2010 Report Card: Danilo Gallinari

Perhaps Gallinari’s biggest accomplishment in 2010 was just as simple as staying on the court. The Knicks forward only managed 412 minutes in his rookie year due to a preseason back injury. The biggest question surrounding Gallo going into this season was not how well could play, but how much he could play. Being second on the team in minutes played (2747) was the best way he could answer.

As for his actual development, Gallinari showed that his rookie season wasn’t a fluke. The guy can flat out shoot. Granted he failed to live up to the spectacular shooting percentages of his rookie season, but a 57.9 TS% for a 21 year old is impressive. Best known for his three point shot, Gallo hit 38.2% of his treys at almost exactly the same rate of attempts as his rookie year. (2009: 6.3 3pa/36, 2010: 6.4 3pa/36). But Gallinari added a second aspect to his game, getting to the line. His free throw attempts nearly doubled (2.4 to 4.0 fta/36), due to some acting worthy of “Serie A.” Non-Italian speaking NBA fans might think he earned the name “Rooster” by the way he flails his body at the slightest amount of contact. When driving towards the hoop he’s smart enough to continue with the play post-whistle, even while his body is convulsing earning a fair amount of “and-ones”.

Another aspect of Gallinari’s game is his strong defense. Although he’ll never be confused for a defensive stopper, he’s quick, active and interested enough to keep his opponent in front of him. His steal and blocked shots are average at best, but he does provide good coverage on his man. Given his thespian prowess on offense, you’d hope he’d be able to add the ability to feign contact and draw charges.

There are a few weaknesses in his game he needs to round out. The first is his non existent first step. For a player that shows quickness on defense, Gallo lacks the deftness to get past his defender from the outside. This forces him to give up the ball often when on the perimeter, and appears as if he’s being passive on offense. Gallinari is more apt to put the ball on the floor from the mid/low post, so it isn’t necessarily his handle that is causing the issue. To become a more complete player, he’ll need to be able to create from the perimeter consistently.

Additionally Gallinari’s rebounding is nearly non-existent. Granted he does spend time defending the perimeter, but he is not aggressive on either side of the glass. Looking at his list of similar players, it’s clear that Gallo is lacking in this area in comparison to players of the same ilk. For a 6-10 forward, to be compared unfavorably to Tim Thomas and Quentin Richardson indicates a clear red flag in this area.

Despite his full blown hyalophobia and bouts of Griffin Syndrome Gallinari’s sophomore season was a success. Luckily he’s still young enough to address these issues. Should Gallo fix both of these deficiencies, some All Star games lie in his future.

Report Card (5 point scale):
Offense: 4
Defense: 3
Teamwork: 4
Rootability: 5
Performance/Expectations: 4

Final Grade: A-

Similarity Scores:

.000 Danilo Gallinari 2010 NYK 14.8 57.5 52.3 16.0 0.9 5.2 1.8 1.0 0.8 1.4
.058 Chase Budinger 2010 HOU 14.1 54.5 52.2 15.9 0.9 5.3 2.1 0.8 0.3 1.2
.058 Dirk Nowitzki 2000 DAL 17.5 56.4 51.3 17.6 1.2 6.5 2.5 0.8 0.8 1.7
.069 Luol Deng 2007 CHI 18.7 56.0 51.8 18.1 1.7 6.8 2.4 1.1 0.6 1.8
.070 Rashard Lewis 2001 SEA 17.3 58.7 55.0 15.2 1.9 7.2 1.7 1.2 0.6 1.7
.076 Martell Webster 2008 POR 12.0 54.8 51.6 13.5 0.9 5.0 1.5 0.7 0.5 1.4
.101 Austin Daye 2010 DET 12.8 54.6 51.4 13.7 1.3 6.8 1.3 1.0 1.0 1.9
.108 C.J. Miles 2009 UTA 11.8 54.6 51.5 14.6 1.0 3.7 2.4 1.0 0.3 1.4
.114 Omri Casspi 2010 SAC 13.0 52.9 50.2 14.8 1.4 6.5 1.8 1.0 0.3 1.8
.123 Tim Thomas 1999 TOT 16.0 54.5 51.1 15.9 2.2 5.6 2.0 1.2 0.5 2.0
.126 Quentin Richardson 2002 LAC 17.4 53.4 50.4 18.0 1.9 5.6 2.1 1.3 0.4 1.7

