2010 Game Thread: Knicks @ Warriors

It’s schadenfreude but I was pretty thrilled tonight when LeBron picked Jamal Crawford’s pocket with a minute & a half to go in the Cavs/Hawks game. For a second I dreamed it was the ugly past of the Knicks vs the bright future of the Knicks. I almost don’t want the off season to start, because it’s nice to dream of what could be rather than face the reality of a possible failure.

Anyway game on, late night Knick fans.

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32 thoughts to “2010 Game Thread: Knicks @ Warriors”

  1. Posted this in the previous thread but now that we have a game thread I feel like re-posting it here:

    Looks like Gallo covering is Steph Curry, too bad this doesnt happen regularly in Knicks practices :-(

  2. This is pathetic watching Turiaff look like Dwight Howard. Also nice to see Sergio and Harrington completely ignore Gallo basically pinning his man under the basket waiting for a pass.

  3. Knicks turning it over like crazy, almost 20 already and not even thru 3 quarters. Only player on team w/o a turnover is Gallo who has 6 asts and 13 pts so far. Hmmm, maybe I dunno he should have the ball a bit more often??????

  4. Can’t quite bring myself to turn it on…

    But Lee’s box score looks nice: 30-15-6 in the 3rd quarter!

  5. Okay– I confess. Lee’s line seduced me enough to turn it on.

    Knicks-Warriors always manages to be entertaining.

  6. “Gallo’s line not too shabby either.”

    Yeah. Have two Knicks ever had triple-doubles in the same game?

    Between the two of them they have 60 points, 28 rebounds, and 16 assists.

  7. Interesting that when Gallo has 25 pts on 19 shots he’s hailed as a hero and his not touching it more is bemoaned, but when Harrington puts in 26 on 20 shots he’s bashed for being a bum…

  8. I was referring to Gallo’s lack of turnovers compared to his teammates tonight. I HATE Harrington’s style of play because when he is off like tonight he continues to fire away with no regard for his teammates. When he is on fire by all means feed him the ball.

  9. “Interesting that when Gallo has 25 pts on 19 shots he’s hailed as a hero and his not touching it more is bemoaned, but when Harrington puts in 26 on 20 shots he’s bashed for being a bum…”

    Harrington hasn’t had 7 assists in a game all season.

    was hoping Lee could get 40/20/10, but looks like he came up just short.

  10. Of course Gallo wound up with 2 turnovers :-)

    BTW Gallo ended up with 29 pts, 8 rebs and 8 asts. When the hell was the last time Harrington had a line like that?? Howard Beck of the NY Times tweeted that Harrington hasnt had as many as 7 assists in a game since March 2006.

  11. Basketball Reference seems to say there hasn’t been a 37/20/10 game since at least 1986, which is how far back their records go.

  12. BTW I realize Gallo and Harrington average the same amount of assists per game which is around 1.5 so I know Im looking like an idiot right now :-)

  13. “Harrington hasn’t had 7 assists in a game all season.”

    Gallo hasn’t had 17 rebounds in a game in his career.

  14. Harrington has had a decent career so far, but Im assuming/hoping Gallo will have a much better career than Harrington. I do realize Harrington is having the better season now too but he just is really hard to root for with his shot selection and constant whining to the refs and falling after every drive and staying on the floor after not getting the foul call and watching the other team get a fastbreak basket.

    Although one thing I will never take away from Harrington is he does play his ass off every game.

  15. I don’t love Harrington, I just feel like he’s doing a solid job in his role as 6th man and often gets scapegoated for the 5 starters not being better.

    Glad to see Gallo have a good game. The past 3 games before this one he’s had more shots than points, though. Would be nice to see him doing this more regularly, and getting 8 asts against a team that at least acknowledges that defense exists.

  16. Harrington is definitely worth the mid-level exemption. Yeah Gallo had a streak of like 4 20+ pt games out of 5 before this brutal start to the road trip for him.

  17. Gallo had 3 very good scoring games, but was up-and-down for a couple weeks before that and had a terrible January.

    I suppose young guys are known for inconsistency, but I feel like there’s been more bad than good for a while. His scoring numbers are also so important because he rarely does much on the boards or passing. Would be nice to see the playmaking A LOT more. This is his first time above 5 assists in one game this season, and his ast% is lower than everyone on the team’s besides Curry and Giddens. I can excuse some of it to his role as a spot-up shooter, but only so much. I hope it’s a sign of things to come, but I’m not going to get too excited about one 8 ast game against an injury ravaged team that didn’t play defense even when healthy. His rebound rate is also lowest among frontcourt players on the Knicks (unless you consider Walker a frontcourt player). If he can’t pass or rebound his ceiling looks like Peja. Not a bad thing, but a disappointment. It’s nice to see him have a good game, I just can’t get too excited about what I hoped would be common this season for Gallo and bash Harrington for having a bad game.

  18. All that said, I suppose you could say Gallo has been just about as good as Harrington this season. Especially if he finishes strong.

    21 years old, 2nd in minutes played, .573 TS%, 38% 3P, 112 offensive rating, 5 Win Shares, maybe the best shot blocker currently on the team… And one reason he’s so pitiful rebounding is because he’s basically a guard offensively and doesn’t touch the offensive glass. Has shown plenty of promise on D. Would love it if he’s Peja 2.0, so long as the Knicks don’t max him out like NO did with Peja.

  19. My God Ted can you be at least a bit positive about something in regards to the Knicks!?!?!?!? lol

    Now Gallo all of 21 yo is disappointing too, must be D’Antoni’s horrible coaching. Just kidding kidding….

  20. Oh crap sorry didnt see your latest post. lol

    I think another thing that hurts his rebounding numbers is lately he is covering the opposing PG or best SG/SF so on D he is usually always on the perimeter as well just like he is usually on the perimeter on offense.

  21. I am alone in thinking I’d rather see Gallo guard the post a little more often these last few games? I think he’s already proven that he’s a pretty good perimeter defender but I’d like to find out if he’s someone you can think about playing the 4 for significant minutes. Right now he’s kind of a poor man’s Jeffries the way D’Antoni is using him- you can put him on anybody on the perimeter and he’ll do a pretty good job (he’s not as good a help defender as Jeffries right now and he gets lost off the ball a lot more often than JJ did- that said a little experience should help with both of those). A lot depends on who we sign/resign in the off-season, but, at his size and given that he has shown some shot-blocking ability I’d rather see him develop into a guy you can use at both the 3 and 4 rather than having him chasing point guards around the perimeter.

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