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  1. Continuing the Joe Johnson discussion from the prior thread, I would have no problem pairing Johnson and Bosh if Lebron and Wade stay put, but would not feel good at all if we got just one of them. They are not franchise players, and I’m not sure by themselves they could handle the pressure and expectations coming to NY.

  2. Bosh and Johnson puts us squarely in the playoffs, I think, but I’m not sure it elevates us above the Cavs or Magic. Probably better than the aging Celtics, and the Hawks too since they would be losing Johnson. But the Cavs and Magic would be much better and much deeper, especially along the front line. I’d be disappointed if that was our free agent haul this summer (obviously I want LeBron), but its a pretty good fallback, and we’d be able to add another player either with an in-season trade of Curry’s contract or a free agent in summer ’11.

  3. I don’t see why Wade/Bosh isn’t more of a real possibility. Wade has a dud coach and arguably worse roll players in Miami. What have they done to improve on their team from last season? Despite an improved O’Neal, they’re still only at the .500 mark.
    Miami has nice weather and is a big city but c’mon, it’s definitely no New York. Not even close. Also, the Heat fans seem a little, er, tepid.
    Lebron is from Ohio, on a top contending team, and I think it’s a good chance that he stays.
    But Wade/Gallo/Bosh in NYC is definitely better than what Wade and Bosh have with there current teams.
    The only argument I can think of is that Wade would be better off in Chicago (this is debatable as they have a very good supporting cast led by Noah, Rose and Deng.) And Wade is from Chicago.
    Who is better? Rose/Wade/Deng/Gibson/Noah or Douglas/Wade/Gallo/Bosh/Curry or Douglas/Wade/Chandler/Gallo/Bosh?

  4. If Zach were matched up against Lee every game, he would lead the league in both scoring and rebounding.

  5. The more athletic core of Douglas, Walker and Chandler (minus House and Harrington) are faring pretty well against the Grizz.

  6. Ouch. Is it any wonder that noone has any interest in talking about the product on the floor?

  7. God the Knicks are pathetic – I was hoping they’d hold out until the last week or two to tank like this.

    Much more fun to dream about next year.

    At this point, who knows if LeBron, Wade or Bosh wants to play in NY.. I don’t think they’ll spend much time comparing which team is better for 2010-2011… they’re signing 5-year deals. They’re young, or young-ish. They just want a good, committed organization. New York, Chicago, Miami, all qualify. Cleveland, too! (Sorry, Toronto – bogged down in bad deals, and crappy personnel decisions for 2 years running).

    The main thing is just – don’t screw yourself. If you can’t get the guys you want, you don’t HAVE to spend the money – don’t give $70 million to Joe JOhnson. Spend it on short-term deals, bring back McGrady for $3-4 million per on a one or two year deal, find bargains, keep the cap space for a trade or 2011 — Carmelo Anthony’s on the market. Chris Paul and Deron Williams could opt out. Tyson Chandler, Sam Dalembert, Joel Przybilla – you could get a center!

    In the meantime, I’d rather re-sign Lee than either Amare (injuries, prima donna) or Joe Johnson, i.e. the 3rd-best player on the Hawks, about to enter the downslope of his career. Nothing against Joe, but it looks like he’s going to be offered a max deal (by someone). Meanwhile, you could probably sign Ginobili, a better (if more fragile) guy, for under $10 million… or heck, Josh Childress for $5-6 million and have enough left over for David Lee AND LeBron or Bosh.

    Not getting LeBron doesn’t mean we’re doomed to oblivion, or even salary cap hell. There isn’t a core player on the Knicks (except McGrady, if he counts) who is declining; everyone’s still on the upside of their career. Not that this should be Plan A or Plan B, but if they re-sign everyone – at decent prices – and add one or two even average starters, I think they’d crack .500 for the first time in a decade.

  8. I don’t know Caleb. Amare’s been on fire of late. Right now he’s got 15 and 7 in the first quarter against the Lakers.
    I would take him and Wade, but I agree on Johnson- he’s a guy you try and scoop up at 10 mil at the end of free agency if at all.

  9. You could make a case for Amare – or Boozer – but when you factor in the likely price tag, and the health issues those guys have dealt with, I think Lee is the better deal.

  10. Well at least Walker made it a less ugly final score. I’m on board with Caleb, tho Amare has stepped it up of late.

  11. Has MSG stopped broadcasting in HD because no one’s watching this pathetic team anymore?

  12. Lee would have been a better deal if he could have win real games and carry a team at his back..coz he simply pads his stats, only pretends to hustle on D, prefers a feel-good losing than winning and expects more money next season.. the Knicks would be better off spending it to a D-league player with heart than a guy like him

  13. Droid – I don’t even know how to respond to your Lee comments….

    Do we have enough cap room to sign Johnson, Bosh and Gay? I guess it depends on how much $$ the first 2 are going to ask for, but that would a pretty nice fallback if Wade and LeBron stay put. Not sure if I understand the anti-Joe Johnson sentiment on this board, someone referred to him as the 3rd best player on the Hawks?? I wouldn’t want him to be my only star, but it’s hard to argue with his production, and he’s got a toughness about him that I like also.

  14. This may be a platitude but I feel like I’m I’m the only one thinking that the Knicks should TANK, TANK, TANK.

    Give Utah the #1 pick…

    (1) Keep Jon Wall out of Brooklyn i.e. our competitor for Free Agents and a team within the division. If I’m LeBron I’d be tempted, if I’m open to leaving Cleveland, to join Wall, Lopez, Harris, CDR, and some cap room and build the franchise in BROOKLYN, NY from the ground up myself. If that building can realistically go up in 2011, LBJ will just have to stick it out in Newark (which is what? 20 mins outside of Manhattan) for one season.

    (2) Send Wall to cold-ass Utah w/ no fun nor media attention. They’re already good, are out West, and have the least use for a great PG out of almost any team in the league.

    It will hurt knowing we could’ve had Wall, but the pick is gone and we’d be better off w/ Wall in Utah. And I know the Nets are going to finish w/ a worse record anyway but we can help our chances. Finally, some may say we’ll look better to FA’s this summer if we win 30 games instead of 25. To that I say… do you really think so???

    I’m guessing it’s going to take at least $55 million to sign JJ, Gay, and Bosh, so no the Knicks don’t have the space except if they can dump Curry outright.

  15. Am I really the only one on this damned site that is excited for March 21st?…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
    When Houston plays New York IN New York. ‘Bout the only thing worth watching for the rest of the season.

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