20 thoughts to “2010 Game Thread: Knicks @ Clippers”

  1. Im watching the Yankee game but when I just switched over to the Knick game for a minute I saw Duhon starting instead of TD. WTF????

  2. From the little Ive seen he has looked decent so far. Never mind, bricks both FT attempts. Still odd seeing such a tall looking player on the floor wearing a Knicks uniform.

  3. Hey, Frank Williams wore #30 so King’s number has been stained already, just like Oakley’s has been with Curry.

  4. Ah yes – forgot about Frank Dubs. Still, the only player I’d be okay w/sporting number 30 is/was Stephen Curry

  5. As a Mets fan, I can’t really ascribe a new season to any particular deity

  6. Gallo is either on fire or horrible, not much in between with him.

    Yeah Frank Im only flipping to the Knicks game during commercials, but this Red Sox comeback is beginning to piss me off.

  7. yeah. 5-5 now
    just shows this season will be a dog fight in the east. The Yanks and sox reloaded and look solid.
    If starters show weakness, there will be lots of runs…for both sides.

  8. This is a big game for us. We get the Clipper’s 2nd round pick, so the more games they lose, the more awesome our draft will be.

  9. did you hear lebron’s interveiw on baseball tonight? he laughed at the question that the yankees are his favorite team and it would effect him going to the knicks. He said it probably won’t effect his decision on which team he would play for.

  10. Do people actually believe that LeBron would choose to play for the Knicks because he liked the Yankees as a child?

    (Aside from John Kruk, that is.)

    Now that we ostensibly know that Nike won’t be giving him a significant amount of money to play here, the odds of signing him look quite poor.

  11. LeBron just likes all the attention.

    He must get a real kick out of how the basketball loving world is so completely obsessed with his every word, trying to read tea leaves in them.

    I’m betting he stays in Cleveland, wins 5+ championships there.

    (Dear Lord, I hope I’m wrong).

  12. i don’t see why lebron would leave a winning situation in cleveland for a rebuilding situation in new york.

  13. I don’t know if he will, but several of his best teammates in Cleveland are really old two at a position (C) that is hard to replace and he is the reason it is as winning a situation as it is. Once Shaq, Jamison, Z, and Parker are either hobbling around or retired maybe they can replace them (certainly Parker), maybe they can’t. If they can’t win it this season, their window COULD be closing up. (Then again, Anderson is their 2nd best player and he and Mo are only 27. Hickson is only 21. Anderson and Hickson can probably keep their competitive playing C, but we would have to see.)
    A blank slate could allow him to do things his way. NYK offers this with the cap space to potentially add another superstar both this season and next, some young talent, and a coach LeBron is supposed to like. Nets could also offer it with Lopez, Harris, top 4 pick, and cap space, plus maybe they sign the actual Olympic coach to trump the Knicks coach. Again, I don’t know if he’ll leave. I can see why he might though.

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