After a full season, we have a better idea of what Gallo is like. On the good side is that his efficiency is the second highest on this list, and his steals/blocks are near the top as well. On the bad side his rebounding is among the worst, and his PER is well below the top guys (Dirk, Lewis, and even Deng). What’s most odd is that there are three other youngsters on this list (Budinger, Daye and Cassipi). It’ll be interesting how the four separate themselves from each other as the seasons progress.

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44 thoughts to “2010 Report Card: Danilo Gallinari”

  1. It’s hard to comment on this piece. You covered all the bases so well there’s not much else that can be said.

    I think you can add that very late in the season he started to post up some of the smaller defenders. That bodes well for increasing his usage and drawing more fouls next year.

    He’s clearly not a good rebounder for a guy that’s 6’10”, but he’s on the perimeter an awful lot at both ends of the court and seems to defer to Lee when they are both in the area for the same rebound. I think he’d be capable of more if he got more aggressive and drew some more assignments against PFs.

    All in all I was satisfied with his season and especially the way he closed out the year on a higher level.

  2. I just thought of something I am disappointed about.

    Before the Knicks drafted him (something I was very keen on doing) I read a few articles about how he was PG when he was a kid and eventually outgrew the position. The few youtube videos I saw also showed some good handle and passing.

    I was expecting more playmaking ability from someone like that.

    He show flashes of excellent passing, but then you don’t see anything again for a long time. I’d like to see him create for his teammates some more when he is defended well.

  3. I like Gallo, and I’m glad he’ll be a Knick next year. But A-? First, that’s a higher grade than Lee, which seems profoundly unfair. Second, you have the starting 3 and 5 at A- and B+, and I presume that Chandler belongs in that grade range too. Come to think of it, Harrington’s offense has to be B or better range too, right? Does that mean this whole losing season will be pinned on Duhon’s certain F? Somewhere these grades have to reflect the reality of a very disappointing season. I think Gallo, and his invisibility cloak, is partly to blame for the losses, and I would lean toward B-. Otherwise, you have him in Nowitzki territory, which is just not the case. Not yet.

    [For reference: It just seems like a starting team of B grade players would yield something like 45-50 wins, right?]

  4. “[For reference: It just seems like a starting team of B grade players would yield something like 45-50 wins, right?]”

    Probably, but it would depend on the makeup of the team and how the minutes are partitioned. If the Cavs won 45-50 games, and I were doing their report card, the average would be lower than a B. If the Knicks won that many, it would be higher.

    The grades are based on a curve, partially based on expectations of the player. Otherwise every team’s 9th-12th players would automatically have Fs. Younger players get a little more of a pass than vets, established players that don’t live up to their expectations do worse.

  5. Honestly, a former lottery pick who shows up on the same comparables list as rookies Casspi, Daye, and Budinger doesn’t deserve an A-

  6. Additionally, Gallo didn’t start posting big numbers until Harrington was out in April. Anyone will average more points if they get more shots. Gallo isn’t anything more than a catch/shoot guy if they manage to get a star like LeBron or even have to settle for a Joe Johnson.

  7. Rashidi, it’s not that Gallo started to take an exceeding amount of shots when Harrington was out, it’s he started to take a normal amount of shots. If anything, we should be judging Gallo more on when Harrington was injured rather then when he was playing.

  8. Love Gallo. I think the way he played in April was the most encouraging. At the end of the season after he had that stretch where it looked like he had hit the wall he played great in April and looked good doing so. He had an extra spring in his step and was getting to the FT line alot more and not just always settling for 3pters. He also had big games against the Nuggets and Celtics when after the games you had Melo and KG giving him major props.

    I do hope though that even with the hopefully much better teammates he will be playing with next season he doesnt go back to just spotting up for 3’s and deferring to his teammates but keeps the same mentality he had in April.

