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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Monthly Archives: November 2009

Cetics 107 – Knicks 105 (OT)

Setting: The Locker Room in Madison Sq. Garden. Knicks players are in varying state of undress, some answering reporters’ questions, others are conversing amongst themselves, while Darko Milicic, completely nude, is slathering himself from head to toe with a mysterious lotion (a la Tim Hardaway – that he supposedly has shipped in from the Serbian hinterlands. He claims it makes him, “More aerodynamic” for SSOL. In the corner, Nate Robinson is talking with Will Ferrell. NATE: Yo Ricky Bobby? Why didn’t I play in the 4th? I was doing good! I don’t give you five during the game I …continue reading

Game Thread: BOS @ NYK

This is game one in the Knicks’ journey against two title contenders (their next stop is a game against the defending champion Lakers in Los Angeles). Can the Knicks somehow continue their winning streak? Talk about it here!

Knicks 98 – Nets 91

The New Jersey Nets were clearly upset about how much media attention the Knicks were getting for their ineptitude, so they decided to make a play for that attention themselves, by losing to the Knicks 98-91, bringing the Nets record for the season to a whopping 0-13!

Knicks 110 – Pacers 103

Good evening Mr. and Mrs. America, from border to border and coast to coast and all the ships at sea!  Recap Robert here. For those who chose to say, take in the theater or perhaps venture out to the local motion picture house or perhaps to play the role of social gadfly and sally forth for a stroll about the boulevards of our fair city, taking in the local color and engaging in witty badinage with the citizenry — shopkeepers, wand’ring minstrels,  and whatnot, I have some surprising, nay shocking news. Our beloved sporting collective, the cagers known far and …continue reading

Game thread New York @ Indiana

A place for your in game thoughts.  Sorry there wasn’t time for a proper game preview…. Knicks (1-9) at Pacers (5-3).  Pacers have won five in a row.  Knicks have lost six.

Is this the Answer to our problems?

So Allen Iverson was waived by the Grizzlies yesterday and almost immediately the conversation here turned to whether the Knicks should bring him in to help the New York back court.  There are many opinions about what Iverson can do for the Knicks.  Some think he adds something we need. at least he makes his shots. He also attacks the basket, something no one does right now. His passing numbers have gotten better with age. What’s the downside? -Zulu.  Others think he would only be a hindrance. He is not the future and in the present I simply don’t want to …continue reading