2010 Game Thread: Knicks @ Celtics

Happy Saint Patrick’s day. 

The Knicks (24-45) travel to Boston (42-24) looking for their third consecutive road win.  The Knicks are only 9 games out of the final playoff spot with 13 games to play. So if the team can keep up the strong play and combine that with prolonged struggles from Toronto and Chicago the team still has a shot at the 8th–“Another round? Well sure and begorrah! I just need to (hic) finish this game preview.”–seed.  Let me know in the morning if the Knicks win, just make sure you speak very softly.

Be safe tonight people. Go New York Go.

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20 thoughts to “2010 Game Thread: Knicks @ Celtics”

  1. Tommy me boy, careful w/your beverage intake, ya thimble-belly!

    The Nix are 24 and 43, not 45. W/15 games left, of course they’re gonna catch TOR/CHI. It’s a mortal (hiccup!) lock!

  2. Wonder if Walker will get the start with Chandler out? And seeing Douglas get significant minutes against Rondo will be a nice measuring stick for him. And no Eddie House has to help!

  3. ESPN lists the starting 5 as walker, lee, tmac, gallo and td. Hopefully we’ll have another close game — Boston won the past 2 meetings by a combined 6 points. Pierce is also nursing a sore back.

  4. I wonder what the rotation will be…

    If the starters are Lee, Gallo, T-Mac, Walker and Douglas, off the bench you’ve got Harrington and…Duhon? Rodriguez? Bender? I read somewhere that J.R. Giddens may get some pt.

  5. McGrady’s got nothing tonight but it doesn’t look like anybody else has got anything either.

  6. Well that was ugly. Tough to get any kind of read on Giddens from that game- looked like a bit of a chucker (seemed like he wanted to shoot almost every time he touched the ball). Doesn’t seem quite as athletic as Walker but who really knows at this point. Wonder if Gallo was hurting or if he only played 23 minutes just because he was struggling on both ends.

  7. @1 Aye Robert ’tis true. A wee bit o’ the drink and I forget me math. McGrady joined me for a round before the game if ye could nay tell.

  8. I’m watching a documentary tonight – Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals. Amazing. You see Bird battling with his bad back and Magic with his personal trials and it truly makes you hate a guy like Curry. If its on, watch it.

  9. interesting thing from last night’s horrible game noted by Marc Berman — why in the world is David Lee playing 44 min in a blowout loss? Seems to me if you want to resign someone for cheap you’d try to minimize stats — but if you’re gearing up to either sign/trade him or to do him a favor by making his stats look good for another team signing him outright as a FA– then you might play him 44 min when you’re down by 25.

    Boy – did McGrady look terrible too. Anfernee Hardaway/Chris Webber all over again.

  10. Could be for sign-and-trade value, but he was also a. the only real bigman on the roster and b. one of the only guys who had a decent game.

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