2010 Game Thread: MIN @ NYK

Obviously, so long as a team is technically in playoff contention, there is no such thing as a “must win,” but let’s be serious, with Dallas hosting Milwaukee, Phoenix hosting Charlotte and the Knicks hosting Minnesota, well, this is a pretty big night to see if the Knicks have any real chance at making the playoffs (do note that the Knicks are now four games out of the #8 spot).

Place your in-game comments here!

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36 thoughts to “2010 Game Thread: MIN @ NYK”

  1. I love how the Wolves are losing by 24 points in the 2nd quarter (to the Knicks!) and they are flubbing ally-oop attempts…

    Seems like the perfect place for Nate to play!

  2. lol @ jeffries stealing and the awkwardly forcing the dribble up court until someone was forced to steal it back from him….

  3. Sheridan in a chat today has the Knicks winning the T-Mac sweepstakes. I’d pretty much forgotten about that..

  4. I guess he can still shoot, though! (Not that a breakaway 3 pointer to up the lead to 30 shows much class…)

  5. I noticed D’Antoni didn’t take Lee out until right after he got his 10th rebound. Think he’s trying to pump up Lee’s double-double totals for the All Star voters?

  6. Harrington just spanked Pavlovic’s butt 3 times after hitting that layup.

    You never know what you’ll see during extended garbage time…

  7. Breen said that Hill is in the locker room because he isnt feeling well so that answers that question.

  8. Why was Al Harrington the Knick’s player of the game? Lee made 4 more baskets while taking 1 less shot. Lee had more points, assists, and blocks, a higher +/-, and the same amount of rebounds, and steals. Harrington beat him in 0 categories.

    Plus, Lee didn’t play the 4th quarter (all garbage) while Harrington padded his stats.

    Lee should demand a recount!

  9. The Suns/Bobcats game is on NBATV right now.

    Tune in to see the Bobcats win yet another game!

  10. The Bobcats actually won that one although the Bucks lost a squeeker to the Mavs =)

    I would love the Knicks to enter the playoffs but lets be honest, talent-wise we’re not at the level “supposedly” of say Toronto or Chicago although both seem to be inconsistent also at times. If ever they do lose, they lose fighting and not get blown by the opposing team without giving any fight.

  11. For the first time I just read a quote from Donnie Walsh talking about not only this off-season but next one too: “The way it’s set up now, we’re gonna have over $20 million for this summer,” he said. “And we can get another guy next summer.”

    I think most of us here when talking about the need to get rid of Jeffries and Curry always forget that if they cant that money will come off the books next season so its nice to see that Walsh is also aware of this and will not fool-heartedly just kill the team’s future cap space this off-season. Of course if they do sign Lebron then I would think they would try to sign other good FA’s with the mid-level and through trades not worrying about 2011 but again even if they cant land Lebron or Wade it is nice to see that Walsh clearly has a backup plan and is patient enough to see it out.

  12. I agree BigBlue..that is very refreshing-especially when the team is not playing as bad as most expected. I’m convinced now that Mike D really is a good, almost great coach. He is proving that he can field good teams with or without stars and adjust his system accordingly. So, my point is that’s another brilliant decision by DW-u know, hirin Mike D. The other one is obviously not makin any knee jerk trades. It can also be argued that another brilliant decision is his belief in Nate while Mike D wanted him out. I think we’ll be in good shape with DW and Mike D. I can breathe a lil easier now lol.

  13. a loss is a loss….its how u bounce back from that loss that matters most.
    The Knicks had no intentions of losing this game…..the Rapters will be the challenge on Thursday

  14. Mike Dantoni (favoritism) cost this Knick team to lose over 10 games this season….without Isiah Thomas (favoritism) this Knick Team were a .500 record team last season.

    Dantoni is the wrong coach for this team…

  15. BigBlue – My sentiments exactly. If we can retain Lee, sign 1 top FA in ’10, and another in ’11, I’d be very happy. I think the downside of not getting Curry and JJ out the door ASAP is overstated;

    1) Re: Making the team look attractive for LeBron – The Knicks have players and personnel in place that are good enough to lure LeBron or another top FA. i.e. If LBJ shies away from NY, it won’t be due to the current roster not being good enough;
    If he wants to be in NY, he would learn to live with DLee, Gallo, and Chandler (ok, maybe not Chandler) for at least 1 season, esp. if the Knicks are in the hunt for another star player (a PG for the love of God) as soon as 2011.

    2) If we miss out on getting LBJ AND Wade or LBJ AND Bosh because we can’t unload Curry, and the Knicks are unable to get another FA of that caliber in the following years, I’ll be pissed.

    On the other hand, a team not getting LeBron James AND Dwayne Wade in the same summer sounds like a nice problem to have after having been beaten by 50 pts. at home a few days ago!

  16. I like the job Mike D has done. Overall, this Knick team is obviously not a super talented group. The only true constant on the team who delivers every night is David Lee. Other than Lee, both Chandler and Gallo provide some production, but are not consistent at this point. So with one border line All Star in Lee and not much else, I believe Mike D has gotten about as much out of this group as one can hope. Before this season began I thought the team would probably have about as many wins as last year, but based on the way things are going, I think 36 wins might be reasonable.

    I do not agree with every aspect of how D’antoni runs the team. For example I would probably like to see people like Hill, Douglas and Robinson get more playing time over the likes of Harrington, Duhon, Bender. In addition, I think he sometimes could expand the rotation, especially on back to back nights. Overall, though he has brought a sense of accountability and discipline to this team, that is has sorely lacked for many years now.

    What will be really exciting is when we clear the ship this offseason and start bringing in some new blood, then I think you will see even more from Mike D. Right now in my opinion he is doing the best anyone could imagine with this group. I mean really, before the season, would anyone imagine that this team was a 40 win team. Not in my mind, but he has them playing much better than anybody every could have imagined and their team defense is so much better than last year. I for one am glad Mike D is the coach and believe he and Walsh now have this organization pointed in the right direction.

  17. Just a question, how is Chandler’s contractual situation. Does he become a RFA this summer?

    If so, his new salary would count against our cap in 2011, which would diminish our chances to get another Max FA then. So if we are unable to unload JJ or Curry (and the plan is to seek another max FA in 2011), maybe Walsh should try to get draft picks or rights for unsigned players (Rubio) for Chandler now.

  18. From the New York Post, here are some point guards they suggest that the Knicks have been looking into (all with expiring deals, of course):

    Portland’s Steve Blake, Detroit’s Chucky Atkins, Washington’s Mike James, Indiana’s Travis Diener, Golden State’s C.J. Watson, Oklahoma City’s Kevin Ollie and Memphis’ Marcus Williams.

    When you see names like this, you can almost understand why the Knicks are just biting the bullet with Chris Duhon.

    Although I guess I would be interested in seeing what Blake could do in D’Antoni’s system.

  19. Brian that’s pretty funny or sad b/c yeah they all make Duhon look not so bad but other than Blake they are all end of the bench guys while Duhon is starting and playing 30+.

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