  9. I can’t believe we just saw three out of the four second round series turn out to be sweeps.

  10. Yup, 1st time 3 sweeps in the 2nd round since 1999 when one of the sweeps was the Knicks sweeping the Hawks!!

  11. Bosh ending the season out of the playoffs and unhappy…………check
    Wade’s playoffs ending on a sour note…………..check
    Johnson’s playoffs ending miserably………………check

    So far, from a Knick FA perspective, the playoffs couldn’t be going any better, with the exception of Amare. If the Celts could somehow knock off the Cavs (which unfortunately I don’t believe will happen) I would be feeling REALLY good about this summer!

  12. Anyone still think Joe Johnson will command a max offer? He may have really played himself out of a big contract.

    Meanwhile – what is the Cavs’ cap situation after this year assuming they let Shaq walk? Looking at the trade machine it looks like they are around $60M+ if they let all walk-able players walk – seems to me they are still at or over the cap unless they give up LBJ’s bird rights – can’t imagine they would ever do that. So they would be looking at a MLE player in an offseason where there is more cap room then ever in the league – may net only a marginal role player. If the Cavs don’t win the championship, can they realistically get better before 2012?

  13. “If the Cavs don’t win the championship, can they realistically get better before 2012?”

    Barring cap-clearing trades, they will have only the MLE. No 1st round pick either (Jamison).

    They CAN get better though, but only if JJ Hickson improves. He is their only player still on the upswing (besides LeBron himself).

    And it’s not only 2010. In 2011 they will be over the cap too, if they sign LeBron.

  14. Not too huge a fan of Isola, but in reading his latest entry he notes that the Knicks are one of the few teams in the league that don’t employ an advance scout. At first I thought this meant that we didnt have anyone looking at advanced stats – which the Darryl Morey’s, Marc Cuban’s of the world (not to mention every conceivable reader/contributor of this site) would deem foolish.

    In looking into it and learning that advance scouting is about dedicating a single person to scouting opposing team’s gameplans, and then comparing this to my scant knowledge of our coaching staff’s methods (via the Mike D’Antoni show) I’m wondering if this is a good or bad thing. Can anyone enlighten me?

    Also – while we’re all struggling to come up with the best draft day decisions for the club (is curry’s contract too exorbitant to trade for a pick in the first rd?), what the hell is the liklihood that we pick up a gem or two in the 2nd round. Its exasperating to think that with good scouting we could wind up with someone like a Goran Dragic, but on the flipside run the possibility of landing the next Zan Tbak. Considering how critical this draft is for us, I’m friggin hope they’re working triple overtime to dig up some diamonds and make some serious draft day trades with the few assets we have.

  15. The advance scouting thing is curious, and I’m not sure it’s entirely true. Although I’m still not sure why D’Antoni hasn’t added a real bigs coach to the staff. Ewing obviously would’ve helped. Maybe Laimbeer could help if he gets shut out of the head coaching spots.
    There is virtually no way we can trade Curry’s contract for a draft pick. The allure of the Curry contract is to exchange a longer undesirable contract of equal amount for Curry’s. The hope on our end is that that player will only be average and not horrible like Curry (i.e. Okafor) and it will be worth it for the team wanting to clear that cap space for 2011.
    This would be foolish for Walsh to even think about BEFORE the free agent signing period (it’s a possibility after the cards a shuffled.) It would never happen.
    Regardless, we don’t really want a 1st rounder (maybe late first) because then we have to pay that $$ which would eat into our precious cap space. At the most, I would move up in the 2nd round if we are targeting someone we really want, although I’m not totally sold on the Knicks targeting practices…
    If the Knicks could buy the Hawks pick at 24 and take Eric Bledsoe, I think that would be a worthwhile gamble. In the 2nd round I like Armon Johnson – he looks like a D’Antoni player. Also intrigued by Mikhail Torrance – he’s a 6’5″ pg that’s been playing well of late. As far as bigs go, I love Larry Sanders, but he’s a mid to late first. Varnado’s the next best thing but he might go real quick in the 2nd round. Brackins can score and seems like a D’Antoni type. And I’m still intrigued by Zoubek’s potential as a big C.
    These are my thoughts, but if I had to guess right now what Walshtoni will do (if the 2 picks stay where they are) I would go with Brackins at the first pick and Lance Stephenson with the 2nd (if and only if, he is in great shape for the workouts.) If not Lance, then maybe Dominique Jones from USF. Coach can’t resist athletic guys that can score buckets.

