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Monday, May 21, 2018

Monthly Archives: October 2009

2010 Poll: Who Will Win the West?

Los Angeles Lakers (Vegas odds to win title: 5:2) Unlike the East, the West has one clear favorite. Since trading for Pau Gasol, the Lakers have appeared in two straight Finals winning it all last year. Not content to let it ride, Los Angeles upgraded from Trevor Ariza to Ron Artest. This would be a gamble for most teams considering the Queensbridge native’s history, but Phil Jackson has always been able to keep individual personalities from ruining a team. San Antonio Spurs (6:1) In an attempt to keep up with the Lakers, the Spurs bolstered their roster in the off …continue reading

2010 Poll: Who Will Win the East?

Cleveland Cavaliers (Vegas odds to win title: 3:1) Despite failing to reach the Finals last year, the Cavs remain the favorite to win the East. Over the summer, Cleveland swapped Ben Wallace for Shaq, and while the Big Diesel is merely a fraction of his former dominant self, he’s miles ahead in productivity over Wallace. But the Cavs didn’t stop there, they also augmented their defense with Jamario Moon and Leon Powe. Last year Cleveland was unable to stop Howard in the middle, or preventing both Lewis and Turkoglu from torching them from the perimeter. This year they should be …continue reading

What Stories Will You Pay Attention to in 2009-10?

Know that baseball is really my first love; since 1979 when I first started watching Mets games with my grandfather I have been a diehard Mets fan. So, given their 2009 from hell, my time away from the Knicks has been loooooonnnngggg and difficult. (And now my beloved Seattle Seahawks appear to be re-hashing their injury-riddled 2008 in 2009 just to ratchet up the pain a little more.) I think most Knicks fans would agree that the team did not exactly exorcise all the ghosts of the Isiah Thomas era this off-season. So, the big question staring Knick fans in …continue reading

Knicks 115 Nets 107, Preseason

The Knicks won their first preseason game against new jersey 115-107, although the score hardly matters considering the importance of the game. Some interesting tidbits from the boxscore: New York was powered by +10 turnovers. The Nets coughed up the ball 24 times, but oddly no player had more than 3. The Knicks also held the edge in eFG 50.6 to 48.5. New York hit 13 of 31 from downtown for a robust 41.9%. And they also had the offensive rebounding edge, 20.4% to 18.6%. New Jersey had a field day at the line, scoring 41 singles. Wilson Chandler had …continue reading