players in the league can make it work… he’s not going to last. He’s apparently comfortable with a mediocre or bad 3-pt shooter like LeBron or Wade as his PG, but a lot of other people seem to think it’s impossible.

    I would probably trade Wilson Chandler for Collison, but I don’t know that NO would do that. Pacers are reportedly interested in offering #10 pick for Collison/Lawson and NO might want to cut salary (Okafor, Mo Peterson, Peja…) using Collison as bait… those are the rumors I’ve heard.

  22. I just looked at Collisons numbers and they are VERY misleading. Check out the link with his game log and look at games started from Jan 30, after Paul goes down.


    The avg for that period is around 19 with 9 assists and 1.5 steals! This is for a rookie player who took over mid year. Now put him in Dantoni’s system with a couple of FA’s and Gallinari.

    This is who we should be after… period.

  23. Well, Steve Kerr is out. I wonder if this means they’ll blow it up in Phoenix… you’ve got to believe that Amare is gone. Wonder if Nash will be made available? Not that we would have a reasonable offer….

  24. @20,

    I wouldn’t say Wilson Chandler is a steep price to pay. I like the guy, but with Gallo, possibly another wing-player coming in (Joe Johnson, Wade, LeBron), and Bill Walker, somebody has to go. Maybe it’ll be Bill.


    Darren Collison made the All-Rookie 1st Team. He was up there with Stephen Curry (the guy Walsh wanted), Tyreke Evans (the guy Walsh said was the best player in the draft), and Brandon Jennings (the guy Walsh took heat for not drafting). I’m sure I’ll take him over Rodriguez.

    I wouldn’t even say that the comparison was convincing of your point, as they were all similar. Per 36, there’s no overwhelming difference between anybody. Except maybe the TOV%. But otherwise, I’ll say Darren Collison will be a better NBA player than Sergio Rodriguez. I do agree that Emeka Okafor may be a high price to pay.

  25. Collison is a much better 3pt shooter than Sergio. He was great in college and shot 40% from three last year. That is very important for D’Antoni and very good next to a superstar. Also Collison was a very good defensive player in college. He will probably end up being an above average defender at the PG position.

    I would trade Chandler in a heartbeat for Collison. Chandler improved alot last year but if we get Wade or LeBron he is fairly redundant. He is only good as a slasher and if we get the star we want, the star will be the slasher and we would need spot up shooters to surround him with. Chandler is not a good spot up shooter; Collison, Douglas, Gallo and Walker all are.

    I think Okafor would be a great pick up, not as good as Biedrins but just about the next best thing. He is one of the best rebounders and shotblockers in the league. He is a bit small for a five but honestly I think that makes D’Antoni happy anyway.

  26. massive,

    Making All-Rookie does not mean you’re going to follow any particular career path (though it’s clearly a good thing). LaPhonso Ellis made All-Rookie 1st team with Shaq, doesn’t mean I would compare the two. Szczerbiak made it ahead of Marion and Artest (both 2nd team). Those are the first two seasons I randomly picked, the point is that not everyone who makes All-Rookie goes on to the same career success. Maybe Collison is the Shaq of this year’s team, maybe he’s the Ellis.

    Also worth noting that if Chris Paul never gets hurt or the coach turns to Bobby Brown instead and refuses to play the rookie, Darren Collison never makes All-Rookie 1st team. That’s not to take anything away from him, just to say that All-Rookie is a subjective award that shouldn’t figure too heavily into the discussion.

    It’s not a matter of whether you’ll take him over Rodriguez. My point is that his season was not much different from Rodriguez’s. They are close in terms of pts/36, TO%, TS%, Ast%… literally across the board: http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pcm_finder.cgi?request=1&sum=0&p1=rodrise01&y1=2010&p2=collida01&y2=2010 Collison was better on the whole, but the biggest difference is minutes. My point is that Collison had a good rookie season, but his career development is not a sure thing. Next season, or for the next 5, he could very conceivably be worse than Sergio Rodriguez. Just because of one average-to-above-average season, you can’t say he’s going to be x good going forward.


    I have no problem with Collison. He had a good rookie season. The fact remains, though, that on the whole he was a lot closer to a below-average PG like Sergio Rodriguez than to a HOF PG like Chris Paul. I literally laugh out loud when I hear people compare Collison to Chris Paul. It would be reasonable to *expect* Collison to be an above average PG and maybe even make one or more All-Star teams, but it’s not at all assured. People are talking about the guy as a must have who is worth bending over backwards to get. Even suggesting the Knicks take on Emeka Okafor’s contract to get him BEFORE taking a shot at LeBron…

    Apparently D’Antoni sees LeBron or Wade as playing PG. Again, neither is a good 3-pt shooter. So, apparently D’Antoni is not as obsessed with a PG who can shoot the 3 as everyone else is. Just because Steve Nash did x does not mean D’Antoni NEEDS another PG who can do x. His system is going to have to adapt to fit his personnel. It’s doubtful Collison will ever turn into the playmaker or overall extremely efficient scorer Nash is. Possible, but doubtful. There have only been so many PGs in NBA history who do either as well as Nash, let alone both. I’m not down on Collison, just being realistic about my expectations.
    Having LeBron/Wade at the 1 makes a Darren Collison less important. Toney Douglas can hit 3s, take it to the hole, defend, and doesn’t turn it over. Maybe Collison will be better or maybe worse than Douglas, either way I wouldn’t bend over backwards to put him next to LeBron/Wade instead of Douglas based on their rookie seasons: http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pcm_finder.cgi?request=1&sum=0&p1=douglto01&y1=2010&p2=collida01&y2=2010
    Last season Collison was not an above average defender. Maybe he will develop.