  16. Jomo: “Considering how critical this draft is for us…”

    I disagree with this statement. While it would be obviously great to find one of those diamonds in the rough with our mid-round 2nd picks, I view this draft as fairly inconsequential for us. In terms of critical, I would rank this free agent season the most critical. After all we gave up a lot of assets (the McGrady trade) just to be in play to sign two max free agents. And if one of them isn’t named Lebron, I think we will all be somewhat disappointed. Even if we do not land Lebron, I believe we need to get some real difference makers in this free agency period or pretty much this past two years of suffering has been for naught.

    After free agency I would rank the development of our younger kids the key to next season. How Gallo, Douglas, and Chandler develop is also extremely important in my opinion. Not just next season but beyond.

    After that this draft falls way down on the importance list for me. Hopefully we find that diamond, but the more likely scenario is that we find a couple of guys to fill out the roster.

  17. ess dog,

    From what I have read Varnado sounds like a shot blocking machine, something the Knicks sorely need. Per DraftExpress.com they currently have him going two picks after the Knicks select, so maybe he might still be on the board.

  18. I guess I labeled it as critical because of our obvious drought of players. I figured we’d have to get at least 3 picks out of this draft to fill out the roster, with at least 2 of them being serviceable enough to get at least some PT.

    Lets assume we land one marquee guy in Free Agency and strike out on the others, I think Walsh will certainly preserve as much cap space as possible for 2011 (Melo, please god let it be Melo), meaning, the odds of him throwing contracts at miscellaneous players is unlikely.

    I mean I’m all about the idea of getting one solid guy this year and some nice role players while having just enough to nab a guy like Melo or Paul next summer, as opposed to splurging on a duo like Bosh and Johnson, or Amare and Gay. Or Gay Johnson… I just think the unlikelihood of us being carefree in Free Agency makes it that much more pertinent that we do well in this draft. Especially considering the amount of attainable bigs (Whiteside, Alabi, etc). A S&T with Lee for Okafor and their pick at 11 seems like it could yield a low-cost, semi-productive tandem of bigs. Could be way off on all of the numbers and stuff with that, but i like the concept.

  19. “while we’re all struggling to come up with the best draft day decisions for the club (is curry’s contract too exorbitant to trade for a pick in the first rd?), what the hell is the liklihood that we pick up a gem or two in the 2nd round.”

    Not sure if there is a “likelihood” you can affix to it, but history is on Donnie Walsh’s side. In 1990 he had only the 45th and 46th picks and managed to draft two rotation players– one of them becoming an all star.

    As for trading Curry for a 1st rounder: probably not. But– Orlando does have A LOT of money tied up in its bench, so if they want to be relieved of Gortat and Bass, their 29th pick could be used. Curry wouldn’t be the worst way for them to go. Maybe they could get more value, maybe not. But NY (or anyone else) would have to decide if they want to spend all their 2011 cap space on Orlando’s bench players.

