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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Monthly Archives: November 2009

Some Plays Count: Who Gets the Assist?

According to Wikipedia, “In basketball, an assist is attributed to a player who passes the ball to a teammate in a way that leads to a score by field goal, meaning that he or she was ‘assisting’ in the basket… Only the pass directly before the score may be counted as an assist.” So check out this video from the Knicks/Heat game, and tell me who should get the assist.

Knicks 125 Nuggets 128

From my perspective I don’t expect for there to be a lot of change in the end of games until the lineup changes. Again Chris Duhon, Hughes, and Harrington were among the top minute getters (along with Chandler). Again Harrington had a lot of points, but failed to get his teammates involved. Again Robinson played well without getting many minutes (36 minutes total). Toney Douglas spent the whole game on the bench, while Jared Jeffries saw 21 minutes of court time. After tonight’s game, my wife asked “the Knicks seem to be losing a lot of close games, isn’t that …continue reading

Open Thread: NY @ Denver

Let the misery continue… I’ll most likely be in and out between the Knicks, the Missouri/Old Dominion game (go Mizzou!) and the Backyard Brawl (don’t have a dog in that race).

What I’m Thankful For in Knickland

The world’s great religions teach us that gratitude is an important spiritual discipline. Feeling thankful, and furthermore acknowledging thanks, makes us better people. Much like exercise, gratitude probably does the most for us when we work hard at it and do it consistently. My wife has been posting one thing she’s grateful for everyday on Facebook during the Thanksgiving season. Although I’m not that disciplined, I’m trying to be better. I wonder if I can list five things to be grateful for about these Knicks? Mind you, I started typing this without really having thought of them yet. I want …continue reading

Some Thoughts, Good and Bad

The Good: The Knicks almost beat the Celtics, and for the most of the game they were competetive with one of the best teams in the NBA. In fact New York had a 5 point lead to start the 4th quarter, but couldn’t extend it past 6 points. Nate Robinson had his best game of the year, and first good game in nearly a month. Last year Robinson averaged 29.9 minutes a game and was a pivotal piece of the Knicks season. He gives New York scoring and rebounding at the guard spot off the bench. Sure Nate is still …continue reading