    Like I said, I’d probably (if not definitely) trade Chandler for Collison. However, if he were to choose NYK I wouldn’t look to only surround LeBron with “spot-up shooters.” That didn’t work for Cleveland. When Cleveland needed a basket LeBron was the only one who could do anything. Mo Williams stood in the corner like he had cement boots on. Anthony Parker tried, but he just doesn’t have enough any more. Delonte West was the only guard who could make something happen, but he was too busy totting around drugs and guns on his motorscooter to worry about basketball last season… If LeBron or Wade will be playing the PG for the Knicks, and a slasher on the wings would not be redundant. They took 63/64% jumpers last season, Chandler 62%. There’s plenty of real estate on the court for two players who can get to the basket but rely more on their jumper. It’s not as if both players will be going to the basket every single possession. The shooting ability of Douglas, Gallo, and possibly a Bosh/Lee along with the mere presence of a LeBron/Wade would give Chandler any spacing he needs. The Knicks offense really wasn’t half bad last season in the first place. Their D needs to improve a lot more than their O.

    I wouldn’t be outwardly upset with Okafor on the Knicks should other options fall through, but if the Knicks really want to contend for a title interior defense is critical. Okafor struggled defensively at the 5 in NO this season. Charlotte was always trying to get a 5 next to him. The Hornets had no real back-up C of note, but their defense was just as good without Okafor as with him. I don’t think he can hang at the 5 in the NBA. Having someone under 6-9 who gets pushed around inside is not ideal. Since D’Antoni has made it clear he only wants one big guy on the court, I find it important to make sure that “big” can actually handle himself against the big boys. We have to question whether D’Antoni will even play a 5 next to Bosh should Plan A work out, which is a scary thought… Chris Bosh as interior enforcer… good luck cracking the top 20 defensively…

  27. And, Ben, on a per game, rounded to the nearest tenth basis the difference between Collison and Rodriguez from behind the arc last season? Nothing. Per game Collison took 0.1 more attempts and hit 0.1 more attempts. Collison was better than Rodriguez last season, my point is just that he was not that much better. Collison could improve by leaps and bounds to become an All-NBA player (or at least very valuable), but as a 22 year old rookie the odds have to be just about as good that he doesn’t get too much better.

    Massive, a near and dear All-Rookie 1st team example: 2005-6. Channing Frye was on the 1st team with Chris Paul and Deron Williams… ahead of 2nd teamer Danny Granger…

  28. I would only take Okafor and Collison in a trade for Curry I would not use our cap space to get them.

    What worries me about Sergio is he had his best year by far from behind the arc and still was not great. Collison shot 40% last year and over 40% in college, odds are he will continue to be a great three point shooter.

    Collison was not alot better than Sergio last year but Collison was alot better than Sergio in any of Sergio’s three preeceeding years, and while large improvements are not necessarily in the bag for Colliosn he seems to already be an average starting PG in the NBA. That and his strengths seem to line up with what D’antoni wants; great shooter, good distributer and should be, one day be at least, a solid defender.

    Collison is not, nor will probably ever be a star, but I would rather take a chance on a Douglas/Collison PG tandum than overpay someone like Parker. If we can get him without using capspace, only Curry’s expiring, or by trading one of our assets besides Gallo I think its a good move.

  29. I mostly agree on Collison. I’ll take him, but it’s not like NO is likely to give him away. There are rumors they might be able to have the #10 pick for him. There are teams (Minni, NJ) that might take Okafor and Collison/#10 off their hands for immediate salary cap gratification on draft night rather than waiting will July and suffering a year of paying Curry. (Minni might not be a fit, but Okafor is a defensive upgrade. Main motivation is if the #10 pick helps them trade up to get Evan Turner. Okafor might actually be a good compliment for Lopez as a rebounder/big, tough 4. Would likely have diminishing returns offensively as both as poor jump shooters who need to score inside… Drafting Favors or Cousins might also make Okafor excessive.) There are also plenty of expirings out there besides Curry. And this is all assuming the Hornets are looking for cap relief and prefer to move Okafor than James Posey + more in return for Collison (for example).

    If you’re talking about a free agent strike-out back-up plan… Since you’re paying Okafor and Collison combined only a bit more than you might be paying Parker… I guess it’s preferable. Parker’s expiring deal does give you more options, though, while Okafor’s contract takes up close to 1/3 your cap space until 13/14…

    Don’t know if Sergio had a fluke year or got better. His 3p% has steadily risen the past three years, so it’s not as if this came out of no where. And 35% from 3 is perfectly respectable. He took 50% more 3s per minute than Collison if you’re super-obsessed with creating spacing by taking outside shots, and his overall scoring efficiency was higher. Sergio had a career year scoring the ball, but his ast% was below his career average. (37.7 in Sacto, but dropped to 26.9 in NY…) Worst rebounding year. Steals, TOs right at average. Also in favor of him repeating is that this was his first season away from McMillan. Anyway, I don’t expect Sergio to be in the NBA next season.

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