  20. Unfortunately i don’t see that scenario happening. For a few reasons. Firstly Lee is not going to sign a deal for less than at least 4 years and then you have to think why would NO just shuffle the pack and offer up a number 11 pick. Lee is a decent player but ultimately plays a similar role to D West. Correct me if im wrong. Then you have to think is Lee going to sign a contract with the Knicks that is anywhere below market value or even near it if a) it is too short b) he has any suspicion that he is going to be dealt to a similarly poor situation in NO.
    I also wouldn’t be in any rush to deal Curry, i’m not saying i wouldn’t but i would wait for the right deal. The more i look at it the more i realise the Knicks are in a stronger position this summer than i previously thought. Not only can they go after potentially two guys this summer but, IF (and its a big if), the knicks can lure 2 marquee Free Agents it could well be to do with the major trump card the Knicks hold. Curry’s contract enables us to offer 11 million to a free agent in 2011. Thats no small number, its not Max money but if New York looks good enough that summer max money FA’s may be tempted by David Lee level money. Just a thought. It to me really strengthens the Knicks position and is seriously undervalued. I fully accept i could be wrong and misguided. But if i was recruiting this summer I wouldn’t be selling the Garden, Gallinari or Greatness this year but instead History the year after to the like the league has never seen. LeBron, Wade and Melo is for the next month and a half at least possible and for now i shall dream and hold onto Eddy Curry’s contract until it cannot be sold to a free agent this summer.
    As far as the money we throw about this year i don’t have any reason to have any feelings of distrust towards Walsh. He seems to me to have given great diligence to the job at all times and is driven by a passion to make New York great again. Although all the perfect moves may not have been made, are they ever? Do we seriously expect that every team in the league was going to roll over and let us change the face of the franchise and do it the way that least hurt the Knicks. Donnie Walsh has done, in my opinion at least, a fairly stout job in rebuilding this franchise. It is this fact that leads me to beleive he will not rush anything he does not fully understand this summer. Now unfortunately it is the nature of the beast that we may end up slightly over paying a playeer in the stoudemire and johnson bracket because if we don’t sign them someone else will and the Knicks have to get someone. At Max money, which they will get, neither of them or Bosh are good value and will leave a sour taste in the mouth of everyone here in Knickdom. But i imagine it will also leave a sour taste in the mouth of Walsh. Not one of those guys is going to change the fate of the franchise but they will make us better than the teams that don’t get them and unfortunately they will ultimately de value my much championed Eddy Curry contract.
    As for rookies, I really don’t believe we are under any great pressure to get anyone. We have a gimmie in Bill Walker, do we really think any rookies would be as effective as him? Possibly but we got him for virtually nothing. If we strike out on all the marquee free agents then yes we need to focus on the draft as a crucial moment. But even if we get one i think we must focus on the fact we will at the very very worst look like this


    Bill walker

    Plus whoever else and a gargatuan amount of flexibility! It frustrates me how we seem to be losing site of the fact that we have been crying for sometime now to develop a different mindset around the ball club. That team would not make the playoffs and do not for a second think i am pulling for this to be the result of this summer but i would watch and will them to win more than i would a team comprising Hughes, Randolph, Curry, Marbury, Francis et al.

    My dream :-

    Lebron/Chandler/ Gallinari/ Anthony
    Servicable Pick up attracted by the opportunty

    Draft Pick
    Draft Pick
    Vets Signing for Min

    This will likely never happen but we must give the powers that be a modicum of credit for allowing this to at least be a possibilty.

  21. ““[For reference: It just seems like a starting team of B grade players would yield something like 45-50 wins, right?]”

    Probably, but it would depend on the makeup of the team and how the minutes are partitioned.”

    Yeah– the problem with the Knicks wasn’t so much what they had, but rather what they lacked. No PG, no C, no defensive presence, no post-presence, etc…. It’s silly to say Gallo deserved a low grade because the team sucked. If the team had a center who could block shots, everyone would get better grades. Obviously a curve is needed to account for team problems, not individual ones.

  22. So, if the Cavs lose this series to the Celtics, how much does that increase LBJ’s chances of leaving? I mean, they did everything they could to win (granted LeBron is injured to some degree) and the Cavs still can’t beat the aging Celtics. In my mind, that would almost double his chances of leaving.

  23. So, if the Cavs lose this series to the Celtics, how much does that increase LBJ’s chances of leaving? I mean, they did everything they could to win (granted LeBron is injured to some degree) and the Cavs still can’t beat the aging Celtics. In my mind, that would almost double his chances of leaving.

    Yeah, it has to be a major boon for any team trying to lure Lebron away.

  24. 1) J. Abbey – Love the NY Mag piece. I especially like that they did their HW and made LBJ #6 in the computer generated image of him in a Knick jersey whereas the Daily News in a similar kind of piece depicted him as #23.

    2) CELTS LOOK AMAZING. Let’s hope they put together one more game like this!

