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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Monthly Archives: December 2009

2010 Game Preview and Thread: Knicks @ Nets

New Jersey (2-29) hosts New York (12-19).  New York won the last two meetings 98-91 (road) and 106-97 (home).  New York is coming off a good road win against the Pistons–who just cannot find a way to score.  In the last meeting, New York had to rally from 13 down before pulling away.  Hopefully the boys in blue won’t dig themselves such a hole this time. Knicks Offense Eff eFG TO OREB% FT/FG Stat 105.6 50.2 15.2 23 20 Rank 20 11 9 29 27 Knicks Defense Eff eFG TO OREB% FT/FG Stat 107.8 51.2 16.7 26.4 23.6 Rank 19 24 …continue reading

2010 Game Thread: Knicks at Pistons

I will actually miss the game as I have the “privilege” of seeing Carrie Fisher’s one-woman play tonight (how’s the phrase go? “The things we do for love”?). But you luckier folks will be here to discuss the Knicks match-up tonight against the Detroit Pistons in Detroit.

Highlights and Lowlights of the Aughts

While we’re killing time after a rough pair of losses (at least they were rough pair of losses to teams better than the Knicks), I thought it would be fun to take a look at the last decade of Knicks basketball and point out the highlight and lowlight of each year.

Feel free to argue about what you thought was the highlight/lowlight of each respective year!

Otherwise, enjoy!

Knick Fans Should Be Thankful This Christmas

Hey Knick fans, what’s there to be unhappy about? (And for those needing a little extra Christmas cheer, I highly recommend Twas The Night Before Knicksmas.) Wait before you answer this question, I want to put things into perspective. First, the Knicks will have cap space this offseason. And not just a few million through the mid level exception to grab a Jerome James or Jared Jeffries. But rather enough room to get the best player in the NBA. And perhaps with a little luck there will be space for a second star as well. Considering the overspending of the …continue reading

Twas the Night Before Knicksmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The minutes are force-fed by D’Antoni with care Just praying Chris Duhon won’t collapse from wear and tear. The kiddies were nestled in at the end of the bench With visions of playing, even hitting shots in a pinch. Daddy Walsh in his kerchief, Mamma D’Antoni in her cap Had just settled down for an early season nap. When out of the the Garden there arose such a clatter Walsh sprung from his nap to see what was the matter. He …continue reading

Amid Noise, A Rooster Crows

There’s a lot to talk about with the Knicks these days. The Nate Robinson saga is in full swing, with the latest volley being the diminutive guard having his agent lobby for a trade. Of course this goes hand in hand with the Knicks current win streak, as lots of people will point out the team has gone 6-3 since D’Antoni exiled Nate to the canine abode. And if Nate is asking for a trade that means the number of rumors involving Tracy McGrady, Tyrus Thomas, and Anthony Randolph will also increase. You could add into this drama Eddy Curry’s …continue reading