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  1. Y r we startin the game with Larry checkin LBJ? I know he’s our best perimeter defender..but LeBron’s gonna kill him inside…let Will guard him-he can be more physical. He’s still gonna get eaten alive tho..

  2. uh oh..’Bron’s J’s r fallin..maybe I need to take the statement I made on the “open letter” thread that LBJ couldn’t shoot lol

  3. Lee looks a little hungover if you ask me. Hughes is now our best player: damn, that’s sad. But when Gallo gets involved, it’s good. I’m hoping for more of that.

  4. im not sure whats worse:
    listening to van gundy and mark jackson
    watching duhon play against a good team
    watching jeffries trying to guard lbj

  5. So many missed lay-ups. They go to the basket and look to avoid contact, like they’re scared either of getting blocked or of getting a boo-boo.

    LeBron is so sick. He’s been well defended and still just sinking every shot. I agree with Van Gundy that someone on the Knicks needs to give a hard foul on LeBron. Then again, the Knicks aren’t really good enough for that. It will just make LeBron mad and he’ll embarrass them more.

    Gallo is still raw.

  6. when the offense was going through gallo the game was close when they ignored gallo and when he went to the bench the game got out of control.

  7. lol @ the pic espn jus showed on the screen…”where 2010 happens”…thas turrble as Charles Barkley would say..

  8. Ess-Dog–

    If you’re out there, know that I take back everything I said about Harrington yesterday. You are right!

  9. the only game i’ve seen this year where we weren’t down 20 by early 2nd quarter was the Hornets game..i’m gonna need a drink

  10. D’Antoni is driving me crazy… He seems like the worst possible coach for this team. First, he seems to be under the illusion that this is a good team that doesn’t have the right attitude. He needs to realize that this is not a good team and coach them to play harder and smarter than the competition. Telling guys like Harrington, Hughes, and Wilson Chandler to just shoot as much as they can and go one-on-one is ridiculous. It’s like there’s no talent AND no strategy… Chicken running around with their heads cut off.

  11. one thing’s 4 sure..we will make a run later in the game. I think Coach needs 2 give Milicic more run regardless of who we play. He should get close to 15mpg, I think he’d be effective in that role. That las thought jus makes me pissed with Eddy Curry..he shoulda thrived in NY….

  12. JVG: “When you’re undersized AND don’t shoot well… that’s just not a good combination.” Love it…

    Another D’Antonism that drives me nuts is that the Knicks altogether ignore the offensive boards… has since he got here. They run back on D and still stink defensively. Why not just hit the offensive boards hard?

  13. in total agreement with ted nelson… it just doesnt seem like dantoni is coaching at all… the past few possesions theres been absolutely no ball movement and a bunch of terrible 3 point attempts… it’d be nice to see him get a little frustrated and bench a few players- he is so lackadaisical right now

  14. I don’t like the coaching staff as a whole..D’Antoni needs dro drop one of “his guys” and hire a coach similar to Thibideaux so simply preach a better defensive scheme b/c the current scheme does not fit the players

  15. I do think D’Antoni has a point that the Knicks have no will to win. I miss Nate in this respect. He’s the one guy on the team who isn’t going to go into a game against the Cavs wide eyed. Nate is going to play hard and give it to them. Make them respond to them Lee has that attitude, but can’t really initiate the offense much. Hughes seems tough mentally, but he stinks at scoring… Harrington might want it, but just doesn’t seem to understand that the way to win is not to put your head down and drive every time. Gallo and Douglas look like, holy crap I’m in the NBA… what do I do???

  16. Word, Z. Man, Chandler is just an awful shooter. He’s like Josh Smith without the ‘roids.

  17. Hey Ted, at least Harrington’s not doin his lame behind the back dribble anymore, lol. I was wonderin when he’d learn that no head or shoulder fake makes a behind the back move useless in a one on one matchup..

  18. at this point every possesion should be run through gallo- he should run a pick and roll with lee (which worked well in their only win) or with harrington … it seems like our only semi-offensive strength is skilled big men who can finish- gallos got the court vision and dribbling skills to run it, we should just eliminate duhon from the equation

  19. Did anyone else see Hill totally shut down LeBron on one shot?

    And then hit a 20-footer?! Nothin but net.

  20. I loved the play where Lee saw someone wide open, went to pass to him, realized it was WC, and then held up… He turns and finds Gallo.

  21. uh, scratch what I said earlier about puttin Chandler on ‘Bron..we need to get Tonya Harding in the game so she can check (wink wink) Lebron. He can’t kill us from the locker room lol

  22. up by 23, 2.1 seconds left in the half, and mike brown uses his 20 second timeout… what a jackass

  23. it’s still early..23 points down ain’t that bad considerin the runs we’ve made in other games. Hopefully Cleveland will miss some shots and Coach will give Rooster the rock in the 2nd half

  24. This team is just terrible at finding the open man. I thought that was D’Antoni’s strong suit?

  25. I wish we could give Scott Skiles 8 grams of coke and 4 red bulls and lock him in a smoky room with this team during the half… it’s what they deserve.