    “So, if the Cavs lose this series to the Celtics, how much does that increase LBJ’s chances of leaving?”

    Well if he wins it all or comes close his chance of leaving are 0% so it’d be great to prevent that possibility.

    I think it’s still the same old question; would he prefer the exciting, [very] uncertain, new opportunity in the big market (I’ll estimate this as having a 40% chance of happening aka slightly less likely than him staying) or to play for a definite winner in his home state (60%). Unfortunately, I don’t think LBJ will count out the Cavs for next year. He prob. feels he could do more if he was not hurt right now and will prob. be pissed if the Celts or Magic eliminate them. He’s prob. not worried about the cap situation, either; the team has been aging and has had a log jammed payroll for years now and they still manage to keep getting better. I keep thinking of Shaq leaving Orlando for L.A. in hope that LeBron will have similar ideas, but it just feels like comparing apples and oranges.

  25. “Unfortunately, I don’t think LBJ will count out the Cavs for next year” I tend to disagree. I think if he goes out in 6 in the 2nd round, it gives him the “cover” to leave town. He joins another top FA ( and it could be D Wade in Miami) and claims it’s all about winning, which is consistent with what he’s been saying all along. Can he really believe that he has a chance for a title next year with this current Cavs team plus maybe a MLE guy? As I said in an earlier post, these playoffs are going about as perfectly as a Knicks fan could hope for (barring a Cavs 7 game series win of course)

  26. D-Mar – Being the biggest celebrity in NY or Miami (and playing w/ Wade) to me, personally, trumps getting Cleveland its first championship or winning one for the home state, or being close to Akron. BUT if you play devil’s advocate it’s easy to see that LeBron may want to take another shot in Ohio. So what if Jamison will be 34 instead of 33 and Shaq and Z will be another year older? He can still sign w/ the Cavs for 6 years (for more money, mind you) and be the biggest star in NY in his 30’s. I think LeBron believes that Cavs’ management has consistently gotten him the teammates he needs; Moe, Antwan, Shaq, Ben Wallace, Wally, etc. I hope I’m wrong; but the thought of returning to the Cavs may remind LeBron of biting into a piece of dry toast the way we might think (hope) it does.

  27. “I think LeBron believes that Cavs’ management has consistently gotten him the teammates he needs; Moe, Antwan, Shaq, Ben Wallace, Wally, etc. ”

    hahaha, no. I think he believes the exact opposite, and rightly so.

  28. John Hollinger said on Twitter that was one of the biggest playoff wins in Knicks history.

    now finish them off, Boston (that’s hard to write, but I’m going to be yelling hard on Thursday).

  29. Okay, about this whole LeBron thing:

    1) LeBron said he is on a mission and will stop at nothing before his goal is reached. This goal is to bring Cleveland a championship. You think LeBron is going to leave town empty-handed? I think not.

    2) Cleveland, in my opinion, has done a terrible job going after players to make Cleveland the best supporting cast. They should’ve gotten a guy like Rip in a trade to guard Ray Allen, Vince Carter, and Kobe. Antawn Jamison was a good move, but I wouldn’t have taken him. I would’ve tried to pry David West from Cleveland, even David Lee from us if they took back Jared Jeffries. Maybe they did try this (i doubt they spoke to us), but Jamison isn’t exactly a game-changer anymore.

    3) Any chance we probably had of getting LeBron is probably reduced to nothing. Blame Spike Lee and the New York media. You under NO circumstances let a guy know that you’re rooting for him to lose a game in hopes that you play for his team. I mean to me, its disrespectful to show up at a game in a Knicks jersey, asking Boston players, the same players you hate on any other occasion, to go out and beat LeBron. I would never appreciate that if I was LeBron. Its okay to root for Boston undercover, but when you make it public? That’s almost class-less. You’re supposed to make it look like you always wanted everything to work out, but when it doesn’t, that’s when you swoop in.

    Its almost like when that girl you like is having problems with her boyfriend because she thinks he cheated. You don’t make it known that you begged that other girl to go cheat with her boyfriend, because then she’s going to hate you for breaking up something good. You gotta be smart and understand that emotions are going to get involved for LeBron and Cleveland this offseason.

