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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Monthly Archives: November 2009

Lots of Stuff From the Beat

Lots of good info from the Knicks’ beat writers. Whoda thunk a 1-9 team with no draft pick and no game for a few days would merit so much good ink? First, Newsday’s Alan Hahn nails it with “Knicks had to get it right, and didn’t”. Meanwhile, Donnie Walsh and his staff had to get this draft pick right. Not only because of how valuable a lottery pick can be to a rebuilding franchise, but because the team doesn’t have a first round pick in2010. Every criteria had to be exhausted when considering all of the draft candidates at No. …continue reading

Three Days of Practice

Yesterday after last night’s post game interview, Mike D’Antoni said the team had three days of practices to figure out what’s wrong before the next game against Indiana. Clearly at 1-9 the team needs a shakeup…

Will Getting Curry Back Do Much?

So, we are once again being told that Eddy Curry has worked his way back into some semblance of playing shape. He is back at practice and close to returning, media outlets are reporting, after having dropped significant weight on a plan implemented by team officials. Somehow I doubt the longtimers here at Knickerblogger are going to jump up and down with glee over the prospect of a triumphant return from Curry. Certainly, healthy skepticism is in order when it comes to claims that Curry has finally turned the proverbial corner. Assuming that he’s lost the kind of weight implied …continue reading

Hawks 114 – Knicks 101

Y’all may not realize it, but the turning point in yet another Knicks’ loss came with about 1:30 to go in the 2nd quarter. You see, I went over to my Pop’s house to watch the tilt v. Atlanta. Like your humble correspondent, he’s a long-suffering fan (he used to rock me to sleep when I was a wee ‘bairn while listening to the ’72-’73 team march to the championship). For reason’s that are a mystery to us both, some grand karmic disorder is set in motion when we watch the game on the teevee together. We’re just plain old …continue reading

2010 Game Preview and Thread:Hawks at Knicks

Preview and Game thread. Knicks (1-7) host the Hawks (5-2) This one has to be quick since I am half watching my oldest boy bathe, and I have to read Green Eggs and Ham to the youngest right at tip off!  Parenting is great. You can check the four factors for the Hawks here and the Knicks here. Actually, just skip the Knicks, it’ll just make you sad. I expect the Knicks will have problems with this one (surprise).  The Hawks come to MSG ranked 5th in offensive efficiency (112.3) and 13th in eFG% (50.8).  This puts the team in great shape …continue reading

Interview With Donnie Walsh

Before the 11/6/09 Cleveland game I was able to ask Mike D’Antoni and Donnie Walsh a few questions. Mike Kurylo It seems like the team is struggling from three, except for Gallinari. In the preseason you had a few guys like Joe Crawford and Morris Almond who could knock down the three… Mike D’Antoni Morris Almond was never in the preseason… He was in the summer league. Mike Kurylo I’m sorry you’re right summer league. Are there any thought of bringing in another shooting guard? Mike D’Antoni No. Mike Kurylo Do you … Donnie Walsh Where are you from? Mike …continue reading