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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Monthly Archives: December 2009

Game Recap: Bobcats 94, Knicks 87

In the past three nights, I’ve watched two of my favorite teams lose in gut-wrenching fashion. Hosting Philadelphia on Sunday night, the 7-5 Giants coupled a career game from their quarterback with a rejunvenated rushing attack but couldn’t overcome an awful defensive effort and lost a crucial divisional matchup by a touchdown. Two nights later, in Charlotte, the 8-15 Knicks held a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter and a six-point advantage with under 4 minutes to play. Like the Giants, however, the Knicks were unable to get big defensive stops and this, combined with a complete offensive meltdown in …continue reading

2009 Game Thread: NYK @ CHA

I was going to tell you that the Jonathan Bender era of the New York Knicks begins tonight, but apparently Bender will be de-activated for tonight’s game, as well as Thursday’s game against Chicago. So the Jonathan Bender Experience (with Noel Redding on bass) will likely begin this Friday at the Garden. The Knicks surely knew that I was going to attend that game, so they saved Bender just for me (that game against the Clippers might be Blake Griffin’s debut, as well). Without the Bender hoopla, we are instead treated to the first of a stetch of four very …continue reading