  26. i don’t think the knicks are playing a terrible game. they are just clearly outmanned here. the shots are falling. that is our problem and will continue to be our problem. otherwise, i don’t know if the score is necessarily indicative of our performance. also, lebron has hit some tough ones. lets see if we can get some mometum in the 2nd half. attack shaq and illgauskas.

  27. yes..whoever shaq and Big Z are guarding should be on attack mode…especially when Shaq and Z r in the game at the same time

  28. ^Aren’t you the guy that said on the last thread you preferred keeping Chandler to signing LeBron??

  29. I wonder..has anybody thought about a young scorer like Rudy Gay joinin the Knicks in 2010? He’s affordable with the cap possibly goin down. As a plan B, of course..

  30. Van Gundy just proposed that >6 minutes of a 20 point blow-out there should be no more stats kept…

    Is that blasphemy here, or does he make a valid point.

  31. Boy, SeeWhyDee77– you are new here, aren’t you…?

    Check the archives, re: Gay, Iverson, etc… There have been books written here about these guys.

  32. lol..I only brought it up becuz I didn’t realiz he’s a FA in 2010, albeit restricted. I’m jus tryin to think of possible ways to get multiple players just incase we can’t move Eddy or the cap goes down

  33. game over. not a terrible game for ny. not too many turnovers.
    things I liked.

    1. Larry Hughes. Played within himself. Shot faked and moved in when possible. Pressured Lebron James and never let him sit back and be comfortable. Well done.

    2. I also thought Will stepped in a hit some nice mid range j’s. Sometimes this guy just looks lost out there.

    3. Gallo for keeping his head up shooting and D. Lee for fighting for rebounds down there. Not easy against the likes of Ilgauskass, Varejao…

    Not liked…

    1. Harrington’s propensity for turning the ball over and disrupting the offense. His one on one play is fine when he has a mismatch. But i though Varajeao played him well and sort of the ideal defender for Harrington. Need to learn to play in the offense when he has a good defender on him.

    2. Duhon is not punishing people at all. He refuses to try and finish on drives (or can’t) and his shot is horribly off. When he uses the pick and roll defenses just sag to Lee because they know Duhon is no threat to take it to the room.

    Overall not a bad game for our Knicks. Lebron his some unbelievable shots today. Something about MSG. Whatever, I hate how he celebrates and postures on oru home floor. Makes me real angry.

  34. Chandler made a play in the 2nd half that made me want to put my fist through the TV. He grabs an offensive rebound, dribbles AWAY from the basket, and puts up a fadeaway brick with about 20 seconds left on the new clock. What’s the opposite of high basketball IQ? Wilson Chandler.

    The game could have been a little interesting if Gallo had hit one of those 3’s in the 2nd quarter to put them down 13.

  35. Chandler must also improve his handle. Really limits what he can do. Especially because he doesn’t have a left hand yet.

  36. Mark Jackson is so anti-Knick, obviously still smarting about being snubbed for head coach. For him to claim that the Knicks were doing a bad job guarding LBJ in the 1st half is ludicrous, every shot he made was contested. The Knicks did a lot of things bad in that game, but their defense on LBJ was not one of them.

  37. Also, my thoughts on the Cavs…

    Shaq is a poor fit for this team. Slow and cannot play pick and roll defense. Duplicates Ilgauskas except cannot hit a J. Takes away touches from other players. For this team to compete they need some better low post play. I think their guards are pretty good with mo Williams, parker, west etc. But i don’t think this team is better than last years with the big acquisition of Shaq. I think (and hope) it will ultimately be a disappointing season for the Cavs.

  38. BTW, based on Marc Jackson’s comments I am so glad he was NOT hired as a head coach. This guy make some comments sometimes that just amaze me. I thought Van Gundy was right in when supporting Walsh despite the criticism. Its a GOOD plan that requires us to be undermanned in the short term. Lets ride it out and see what happens.

  39. Mark Jackson is horrible as an announcer. The only thing he is good for is to get Van Gundy going on a mini-rant once in awhile.

    Jeff Van Gundy is still da man!!!! BTW agreed that I actually thought the Knicks D was pretty good today to be honest, Im just shocked at how bad they have become offensively. They are beginning to really miss Nate and Duhon is proving he is by far the worst starting PG in the NBA. Chandler has become an enigma, he was actually pretty active on the boards tonight and on D but his shot selection continues to baffle everyone. I think he is still nowhere near 100% because not once this season have we seen him explode to the rim like he did every once in awhile last year.

    Time for Jordan Hill to start getting regular minutes off the bench because really who wants to see Jeffries play….

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