    With all of that being said, I am still not rooting for Boston. I hate the Celtics (except for Ray, Nate, and Rondo), and I love watching LeBron bully teams. Also, I don’t think LeBron is leaving Cleveland without that ring.

    Besides, Boston has done us enough justice. They gave us Bill Walker for nothing, and showed D-Wade he had to score 46 points in order to win a playoff game in Miami. I don’t care what you say, Wade, Beasley, Boozer, James Jones, a 1st rounder, and some half-dead vets isn’t going to do much better than Atlanta did this year. Especially if LeBron stays, Joe Johnson goes to Chicago, and Bosh is in NY waiting for Melo and possibly Tony Parker. Wade is 28 and needs a win-now situation, and to dominate the ball. New York is honestly the best destination for him.

  30. Dear Abbey –

    I’m suggesting he is confident in Cavs management because they built a team that won 66 games and flipped essentially nothing for Shaq and Jamison. And he doesn’t feel salty towards them to the extent that he feels he needs to play for a new team like Shaq did towards Kupchak in L.A. or D’Antoni did towards Steve Kerr in PHX.

    I know during LeBron’s career that the Cavs have let Andre Miller and Carlos Boozer skip town but those were Paxson’s/Gund’s mistakes not Ferry’s/Gilbert’s. The Larry Hughes signing was a desperate move to find LeBron his Pippen.

    I’m not saying that he won’t decide NY is a better opportunity. I just think that the view that he would leave his hometown and forgo signing the biggest contract that he can (w/ the Cavs) because the Cavs are getting older may not get past the Celts (Celts DO have KG, Rondo, Pierce, Allen AND not to mention LBJ probably feels like he is seriously under-performing due to the bad elbow) is narrow.

  31. I seriously doubt LeBron is going to cross
    the Knicks off his list because Spike Lee is rooting for the Celtics. If LeBron does not come here it will be for other reasons.

  32. they got Shaq and Jamison for essentially nothing because that’s what they’re worth without LeBron on their team, especially given their contracts. Orlando’s done a much better job surrounding their young franchise player with talent, and in less time.

  33. Ive heard/read some rumors about the Knicks being interested in Tony Parker. Possibly a sign and trade deal for Lee and some other piece. He would be a great addition because he is so lethal on pick and roll situations. Plus Mike D’s style opens up the floor more for Parker and saves his body more.

    I dont know about you guys but Im really keen on going after Salmons instead of JJ. The Fish would go for far cheaper and for great value. Considering how bad Johnson played and getting close to 30 years old it doesnt bode well to offer him a max contract.

    And if my math is correct. We should still be able to offer a max contract since Parker is owed 13.5 for next season, Salmons would command somewhere near 9-10 mill and if the cap does increase we should have space.

  34. Salmons at $10 million or JJ at $16 million – close call as to which is more ludicrous..

    David Lee for Tony Parker? No thanks…, More like Chandler for Parker.. I don’t think it’s gonna happen, but I’m a Parker fan.

  35. game 6 of Boston/Cleveland is the biggest game for the Knicks franchise in a long, long time. suck it up and root for the Celtics to embarrass Cleveland again, Orlando is going to crush them next round anyway.

  36. “David Lee for Tony Parker? No thanks…, More like Chandler for Parker…”


    First off, why “no thanks”? If Lee is destined to leave NY, a Parker deal gets good value in return, at a position we need, at a reasonable rate. It also maintains our 2011 cap space, as Parker would be on the last year of his deal.

    Secondly, the only way Chandler can be traded for Parker is if Eddy Curry is included. (Deal Breaker!)

  37. I would mean, Chandler for Parker-plus.. draft pick, Tiago Splitter, something like that.

    I guess the sign and trades depend on what Lee’s offers are, where he’s willing to go. Sure, much rather have Parker than nothing – he’s a good player.

  38. I think Harrington should have gotten like a C, maybe a C+. Gallo a B. I would give Lee an A- (top grade for the team). Duhon an F. Chandler a B.

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